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An attorney for one of the members of the notorious Manson family said decades ago the group's leader Charles Manson committed more murders, according to a report.
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Not surprised; Now someone's family can finally rest. Maybe.. 
Let's see...guys gets his friends to butcher two houses full of people, including a pregnant woman, goes to prison and has a swastika branded into his face.

My only response to these allegations is duh.
First Black Dalhia, then Manson, 

REALLY must be a slow week for them.
Nothing surprises me about Manson.
You already knew he was writing songs for the Beach Boys?  That they hit the house they did, 'cause it used to be owned by the manager of the Beach Boys and he was coming to get paid?

'Cause all of these things really threw me, and I lived through this period!
Once again a who cares case. It happened, keep all the freaks behind bars to rot and let it lie.
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