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Twitter challenge: Newark Mayor attempts bet to live on food stamps: 
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And what will this prove? Other than the fact that you might be able to eat pretty well on food stamps, which, of course, might actually discourage some people from trying to get off food stamps.

Not that there are any jobs out there that might help them actually assist in the quest.
it's called SNAP = SUPPLEMENTAL nutrition assistance program.  Yet people complain how you can't 'live on it' well, I say... NO SHIT, you're not actually supposed to. 
+Tim Taylor You're absolutely right. Maybe that's what Booker is trying to prove by this little stunt. The more important issue is not whether you can live on the damn things, but why is the economy so bad that millions more people need them just to scrape by? Wouldn't focusing on making Newark friendly to business invite more job creators and help people get off food stamps?

Sorry for being so logical.
Ill-advised. This stunt could horribly backfire on him.
Don't understand the purpose either. What I do know, is Mayor Booker will be president one day. Interesting guy and background. 
A week? Try doing it for a whole month. 31 days. And do it in an empty apartment, no food in the fridge or pantry. I cant stand when these pussy politicos do this to show how its not so bad. They eat out and feed off the food left in their house and think that the people living on food stamps got it easy. If your bored Booker why dont you hold your breath for a week instead? We could use the silence.
Oh my gosh, do you have any idea how much people get for food stamps here? Much more than I spend per month on food for my family. 
hmmm....sounds like the "Secret Millionaire" show...
he probably gets foodstamps regularly.
+Patrick Phillips +Tim Taylor  So in our state it is $140 per month- multiplied by the members of your household so in mine that would be $560 per month. I feed my family on $450 per month! So that is way over what we currently spend so I don't have to try it out for a month. I already eat for less than what we would get. I can show any mom or dad how to use coupons, buy on sale, BOGO, make your own artisan bread in 5 minutes a day for less than 50 cents a loaf, and eat mostly plant foods and grains. 
+Katerina Gasset What the government should teach them is how to do extreme couponing, or get together with manufacturers to create special coupon in  circular and send it to all the beneficiaries. that would help
People in my state use their EBT cards to buy wholesale items, such as cases of bottled coffee and soda for resale, because there are no restrictions and no oversight. 
+Graden Guynn  :) We are not a democracy, we are a republic. Of course now a days, one can hardly tell as we keep leaning towards democracy- the rule of the masses- which Benjamin Franklin warned us against. "democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to have for lunch", and Thomas Jefferson, "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."
It needs to be for 6 months ... a week is nothing.
I have a better idea -Fire the guy so he knows what its like to not have the security of a job and regular income to rely upon. Roughing it on food stamps for a week is like going camping -You know that you'll eventually go home after having fun pretending to be away from all the conveniences of normal life.

Years ago I chose to live homeless for two years, worked cash-only jobs and lived out of my car to pay down the debts left after my father's long illness and passing. I have never slept better than when I did under the stars, with my Army backpack as a pillow.
How about a year on it to more fully understand.
This is why I like the WIC program. food vouchers for specific healthy food. classes on eating right and being a better parent.
Food Stamps are good for people who are actually poor.  Food Stamps shouldn't be going to "poor" people who own TV's and cell phones.(and if you have enough money to buy those things, you can buy FREAKIN FOOD)
 +Braeden Lowe  a TV is a one time tpayment, can be purchased for little of nothing at a Good Will store why can't they have the news and programming for themselves and their kids, get local employment information. The cell phone may be the only way to make outside communication call 911 or stay in touch with family.  one can be had for 45 dollars a month. what if a child is sick or injured and an ambulance is needed ? in today's world a phone is a necessity.  I've seen non African Americans and non Latinos in a big Benz a fur coat using food stamps in Forest Hills NY. a very ritzy part of town, homes they range form 300,000 to over a million dollars. And the census let's us know that there are more whites on welfare and using food stamps than any other group. I always heard that and thought it was crazy, until I looked it up for myself.
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