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CIA Director General David Petraeus' letter of resignation: 
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I don't think he's resigning for the reason he gives for resigning.
So, David Petraeus was sleeping around when the Benghazi attack happened!  He needs to be in jail and Obama impeached.
Interesting timing - looks like he will not be part of the Senate Benghazi hearings....very interesting timing.
He will have to still go to the hearings
He apparently has chosen not to attend the hearings next week.
He held off until after the election to spring this because he was told to...
My conspiracy theory is this...
 Petraeus was has an affair that the white house was a where of and used it against him to twist the truth about Benghazi. But being the man he is and the up and coming hearings he openly resigned to putting the affair out there so it cannot be used against him. As to the hearings, I think now that the white house holds nothing over his head any more of the truth will come out about what really happened. That is part of my theory the other part I will not post in the open.
Something else going on here, timing is a little too suspect.
+Erik Walz 

He's planning on joining the New Confederate States of America, like Robert E. Lee did. Which would be an epic event if it really does happen.
I don't understand why a Democrat President would find an affair worthy of losing a job.
+Jonathan Lancaster 

it's nothing more then a smoke screen. Petraeus is a patriot, if nothing else he needed an excuse to get out of the dictators cabinet. An "affair" was just the chosen means to do that.
I think that anyone who "supposes" that General Petraeus would pen a resignation such as this demeans his character. I respect his decision to stand up and say "I do not deserve to be here". I do not agree with his decision that he does not deserve to be there, only because I do not share his morality. Although, I have never committed adultery or held a position as demanding as his. 
What It's Like - EVERLAST
+Mary Altman We have seen this kind of thing before during the Clinton years.  I always considered it strange that so many people the alleged misdeeds on the power couple were somehow discredited.  Or strangely suicidal. 
That is not to claim a grand conspiracy, but it is clear that every woman who complained about Bill's sexual harassment were systematically discredited.
It was Obama's team that not many years ago were yelling at the General "Betray Us."
He knows too much.
+Jonathan Lancaster 

Obama probably offered him an ultimatum. "You can either testify against me and you will "succumb to cancer" or you can walk away and pretend this never happened"
+Zander Gavin I can't even pretend to know, but the timing tells a story.  Also telling is that the administration saw fit to not mention the drone being shot at by Iran until after the election.  I would like to think more people would focus on these very real issues, but after Tuesday...I don't know.
+Zander Gavin If Obama was willing to do that why is your ugly ass still breathing?   
Gen. Petraeus was & will always be a phenomenal part of our Country. What sad news of his resignation. I do not believe the affair (if there was one) a good enough reason for Obama to keep the vital Patraeus, from testifying on what happened in Benghazi. Wow!! They had this information (allegedly).. long before Benghazi & didn't say a word & now, week before the "closed-door" meeting on Benghazi..Petraeus is outted?? I guess Obama is just proving this Benghazi scandal was RIGHT all along. As guilty as he is, impeechment is NOT gonna happen (supposively)..if he's got air in his lungs. No wonder Ahdmidinajh *(sp)..loves him so much. Obama will make a great dictator. (if he's not murdered first)??
Petraeus has seen many a potus ,loyalty to a fault
Honor well beyond the call of duty
It doesn't take much to figure this out
Let him retire in peace with the dignity and respect he deserves...I doubt VERY MUCH Bengazi happened because he did nothing...He has to be pi$$ed
Dave T.
More faux Benghazi outrage.
Fuck Banghazi. Nobody cares but Faux Noise 'bots. Breitbart died because 24/7 irate assholery+alcohol is bad for the heart. If there ever was a clear finger-of-god death it was Andrew Breitbart. 
I doubt anyone will care when the San Andres Fault cracks and all you haters drown
+Conservative Voluntarism You're failing geography also? The San Andreas, not the extra "a", fault will not drown anybody. It will eventually shake things up but crazy California has the toughest building standards in the U.S. so most of us will be ok. 
Dave T.
Gee, a Democratic President that CONservatives absolutely hate get re-elected by a wide margin, now you're hearing the "impeachment" term tossed around.

Let's party like it's 1998!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Blackest Sabbath a margin of 300,000 over 3 states is hardly a wide margin.  But I say give him exactly what he wants.  Give you exactly what you want.  I am fine with the hard times associated with it.    Will you be?
Dave T.
2 mil. votes and a 126 margin in the Electoral usually constitutes an ass whuppin'. But I guess in Foxtopia it's not surprising. For 30 years, Republicans have been running on the "we're fiscally responsible" party, then when they get into office, it's "LOOK! THESE PEOPLE HATE US AND ARE TRYING TO KILL US". Then they proceed to spend like dice addicts in Vegas. A pathetic lot they are. But hey, you have your insulated little world now where all your irrational fears are reinforced by the Conservative Media Complex. Go ahead Chicken Little's and keep thinking the sky is falling. Those of us who are sane are laughing at you.
Dave T.
If you have factual evidence that I am on welfare, please provide it.

Otherwise, go fuck yourself.
+Blackest Sabbath haha, I think you just clarified it, didn't you?
Sure seems I hit a nerve.  I thought liberals saw welfare as a badge of honor.  Hmmm.
When Congressman elect Doug La Malfa (R) quits taking rice farming subsidies to the tune of $300,000 year along with every other red-state farmer you can start bitching about the unfairness of food stamps. 

The true welfare cheats in the U.S. are the wealthy. 
Dave T.
I asked you to provide factual evidence.

You failed to do that. 

Now running along like a good little inbred Republican and you can have secret gay sex with  your buddies.

+Blackest Sabbath Wow, there you go.   You are gay bashing.  One of the things you claim to hate the most!  Hilarious!  That is pathetic.  All of your great convictions thrown out the window just to insult someone who actually thinks for themselves.
When you even try to you commit a hate crime.   Now I just pity you, between your welfare checks.
+Blackest Sabbath you are even we when hiding your identity, angry and transparent.  You are smug and afraid to put a name to who are, yet you clearly are upset that I had you figured out.  It was easy.
+Jonathan Lancaster 

you can't really blame him for using an Alias. This day and age it's dangerous to go without cover.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, Give him a mask and he will speak the truth.", Oscar Wilde.

I use an alias, for that very reason, not because I fear people knowing that I believe thusly. But because with a Government that has already turned it's back to go after a film maker, they have proven if nothing else, that they care nothing for our "Freedom of Speech". This is a dangerous time.
Dave T.
So you support a convicted identity thief and meth dealer. Very nice.
There will be justice for the Four Americans killed in Benghazi... If not soon it will come later and I will extremely hate it for Libya. Petraeus will get the information neede, to the right people!!!!! (and I am not losing sleep over that my friends) It's all about the timing of things. Just wait & watch.
It isn't just a LITTLE ironic that he resigns a week before hearings are to begin about the investigation in Benghazi?  
Your tinfoil hat is on way to tight. 
+John Poteet 

I trust you are aware, "Conspiracy Theory" loses it's humor the moment reality starts to play into it.

A week before The Director of the CIA was to provide potentially damaging testimony on Benghazi against Obama, he resigns, under no less then "convenient" circumstances. Surely even you can see there is more going on here behind the scenes.
Dave T.
He was boning a chick that was not his wife. And THAT happened before any Ben Gazi shenanigans.

I sure am glad that I'm not afflicted with raging paranoia.
Dave T.
"To those on the ground, the circumstances of the attack are hardly a mystery. Most of the attackers made no effort to hide their faces or identities, and during the assault some acknowledged to a Libyan journalist working for The New York Times that they belonged to the group. And their attack drew a crowd, some of whom cheered them on, some of whom just gawked, and some of whom later looted the compound.

The fighters said at the time that they were moved to act because of the video, which had first gained attention across the region after a protest in Egypt that day. The assailants approvingly recalled a 2006 assault by local Islamists that had destroyed an Italian diplomatic mission in Benghazi over a perceived insult to the prophet. In June the group staged a similar attack against the Tunisian Consulate over a different film, according to the Congressional testimony of the American security chief at the time, Eric A. Nordstrom."

-NY Times

READ A FRIKIN' PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dave T.
You're clinically insane.
Southern Treason all over again. Same people, same arguments. 
+Jonathan Lancaster 

wheres the fun in that?

+Blackest Sabbath 

insane? yes, you're probably right about that, but it doesn't mean that I'm wrong. You refusing to see past this delusional provoked hard-on you carry for messiah obama is insane.
No matter how many times the song is played on the radio..ONE things for sure, Americans stand up, as a whole country, for the ones that serve & protect & unfortunately die for us & our freedom. We don't shrug our shoulders & move to the next song.
I'm not Mormon, I didn't vote for Romney because he is Mormon, I voted for him because he's conservative. 

Your logic is flawed (as all liberals are) Kill Yourself and Have a Nice Day.
Boy, Fox News seems to attract the most compassionate people. Yes, that was sarcasm. 
He had an affair and he got caught. Such are the consequences of letting your little head do the thinking for you. 
I'm so glad to hear Gen. Patraeus & Hillary Clinton will be testifying about what happened in Benghazi..and the four Americans that lost their lives.
I don't think their testifying will matter if they all stick with the same lies.  I expect no justice.  
+Jonathan Lancaster ..Think positive! I mean I don't have my hopes up, because there could be blackmail, & other thwarted schemes, but I would hope with Sen. McCain, Sen. Graham & us- the American people...there may be justice for these four families & America.
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