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The UK refuses to extradite an accused pedophile, citing "Draconian" American laws. Do you think European governments should get to decide if the American judicial system is too tough?
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When it comes to them extraditing someone who is in their jurisdiction, then yeah.  Think of it this way, if there was someone the US had arrested, would you want to have him sent to another country where the punishment might be different and seemingly unjust?  No.  This is a non-issue.  If we want other countries to respect our legal sovereignty we have to respect theirs as well.
The UK wants to keep this guy, but Michael Savage is a persona non grata there. Interesting choice.
"Do you think European governments should get to decide if the American judicial system is too tough?"

Is FOX News asking for an explanation of national sovereignty or is this just intended to generate rage traffic from people who don't like thinking? I guess it could be both.
How are we bailing Europe out.. If someone is willing to pay for your security you would not allow them?
What law against pedophilia do they consider draconian?
Why not?  The USA stands in judgement of other nations all the time.

+Alex Taller Savage is a dick, few would stop to piss on him if he was on fire... inciting riots and uprisings, I am surprised he is allowed a passport/VISA that allows him to enter any other country...
I don't agree with what they are doing, but we have no leverage.  He IS on their soil.  Look at their own predicament with the Wikileaks guy.  Holed up in an embassy right under their noses, and they can't extradite him even if they wanted to.  I guess in the UK, sex with little kids is pretty cool.

Here's my solution: Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Theyre not deciding our laws. They're enforcing their own.
Haha, hell yeah Dog the Bounty Hunter!!! too cool you are +John Shepard :) You said it perfectly.
If the US has an extradition treaty with a nation that law (and all treaties are laws) take precedence. The UK is a pedophile haven as are many European countries.
Who are you calling poser? ;)

Forget sending Dog. I watched that phony while he searched a strip mall for a skinny Korean kid, followed by his entourage that included over 30 policemen who were there to make the actual arrest as well as keep the local Hawaiians from kicking Dog's butt again.

Maybe the US should use drones to take that miscreant down.
As much as I love the idea of pummeling morons, I have to say that I would not punish an entire nation on account of an activist judge.  He's probably a pedophile himself.  This is why I suggested the surgical insertion of Dog the Bounty Hunter.  With Dog, you have the benefit of a non-nation state unbound by human laws or the Geneva Convention.  Think of the wonderful things that you could do to this pedophile: water boarding, castration, fun with pliers, etc.

This is like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and you came back with the Uzi.  Let's go with Dog, it worked with Cunanan in Mexico, plus Dog is cheaper.
The US is not bound by the Geneva Convention -Compliance has been voluntary.
True, but who wants to torture a pedophile with a United States Marine?  United States Marines are better suited to destroying entire continents one foothill at a time.  When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight, call the USMC.

If you want to capture and torture a pedophile, you should do it with the secret police, a redneck named Butch, or Dog the Bounty Hunter for a few simple reasons: First, it's untraceable, this pedophile never happened.  Second, the pedophile never sees it coming.  Third, it's gratifying to know you can.
There you have it folks.  Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Adam K
Blackwater, or some related organization, should capture him.

Minnesota law is Draconian? What a joke! 
+Political Punnery It appears that the victims of a child molester do not count as humans -I suggest the US send all child molesters to the UK, they are obviously welcome there.
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