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At about $10,000, Syrian rebels have built one of the most high-tech, makeshift tanks ever created, equipped with flat screen TVs and a PlayStation handset... to control the roof-mounted gun.

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...and probably air-filled rubber tires instead of solid ones.  :>
Adam K
What do the blue prints look like?
Obama is close to having another Muslim Brotherhood country and army in his pocket for the military coop he and his Muslim brotherhood army has planned for America soon white Americans will soon be genocide'd off like Assads clan has been for a few centuries now as they cheer on another genocide of a advanced clan by Arabs    
@erik Assads father came to power by the international community because they were genocided off by the Arabs if you will notice many Syrians have blue and green eyes Assad is just killing the Arabs who have been killing off his clan for centuries and I hope and pray he uses his gas to wipe em out
wake up Obama and the muslim brotherhhood will attempt to take over America and we will also be genocided off
Looks like it was made out of a dumpster. Some .50 cal API and it's done.
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