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House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that he doesn't think the president "has the guts" to seriously address the country's debt and deficit. 
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He might address it... He'll say it's Bush's fault, again/still.
Assuming his teleprompter is still working.
HELP, I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP! seriously, corporate. it's all corporations.
He has no guts, he has no heart. Obama has only ever been worried about his bottom line. He's like the little kid that got beat up in school and now has some power...he abuses it. The guy has added $6T to our debt and does nothing to lower it. His motto is spend, spend, spend as he gives his financial supporters jobs in his administration. There are problems on both sides of the fence, but none as bad as the head of the snake.
Boehner is wrong: Obama has no desire to tackle deficit. His goal is to ruin this country.
Show me when did Boehner had the guts to cut anything ? I surely did not see him leading the charge to cut the debt under Bush. Seems to me the GOP is trying to get the dems to make the cuts and take the heat for them. Where is the GOP cuts other than to poor people?
It doesn't take guts: he has to first NOT BE CREATING THE DEMOCRAT UTOPIA!  He isn't saving any money!  He's not improved anything since he arrived....this whole thing is the way he wants it!

"Oh, if Hitler only knew..." they used to say...
You guys on Fox news comment section or forums talk with this Confederate attitude, just tell us the real reason you don't like Obama
Most of them don't like him because he has made things worse and won't compromise.
granted neither side will compromise
not only guts, he's also missing some other vital parts like heart and brain
+Paris Mosley We get that the communist, I mean democratic party loves poor people. It is evident by their policies that create so much poverty.

You suggestion of racism is beyond stupid.
+Brad Hilton
'The bottom line' means the money. Reading your comment, as is, doesn't make sense.
He can't simultaneously be worried about nothing but the bottom line and then 'spend, spend, spend'
+Paris Mosley "I surely did not see him (Boehner) leading the charge to cut the debt under Bush."  1) Boehner wasn't speaker of the house. 2) The debt was far less.  I applaud your effort to get involved in the conversation (omit the race baiting) but think you may have a little more research to do. 
Trolls like +Don Goodwin  should understand that their troll posts are actually raising the G+ score of +Fox News and pushing it into "What's Hot".  
+A Wilson
If you paid your federal taxes, then you, yourself, are a practicing socialist.
The United States military is the biggest socialist experiment in the world
He is tackling it on the contrary. If only the republicans would stop trying to make him fail with lies and hate mongering. What a shame.
What exactly is he doing to "tackle" it. He has already said we don't have a spending problem...
Obama's fiscal plan is and has always been "eat the rich". 
+Jay Carlson What spending has the republicans cut? Other than attacking poor people. Secondly you use the word "Racism". I said stop B.S about spending when every President except Bill Clinton in 30 years ran deficits. Were you this tough on them?
+Curtis Natalie Are you serious? The GOP had control over the house for 6 years under Bush and Boehner was the majority whip and in leadership most of that time. On your second point the debt was less because the WARS were not on the book and tax revenue was around 19% of GDP compared to 15% now
Who many jobs has the Republican Congress created with House Speaker John Boehner?
+Alan Williamson The government does not "create jobs". That's not what it's for. The government's role is "don't screw up the economy", and Obama's been doing that since he got into office. 

Did the government "create" the job you're working right now?  Only if you work for the government directly or though academia. Maybe that's why you're a liberal. 
You guys act as if "Congress" is blameless in everything. If you want to cut the spending tell congress to give the President a line item Veto and than we can put full blame on the President if the high spending continues until than call your US reps and tell them to stop bring the pork home
There's no discussion with +Paris Mosley.  He's been drinking Obama-aid for too long.  Notice how he jumps to insults so quickly even after you commend his efforts.  Next he'll label us all stupid and run away.
+Margaret Leber If the government doesn't create jobs, why do Republicans whine about President Obama not creating jobs?  Why did Mitt Romney say that if he was elected President, he would create 12 million new jobs?
+Curtis Natalie  You started the name calling when you try to call me a racist. I am trying to figure out your logic. If you hate deficits, why was there no out cry over GWB deficits?
+Matthew Agnich Please post what I posted that was incorrect? I guess you guys live in this Eco-chamber of conspiracies that you forgot what is fact or fiction. Maybe you should start using more
Who said I hate deficits? When did I try to call you racist? 
No you were implying that I was engaging in race baiting
I'm pretty sure I flat out said it. No implying needed. 
+Alan Williamson I don't care about Obama creating jobs, because the only jobs he can "create" are unproductive government jobs or construction jobs for his other union clients.

The problem with Obama is his policies are destroying real jobs.  Romney promised to reverse those policies. 

If you really long for the government to create jobs on any significant scale, you missed the boat: the USSR went under a long time ago. Even the PRC doesn't run that way anymore.  
+Paris Mosley
You can go ahead and remove that chip from your shoulder. It's not just Republicans in here.
Your factually incorrect statement was as follows
'On your second point the debt was less because the WARS were not on the book and tax revenue was...'
Wars off the books, true.
Tax revenue down, true.
"The debt was less..." Which is true, but I think you meant deficit here. Even adding the wars into the budget, only George Bush Jr's last budget competes with any of President Obama's. Although George Bush Jr is 95% responsible for the worst deficit in US history ('09, which was decided before the elections that put Obama in), President Obama has still been at the lead during the largest increase in National Debt in any four years ever.

+Jenny Taylor I think it is because Obama is a symbol of change and a lot of people just don't want to accept it. That is why you here these silly comments like "Obama wants to ruin the country) Why? Because he wants to give your freeloading ass healthcare so you can stop using the emergence rooms as your health care policy? He is Muslim(why does it matter if he is?). Still questioning his birth certificate. So Jenny lets called a spade what it really is. These are individuals who are not accepting the change that is going on in this country demographically so they are acting with this Confederate attitude of trying to de-legitimatize the first President of color and those social changes that is making this country better... Just my opinion
+Paris Mosley Conservatives are not letting Bush off the hook, he was a progressive republican, but he isn't president right now. You keep grouping Republicans and Conservatives together, and 12+ years ago it was semi-safe to do that. This war within the GOP is about purging the non conservatives out. What we need are more "log cabin" conservatives. Conservatives are getting back to basic conservative doctrine. Small Gov't, individual rights, lower taxes, less legislation, freedom from arbitrary force, just plain old getting back to the great Republic that we once were. We are trying to get rid of these evangelical and big business republicans that self proclaim themselves as conservative. I only hope the Democrats start purging the loonies out their party because it won't be long till that party is left in shambles...
+A Wilson
Don't be shy, the only person you are sparing is yourself. If you can't live with the truth, that is your own problem.

Comparing President Obama's corporatist agenda to Karl Marx shows how little thought you have put into this.
+Justin Boucher
Cheers good sir.
Although I wonder if you know 'log cabin Republicans' are homosexual Republicans. No joke.
+Matthew Agnich Not necessarily...conservatives and republicans that support gay marriage are deemed "log cabin" as well. I am straight but I will proudly call myself a "log cabin" conservative.
+Paris Mosley
Stop playing dumb. You keep bringing up the 'Confederate attitude' then get all shocked when someone takes it as racism. That's exactly what you are referring to and your pseudonym isn't as good of cover as you think.
+Justin Boucher  If all this occurs as you layed it out( probably need to stay out of people's bedrooms too). Then republicans will always when, but as long as they take this purist attitude that only those who are conservative fiscally and socially can join you will never win too many general elections.
+Matthew Agnich rocks! Although he seems to differ in his beliefs (I'm assuming), he is one of the only people who seems to really want to have a real discussion vs. throwing insults and miss information. 
+Matthew Agnich When I bring up the term "Confederate" I mean those who express everything should be left to the states and any social changes that is force by the Fed government is unconstitutional. I love too debate and when the racist card is used... it completely stops the debate. Again when I say Confederate I mean the attitude(every state law supercedes the federal government laws) and not you "hate black people"
+Paris Mosley Hence the opposition to the President. No conservative will ever support "forced" changes or that states rights are inferior to federal law.
I guess I have a confederate attitude then.  The way I see it, the closer govt is to the people, the more effective it seems to be.  I'm totally pleased with my city and county govts, and quite pleased with my state govt.  The federal govt is not accountable enough, and makes too many well meaning but hamfisted incursions into our lives.  It needs to be scaled way back to just the basics that the founders envisioned.
+Paris Mosley Clinton raped Social Security to create the illusion of a balanced budget.

I don't let the Republicans off Scott free, Unfortunately the GOP grew the federal government albeit not a much as the dems. However that is no defense of the path the Obama Cartel is on.
+Justin Boucher We fought a war on the issue, so it is no denying that some federal laws super cede those of the states.
+Jay Carlson What path is Obama on that is different than any other democratic President? Mind you that he was left with an economic mess. Not only a failing economy but a worker pool that is not skilled enough to do some of the jobs businesses need. Also I have never seen a President more obstructed than this President is.
+Paris Mosley I can take issue with nearly everything you said.

I am glad that BHO is obstructed. DC cannot continue on this spending spree whether you want to blame the GOP or dems, it doesn't matter. It has to stop. This whole direction of the fed gov taking over everything and confiscating all the wealth from the taxpayers, and becoming more intrusive of individual rights is UnAmerican and doomed to failure.
Wow really Paris? Just when I was hoping a liberal had some common sense. You people are as bad as the Nazi's. You follow your leader without any consideration for the outcome. obama is an idealist,.. good ideas with no clue to make them work. Do we need healthcare reform... YES... but it should be implemented in a way that does NOT involve government take over of the whole system. If you did your research the majority of doctors don't support it among many reasons, one being the government can act as a death panel deciding what health care you are 'worthy' of getting, Canada is a prime example, I'm glad that I have an 'emergency room' indigent program and free 'clinics' to access immediate treatment instead of waiting for years to be eligible for treatment. Try telling a woman with breast cancer to wait for 12 months for treatment, it's absurd, For those who thinks health care will be free, your sadly mistaken, the average cost per household with a family of 3 to 4 is double than what we pay now. I am SHOCKED that you say 'what does it matter if he is muslim'!!!! You CAN NOT be serious!! The fundamental belief of the Koran is based on the hatred of non-muslims. It calls for muslims to commit jihad on non-believers, even if it means 'hiding and waiting, dwelling among infidels.' If a person says they are  muslim and do not wish to harm 'non-believers' than they are lying or they are ignoring what the Koran teaches them. Are you really not aware of the daily murders in the middle east for simply being Christian or Jewish? Words of advice if I may, try reading the news instead of watching the bias liberal media who are paid to run obama's agenda. You follow a man based on color, believing he would not lie to you? Come on you liberals are not that naive are you? The mere fact you don't understand the 'muslim' belief and the fact you bring up the demographically of our country in the same sentence as the confederate shows the racist side of your argument. Let's not forget that 99 % percent of the black vote was for obama, that is racism, voting on skin color verses policies. African Americans have suffered the MOST under obama, it baffles me! obama don't tell you that the things he is endorsing is so far to the left that we are becoming a socialist economy and guess what, socialism DON"T work, history has proved it time and again. BTW after socialism, is communism, every society that has endorsed these ideas did so not understanding the end result. The more people look past skin color, educate themselves, develop their own opinions, the better off we'll be. 
What garbage from that leach on American's back. Boehner is just as much of the problem as is the President and BOTH parties. He stands for nothing, He is a worthless coward, in for himsel,f and his own riches. He is a statist and not a statesman. 

This is just another stupid political distraction that draws our attention away from the big picture of what is going on: Our freedoms and liberties are being systematically striped away from us by BOTH parties and neither party has 'the guts' to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and to stand up against tyranny.
+Jenny Taylor Are you serious? First, when did I say I was a supporter of Obama? I just don't have  blind hate for him. Secondly, doctors don't like the Medicaid part of the bill because it decrease the payments to doctors. Try telling a sick poor kid you can't get healthcare because you are not privileged enough. Also you have no sense of facts. When has this country completely practice Capitalism? Also Obama got 71% of Hispanics and over 70% of Asians so they voted for him just because he is black? Also, please check my following posts where I said the "Confederate Attitude " of hating everything the federal government does even if it means better the country. Now I agree that minorities have suffered the most during this economic recession that we are in, maybe your only valid point. What does it matter what religion he holds? Anyone can find things religious groups teach and do that is questionable. Secondly I didn't think we had religious test to be President. Obama is politican he is what I expect him to be he is no Pope or spiritual leader to me. Maybe you should put more of your faith in your religion then any politician who has their own agenda. I prefer Obama because at least he takes the time to think even if means me disagreeing with it. Lets go over Obama's policies over the last 4 years

1. Obamacare( most of the law is still in the private sector probably why the Liberals hate the bill). The socialist part of it is the Medicaid expansion which the Supreme Court ruled can not be forced on the states

2. Drone programs( Shit that is more hawkish than GWB attacking people in sovereign countries) how socialist of hm

3. Dodd-Frank ( a weak ass version of financial reform bill that doesn't break up the banks or remove the risk of a bailout to the banks)

4. Expanded Food Stamps(Yes because  a lot of people was being denied even though financially they qualified for it)

5.Equal Pay Equal Work( Wow actually paying women the same as men when they do the same work...what a socialist)

6. Pull back on the sham of war in Iraq. How socialist of him

7. Try to advocate for cleaner energy just in case we are wrong on global warming. Wow what a socialist

Please stop watching Fox News and Glenn Beck and start reading some books
+A Wilson Yeah, aren't you glad it's private money warping your mind, not public funds? Of course, if the Tea Party controls both House and Senate you will get it both ways.
All these retards on here bitching about the deficit, you didn't care when Bush was jacking it up on 2 wars which is still jacking it up!
WOW you can keep speaking, Paris, but that doesn't mean what you spew is nothing more than left wing rhetoric. For you 'sick child' comment, I know all to well what it is like to come from NOTHING, have a terminally ill child, no insurance, and not one dime to my name. I can tell you you are WRONG. The law prohibits hospitals from denying ANYONE treatment. Even though an adult may not be eligible for Medicaid, the child always is. You simply have no facts to back up anything you say. Obamacare is simple, research the specifics, from the cost to the consumer, the socialized medicine aspect, and how government NOT your doctor will be in control of your health. For the private sector, your right for NOW, wait when it's fully implemented in 2016, it's created to drive insurance companies out so the government will have full control. I didn't see all you libs throwing a fit when the twin towers were attacked and we invaded Iraq, everyone wanted blood, so don't hand me that blame GWB crap. You are so misinformed about war and the blood on obama's hands it honestly saddens me, News flash Paris, more innocent civilians AND American soldiers have died under obama than Bush but yet obama gets the Nobel peace prize? Don't get me started on the new wars he's gotten us in or the murders in Benghazi, At least Bush recognized our 2nd amendment and NEVER apologize to al'qaeda as obama did after our Ambassador and marines were murdered. UNREAL Which leads me to my next point, you reference religious groups and how anyone can find things questionable that they teach..... WOW!!! Paris, do you see Christians slaughtering non Christians daily as the Muslims are, do you see any other religious group suppresing women, be-heading women and men alike DAILY? Probably not if you only get your news source from the bias liberal media. So I think your the one who needs to 'read a book as you say, You argue what is wrong with him being muslim, I argue it's people such as yourself that need to face the harsh reality that people hundreds of people are murdered daily under sharia law. Btw obama has appointed more 'big bank' wall street criminals but you, the faithful obamabots, continue to believe he is holding them accountable and working for the middle and lower class? You really need to expand your sources and stop drinking the kool-aid.
+Garry Williams yea let's not forget obama has spent double in war in 4 years than Bush did in eight, but it's STILL Bush's fault.. blame game!!!
+Jenny Taylor where you got that bullshit want me to believe that in 4yrs when he put out more troops, and the 8yrs of full on war cost less! You bette4 take that stupid shit somewhere esle!!!
Take that 'stupid shit' somewhere else??? You are here why??  Enough said, NEXT?
"Working with Obama" won't create any jobs, it will perpetuate the policies that have been destroying them.since November 2008, when the people who actually do create jobs realized he was going to be elected. 
+Jenny Taylor 
Obamacare is not a government takeover of the healthcare system and the rest of your 'knowledge' is clearly from the victim-minded right. 

"Death panels"? Really? It's funny how badly you project someone using one-sided rhetoric.

OH and hospitals not being able to turn away people from the emergency room isn't a health plan. It's one of the major reasons why our HC system is in the shape it's in now.
+A Wilson 
So because you can't make a logical connection to Karl Marx, you've now moved the goal posts to Mussolini?
At least admit you don't know what you are talking about, it can't be both.
+Matthew Agnich this administration didn't tell us that it was a government takeover, why would they when they bullied their own party into signing it without knowing what was even it. Reflect back to 2008 when Nancy Pelosi argued it had to be signed in order to know what was in it. It wasn't until late last year it was made available to us, have you read it Matthew? It doesn't take an expert to understand it was written to push out private companies. As I said, does healthcare need reformed, YES, but government take over is not the answer. Death panels is exactly what it proves to be based on numerous factors, which assuming you've done your research you should at least be able to acknowledge the concern, what happened to the transparency obama promised btw! Mathew, I didn't say hospitals being unable to turn people away was a health plan now did I. You failed to understand my point in my response to Paris when she chose to use a child as an example for her argument. 
+Jenny Taylor Lets take your first point, There are millions of Americans that have a similar story to you that is thanking God that Obamacare passed. I have great compassion for your ill son and hope that he is never denied insurance because of his pre-existing condition.  Secondly, Current law before Obamacare required Hospitals to treatment individuals regardless if they had health insurance. So that statement makes no sense. Third, I agree with you that Obamacare is more focus on “Access” than cost but once the exchanges are setup it would create a market place that would allow private insurance companies to compete for customers a lot of which will have government subsidies. Personally why is okay for the insurance company( just a middle man) to come between you and your doctor but government who would be supplying a lot money should not be able? Also, save the Sarah Palin stupid ass death panel remarks. Glad too see Fox New finally fired her. I guess may major problem with you is that you speak as if you have this moral authority over this country than others. Liberals fight and die for this country as well. Yes, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was a surprise or maybe not since Bush provocative act of invading country that didn't even attack us.  Maybe they were just glad to see Bush gone. What wars has Obama gotten us in? Benghazi is just a witch hunting exercise  by the GOP. Where was the out cry over the more 4000 deaths in Iraq not counting the 100K over Iraqis that died.? As far as the 2nd Amendment when did Obama say he didn't recognized the right? He is just stating what the Supreme Court stated in the Heller Case. NO RIGHT IS UNLIMITED. When did Obama apologize to terrorist( I don't even know why I am engaging in this conservation)? No President can protect an Ambassador in a dangerous part of the world 24/7 365 days especially when that Ambassador wanted to be more accessible to the people of Libya.  Christians are not slaughtering people now but they did before. Also, the greatest stain on this earth slavery was not loudly question by the church. So there you go again painting entire religion based on a few extreme governments or groups. Should I paint the entire Catholic church on the Priest molesting little boys? Did you even look at my last posted?” Obama passed a weak ass Dodd-Frank bill that didn't break up the banks or remove the risk of future bailouts” I really don't drink koolaid( maybe that is an ethnic play but I will go along with for now) Secondly I can fill this blog post up with sources because following politics is hobby of mines. I don't put faith in politicians I put faith in myself
+Matthew Agnich I don't know if they are still confused on Obamacare or just want to keep repeating rumors without looking at the bill themselves? +Jenny Taylor Why do you think Liberals hate the bill? Because the bill forces you to purchase from the "Private Sector" Health Insurance companies 
+Steve Sauls All Presidents are PR men. The objective is to rile up public support to force congress to act on the problems we face
+Steve Sauls No he is not forcing you but health insurance he is just taxing you if you don't. YOu can always pay the tax if it is cheaper than health insurance. Supreme Court disagree with you on your constitutional right
Obama can't give federal employees pay raises only congress can and I am sure the GOP house will not go along with that
So you clogging up the emergency rooms without health insurance is a good thing and making others pay for it?
Why does it matter what John Boehner "thinks" about the president and his "guts"? This doesn't even count as news, or even reasonable political discourse. If speaker Boehner actually wanted to advance the subject of reducing this countries debt he would actually present an idea or suggestion for moving forward instead of taking petty jabs at the president. This kind of statement does NOTHING to advance reasonable political discourse in this country and FOX should be ashamed for posting such childish partisan accusations.
What part of the Constitution requires you to drive?
I take it none of you Obamabots want to deal with your guy Paul Krugman Calling for ‘Death Panels’ to Cut Health-Care Costs.