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Prosecutors reinstated attempted murder charges against a policeman leading the murder investigation into Olympian Oscar Pistorius.
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I never cared for the guy. Never did and never will... He should have never been allowed to race.
have to say, I originally was ready to hang him, but his latest timeline seems plausible.  At least plausible enough for reasonable doubt.  

Not sure how their system works. Seems to me that if you think a bad guy is in your bathroom, you call out before shooting thru a door.
Not in S. Africa, and not if you're a rich athlete
NO matter where I am in the world, if you live with someone and you hear noise in the bathroom, you obviously assume that it is that person and you don't shoot. 
we'll never know.  apparently Oscar doesn't have the same common sense as you do
Trigger control, muzzle awareness, positive ID. Fundamentals of weapon safety.
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