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As much as President Obama complains about “cable news” and as often as he shuns the press, Team Obama understands how to fill the void of the 24-hour news cycle.
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Sequestration= Phony baloney 'theater' by the 'party in power' in D.C. (that continues to sink our National finances with TRILLION dollar deficit spending), trying to convince the electorate they really care about spending, and REALLY want to do something about it.

Government 'shutdown' over a 2.7 % 'cut' in overall government spending? How STUPID does the 'party in power' in D.C. think the people of this country are? Oh, wait...
Ah yes, fair and balanced as usual.....
Go to DC and you will find ABC,CBS,and NBC conduct burnt offerings at Obama's feet.
You know when that bitch Michelle was brought on to present the award I was ready to yell PROPAGANDA! when she announced Zero Dark Thirty. I'm glad ARGO won. the only other legitimate choice was Lincoln.

I still think within the next year or so we're going to have a Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Joseph Goebbels official title). 

+Chris Silvey 
explains the funky smell. I thought it was only bullshit coming from the white house.
I will give them credit for a timely sense of humor with the title though.  :)
Wow... Thats not "news" thats an opinion of someone who has nothing better to write about... Just my opinion of an opinion... 
Just the facts and I will make up my own opinion.
Ron N
Deceive is not drama. Simply lies.
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