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The Baltimore city government is on a path to financial ruin and must enact major reforms to stave off bankruptcy, according to a 10-year forecast the city commissioned from an outside firm.
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Wow. You would think that Super Bowl win would have people and businesses lined up to move there.
Like father, like son.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
As goes Baltimore, so goes our nation.
That what's happen when you allow the GOP to declare phoney wars and give tax credits to millionaires & billionaires.
Baltimore has been a one party town almost as long as Detroit has and is headed for the same fate.  Sic semper libtard.
+Ashley Barnett Smith
 Read the article before posting please...  This has nothing to do with the GOP or the Federal Government.  It has to do with the chronic financial mismanagement of the city.  It has to do with over taxation driving out the "revenue base" forcing more taxation.  They already have the highest property taxes in the state, the highest city income tax in the state, and have found "creative" ways to tax the people even more.  With all of that. more than 20% of the population is living in poverty and the city population continues to shrink.

If they don't do something soon, the city will go bankrupt.

Maybe they need to actually take a more conservative approach... 

Our country is headed in the same direction as Baltimore, Detroit, Compton, Flint, etc.
They will blame Bush somehow for it.

Oh hell.....I see we already have one doing it.  CLASSIC!!
+Ashley Barnett Smith Phony wars? I'm a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Funny, they didn't seem phony at the time.

So she thinks those wars are phony but she is qualified to write a book titled "A Soldier's Fight".
She also seems to have blocked me since I had the audacity to respond to her idiocy...
"Honest assessment?"  Now there's a misnomer from someone in government.
+Rodney Graves
Please don't feel bad, sir about being banned , I had HRH Prince Charles ban me on twitter because during hurricane Sandy he was poking fun at the victims.  I told him - quite nicely - to GET STUFFED.  Whoever mans his page banned me immediately.  (I'm so devastated)  LOL.  I also called him an old boot with an alcoholic wife.  Pompous asshole that he is..
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