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In his latest interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong confessed to have used performance-enhancing drugs during his line of Tour de France victories. Did he deserve to have his titles taken away?
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If the rules state that drug enhancement is prohibited, than he should lose the titles. Everyone has to play by the rules.
"Did he deserve to have his titles taken away?"

He cheated, right? Then the answer is YES. Doh.
I assume his confession goes something like: "In order to compete in triathlons, I have to confess to doping, so yes, I doped. It's such a relief to come clean about my desire to compete in triathlons."

That's exactly the type of confession I would expect from this person.
Practically the whole world knew he was dirty before Lance hinted that his mega-doping history might actually be true.  Jerk.
Yes because it was wrong and No because it's a double standard, ball players don't get their titles taken away... they just get little asterix next to their names in the record books. Yes, I understand that one is just the United States and includes the world but .... it really is a double standard.
Why should Oprah care. All people wanted to know is if he used drugs and he said yes. There is nothing else to say, it speaks for itself. Also, drugs or not I am sure that Oprah couldn't last a quarter of a mile along side Lance, so she just needs to be quiet. Goodness, I could never stand this woman.
She is not my fav either. 
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