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Republican lawmakers in Colorado say they want the White House to stay out of their state fight over gun control. 
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Gun control is too important to be left to the individual states. It's a Federal Issue. 

If States want to Gun Control, they need Border Control First. 
As they should. Bloomberg should stay the hell out of it too and worry about his own state.
Thats right DC stay out of CO's business...meddling  Scooby Doo
Gun control is too important an issue to be left to the inept federal government.  It should be handled by the states.  And if the federal government handled its responsibility on border control properly, states wouldn't have to be involved.
This issue is a state issue. The feds have proven themselves inferior at dealing with issues of almost every kind. And besides, the federal government (not to mention the States as well) is prohibited from restricting firearm ownership by law abiding citizens. That whole, pesky Constitution. Moreover, I don't see why someone residing outside the U.S. has any say in the first place. 
Being a US Citizen and Former US Marine, I believe I've earned my say +Adam Bigge 

And again, there's no point in making state laws unless you can secure your state. 
Thanks for your service Michael. But unless someone is going to have to live under the laws policies they propose/vote for, then I still maintain that there is a limit on what should be suggested. Kind of like how our politicians exclude themselves from many laws they impose on us.

If you are living on sovereign US soil outside our borders then my statement doesn't apply and I apologize.

However, I agree with you about securing borders. Too bad the federal government forbids States from doing so. 
It is the job of the federal government to secure the borders, and it refuses to do so.  
+Michael Washington you have earned the right, no doubts. I respectfully disagree. I believe the constitution adresses the issue already, government involvement will not make us more safe.

Also.. as a state, just try to make your border secure and watch what the feds do.. here in arizona we have been trying forr years to make the border safe and secure, the feds wont have it.
The problem with Republicans is they want funding from Federal government but they refused to abide by the Federal rules.
Democrats are already destroying jobs in CO over "gun control".  No wonder they want the feds help in more.
Wonder where Magpul is going...
+Ashley Barnett Smith conservatives dont want any money from the feds. We want the feds to look to the common defence of the nation and worry about things like trade with other countries. 
+John Pavao there is plenty of real estate here in Indiana! I would love to have a local outlet for AR parts. 
why are we letting the annoited one spend over 180K/hr in travel to promote his leftist views when we have budget issues that are also his fault. We have a constitution we have our laws already. What we do not need is a socialist holding citizens hostage by our pocket books. 0bama is a constitutional lawyer he knows that everything he is doing is illegal like a lot of the votes he got last election. 0bama should be impeached and inprisoned.
+Michael Washington I respectfully disagree, it really scares me to give to much power to the federal government and keep eroding the powers of the States. Keep this at the state level. 
+Greenwood Pack While I technically agree, two words keep me from saying "impeachment" out loud...  "President Biden".  ;-)  Can you imagine this country with Shotgun Joe at the helm?
Biden would be guilded and the congress would handle things a lot better.
In all seriousness, I think Biden would be handled by the same people who are handling Obama and there would be little or no difference, just more humor on the nightly news.
Yes. Gun control is a Federal Issue. The Federal government should be enforcing the Second Amendment and not allowing states like New York and Michigan to erode the rights of their citizens.
Adam K
Since it is the 2nd Amendment, it falls out of the jurisdiction of the 10th.

Note: These are two Amendments I wholeheartedly support. And because of it, I am pinned against a rock in a hard place. 
There are over 10, 000 laws on the books regarding gun laws. The simple fact that a person who commits a crime with a gun of any kind has allready broken the law. Why would they care if they broke 10 more? It only affects honest law abiding citizens. Libtards....just keep the blinders on and let them keep stripping your rights one by one because it makes you feel good and when you have no (rights) you can all hold hands and cry it out. 
Add to this that often the first charge to be dropped in any prosecution is the gun violation, and what we have isn't a lack of gun laws, but Democrats talking out both sides of their mouths.  Again.  Prosecute the laws that are on the books or shut up.
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