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It seems the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences paid attention to the notoriously edgy Golden Globes this year, opting for a racy opening as delivered -- with plenty of audience laughs -- by Oscar host Seth MacFarlane on Sunday night.
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Its Hollyweird, who cares what these twits say?
He was lame...those weak ass jokes may work on family guy, but in a stand up setting he sucks!
I've never been found of Seth in front of the camera. He is great and doing what he does, just not in front of the camera please!
Because his jokes aren't inappropriateor sexist in anything else he does? 
What did they expect? They hired SETH MACFARLANE to host. If they thought he was going to get up there and act like any normal host then they were idiots. Everyone should have known this was coming so it shouldn't be a surprise. 
I thought it was hilriously funny.  Ok in a couple of spots I was saying OMG, but it was good. 
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