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An enormous storm system that dumped snow and sleet on the nation's midsection and unleashed damaging tornadoes around the Deep South began punching its way toward the Northeast on Wednesday, slowing holiday travel.  Were your flights impacted?
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Kinda nasty down here right now. Finally got dug out.

I think congress needs to pass a Winter Storm Ban. ...
Thats it, we need to ban driving on bad weather.....
This is obviously a solid proof that Global Warming is a hoax.... What kind of warming is that when it is so cold and snowing ???? 
bad weather kills , outlaw bad weather !
+Pieter Bouwer Read your history books. Hurricanes are not a new phenomenon. It's disturbing to think that someone such as yourself would so blindly pay homage to Al Gore, even though his warnings of doom have not come to fruition; but still, you believe that heeding the message of his movie will make weather patterns milder, and more endurable no matter be they hot, cold, rainy, etc. Even Al Gore doesn't  heed his own warnings. The entire hoax is something he profits  from immensely, because of the trust that fools put in him.
+Pieter Bouwer Funny, I do not recall implying anyone was a fool in this post??? . .  As for the frequency of occurrence, the most accurate and precise base line we have is what we can measure now. Extrapolating that to paleodata measurements will certainly be less defined because we are able to obtain data contemporaneously thereby creating a more precise data base than what is available from interpretations of paleodata. Additionally, I was not dismissing the possibility of global warming being accelerated by anthropogenic sources. I posed the question of how and to what extent, and I suggested what I believe to be a reliable and verifiable form for that explanation, or at least a start for one.
The news is inundated with questionably motivated responses and quasi scientific essays on the subject, and both sides of the topic play the same game. So, why not address it from a purely scientific view point and see where that takes us?
I suspect, from a personal point of view, that pure science is no longer desirable in the public realm because it does not provide politicians an emotional tool with witch to manipulate voters thereby prompting the political world to decrease the funds to research that does not support the current political agenda. (NOTE: substitution of witch for which intended to illustrate the point)
If this is interpreted by anyone as implying that he or she is a fool then I suggest that those who are offended reevaluate their paradigm of self esteem.
In October 2007 the High Court in London identified nine “errors” in Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth and the UK Government sent every secondary school in England a corrected guidance note making clear the mainstream scientific position on these nine “errors”.

Conveniently Al Gore has been promoting the false idea of global warming so he can continue to increase his wealth by scamming the sale of carbon credits. Making himself a billionaire.

The existence of humanity on the earth is a mere blip in the age of the earth. Before that no one has any idea what the climate was doing and so now we call it climate change so if it's warmer for a while then hey no problem. It cools for awhile, you're still good to go. You guys have your asses covered regardless what happens.

Education in the USA has flat gone to hell.
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