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When asked, "If you could make a new law, what would it be?" Miss Venezuela makes a big Miss...take.
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She got a zero, but she was right. We don't need any more laws.
First part of the answer was good, don't need any new laws. She should've stopped there. The rest made her look real dumb.
I love the Fox reporters. Very sexy legs and I think they do the news too....
Doesn't appear she has any breathing problems
Well, to put things into perspective. The question was for an adult. She is a little' girl with no world view what's so ever. So her answer is a just answer for an immature girl.
I like to keep abreast of her up front ideas
I notice no women are commenting on this. :) 
Especially when they can get all the really important "news" from "The View" or "Katie" or "Ellen" or those Baba Wawa specials.
+Francis Moran How very wise of you to compare Fox News to other celebrity gossip shows. My opinion of you has gone up!
Fox News is the best news on television. I refer to the news programs such as Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I do not include the personality shows which are not really news show as such but more opinion. Fox is balanced because ALL the others serve the Democrat and White House talking points like house servants. Fox even allows liberals on their shows. One would NEVER see conservatives on phony far left extremist networks like MSNBC. All this tiresome nonsense from arrogant moonbats that Fox News watchers are somehow intellectually inferior to folks who soak up the leftist propaganda offered by the others is the same kind of self-deluded moonbat tripe echoed from most left wing bottom feeders. Your attempt at clever retort is as lame as the appearances of the pathetic president of the United States with Joy Behar, Baba Wawa and Whoopi Goldberg and Ellen "butch" Degeneres. And trust me when I tell you your opinion of me is of no important to me at all. 
I like how her surfing example was in plain english... clearly recited. Only if it had anything to do with legislation.
Darby C
Uhhhh. I think the Iraq don't have maps.
compared with the American contestent that couldnt even spell her own name... LOL.. but hey, that does represent the US: stupid, fat, lazy, weak.
Darby C
*Contestant, *Couldn't, LOL
What did you expect?A quantical analysis?From a "miss"
Where´s the new?From a "miss".Fala sério!!!!!!!
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