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The decision is final: LeBron James made the right call coming to Miami.  As an #NBA  champion, it's all worth it now. #LebronJames   #Heat  
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*ASTRISK - One ring does not make a Jordan. Especially in an abbreviated season.
Everyone played the same amount of time, the others teams didn't start first.
If it had been a longer season, an old team like Miami would have lost steam by the finals, and if they played a young team like OKC, the story probably would have been different. James is still a giant douche in my book. Call me when you have 6 or more rings.
I don't like all the James hate. I am not defending him, and I surely am not a fan, but he's better than a lot of other athletes out there. He finished his contract in Cleveland, didn't cry and beg to be traded, didn't really complain while he was there. I am no fan, but he isn't as bad as most of these prima donnas. 
 o k c you later this is for all the heat haters out there we won bitch's we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
So glad to see James get his first ring. Enough with the LeBron hate already!
Now here comes the adulation in proclaiming Lebron the second coming of Christ. The media will be talking him up for the next year. Ugh!!
Good grief! Go away! I wonder how long before the rest the team realizes they have been relegated to Lebron's "supporting cast."
2 out of 3 people in that picture need to go away forever.  Jerks.  Bill Russell is awesome.
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