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Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is accusing the Obama administration of failing to enforce a century-old law meant to prevent immigrants from taking root in the U.S. only to live on the government dole.
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Doesn't surprise me that the Democraps would buy votes with welfare and other programs.
What laws hasn't he broken? I hear he and Tiger Woods had a great golf game yesterday!!
Illegal immigrants living off the government?  We also call them democrat voters.
I wonder what % of illegal immigrants actually end up on welfare, instead of going to work vs the % of american's that are on welfare/social assistance. 
Until GOP talks about cracking down on Employers that hire undocumented workers they are not serious about this either. Same way they protect individuals that traffic guns....
+Paris Mosley of course. Everyone knows the GOP is not serious about immigration reform, they just like the rallying cry because their supporters don't think anything through and just like to scream about nothing. 
"Same way they protect individuals that traffic guns...."

When has the GOP protected the Obama justice department?
Obama doesn't enforce a law, and the Obama supporters come and blame the GOP or something.  These people are amazing.
We're not talking about Bush, we're talking about Obama.  
+Spencer Scott, don't take the bait, and Bush isn't president anymore After 4 miserable yrs, it's all Obama!
Again, we're talking about something right now.  You want to talk about the past, lets discuss how democrats crashed the housing market maybe?
+Michael Washington Its like they pretend Bush never existed. Lets face it today's GOP is still talking to that man of the 1950s. +Spencer Scott  How did the Dem crash the housing market? " Who was the one to say ownership is the American dream"? Get your fact striaght
Oh please Paris.  Go research how Bush tried to reform the mortgage industry and democrats blocked him because it would have stopped their poor base from getting loans they couldn't afford.

Try again.
+Kehr Bailey You guys do the same thing..go on other more progressive forums just to call people names. At least we are trying to educate you on facts
+Kehr Bailey you benefit every day from all their hard work in your country. It's the least you can do. You have no idea how difficult your life would be without their hard work. Every meal you eat, say thank you to the illegal immigrants in your country. 

American's used to appreciate hard work.
Hahahahahah.  Progressives don't know "facts".
+Spencer Scott Bush had complete control over congress for few years...he rammed through a taxcut bill, but could not stop the mortgage mess that was happening? 
No Paris, he was BLOCKED by democrats.  Educate yourself instead of trolling.
+Spencer Scott that sounds like an excuse should not a President lead? That is all I hear from you guys about Obama is not a leader
I do not benefit from "them" I hate chile. This is to show you how rediculus your arguement is.
Paris, are you obtuse or something? Democrats, namely Barney Frank and Dodd blocked reforms.  
If Bush or any other President didn't enforce it, it was a mistake.  We are now in a period where government is completely broke, and my over the top tax bill goes to feeding illegal immigrants who take jobs from Americans.
+brenda dixon-hines if you eat food at all, you benefit from the hard work of illegal immigrants. You know this right? If the United States successfully pushed all illegal immigrants out and made them come back into the country legally, your country would starve to death. 

Not to mention all of the other sectors that employ cheap illegal labour. 
+Kehr Bailey You are not more educated on nothing. I worked with and sold those so call "Toxic Assets" and most of those could have been stop by the regulators the executive branch controlled. Yes the CRA was more about not discriminating against minorities and trying to  push minority ownership, nothing in the bill forced banks to lend anything. But I don't want to give you the lecture on how mortgages on a bank's balance sheet is a liability. Get your facts straight 
Yeah right, all the illegal working under the table, not paying taxes because they have an underground economy.  Yeah, screw that.
+Spencer Scott Even if those Senators tried to stop reform from coming out congress.. Bush could have still used the regulators to crack down on those mortgages..... 
My country, do you not reside here? I live 20 min. from the border, look up El Paso and the hit they are taking because Juarez is safer and hispanics are going home, just in time for filing income tax..and no I don;t live in El Paso.
Excuses, excuses Paris.  Keep living in Obama land where nothing is his fault.
How can Democrats possible defend illegality? They want people that don't vote for them to follow the law..why shouldn't their voters follow the law?
Democrats don't care about law, or the Constitution for that matter.  But remember, wanting voter ID laws is racist or something. 
+Kehr Bailey you don't even know what you are talking about...the reason they were called "Toxic Assets" was because no one knew what was really in them, because they were bundle with good loans. If it was about sub-prime loans(what you are talking about) that could have easily been solved. Shoot me an email and I will give you the lesson of what a "CDO" is. Secondly it was the underwriters that let those loans go through even though the underwriters knew they could not afford them...but since it was a marketed to sell them off on Wallstreet no one Cared.
+Douglas Fuchs the same way that democrats fought slavery, and fought women being property, and fight for equal gender rights. 

Just because it's illegal doesn't make it right. How can Republicans be so against immigration, while benefiting from it so thoroughly. 
Comparing slavery to illegal immigrants using up tax dollars.  LOL
Oh and democrats opposed civil rights at every turn.  Too bad we don't have a media or educational system which teaches that.
Oh right, suddenly it's racist to oppose illegal immigration.  This is how stupid the left has become.
And there's the race card all liberals play, right on time. No one hates immigrants, they hate the illagality of it.
Democrats have kept minorities poor and dependent for decades, but republicans are racist.  LOL
GOP is still talking too that "Man of 1950s". They are out of touch
Hahahha...poor Paris using the 1950's talking point from the DNC.  So funny.
So if I want our immigrants to be's not because I stand for law and's because I hate Latinos and I'm a racist in a racist Party...oh, ok.
Obama is trying so hard to make you that person, don't ever let anyone change what you really believe. A lot of people have made hundreds of of suggestions to help immigrants
No Rod, they lost because democrats have a grasp on the stupid and government dependent in this country.  People screaming for Obama phones while the others pay for it.  
The libs here have screamed racism how many times now?  This is how they operate.
+Kehr Bailey I agree with that because of the job market, but again it was the adjustable arm rates that crushed people, because their mortgages sky-rocketed. But again the government could have forced Banks to rework all those mortgages and told investors to take haircuts( they did it with the Auto company). But the CRA was just an excuse people used to do predatory lending 
+Kehr Bailey I am on a social networking site typing with a phone, sound like a moron go on your day
+Kehr Bailey Nothing else to say to you. I thought you were leaving to enjoy your President day?
Ask a Democrat why did the chicken cross the road?.....You get - "It's George Bush's fault and you're a racist."
Rod, you shouldn't be calling people racist if you can't even spell "border" correctly.
I can't stand gotcha whiz kids. i am a noted great speller, people ask me how to spell all the time, but I am the worst typist around and i'm too busy to always read what I've typed . As far as being stupid, I'll put up my IQ next to Spencer anytime. 
Hahahha...poor liberals can't take it.  I don't expect much from people who think opposing illegal immigration is racist.  
+Paris Mosley Clinton installed the Affordable Housing act and the banks were forced to loan to those who could not afford a mortgage. Bush tried to stop it but was over-ridden by Congress. 
This is one of the strengths of Canada. Canada is able to work with people maintaining their own culture, while adopting a Canadian state of mind. 
+Spencer Scott Great job. I agree with you on Bush's role in trying to stop the housing bubble crash=the financial disaster of 2008 or whenever."Bush's disaster", hah. 
Rod, you should look in the mirror you hateful progressive.
If immigration is enforced, it would cripple the United States. You people really have no idea how essential the illegal workforce is to the American way of life. 
Gotta love the tolerant liberals who called someone ignorant, than proceed to scream about rednecks, racists, etc.

These people are something else.
BS.  It wouldn't do anything to the U.S. except free up tax dollars and less violent crime.
I'll take the chance.  Lets remove all the illegals from the "workforce" and replace them with the Americans who don't have jobs in the Obama economy.
I'm glad you're not part of the GOP anymore.  You belong with the socialists and panderers in the democrat party.
+Rod Wagner Only because of the press' hatchet job. This president who i respect because he IS the president could be doing anything at all legal, illegal, we would never know because the press will not say anything against him. Pravda anyone?
You're still complaining about "white men"?  Who is the racist again?  Oh, you are.

GOP has plenty of minorities, problem is they aren't the usual welfare queens that vote for Obama.
Oh hey, lets take a look at the minorities in the democrat party itself.  We have Jesse Jackson Jr....oh wait.

Well how about Sheila Jackson-Lee.....oh wait, another lunatic.

+Marianne Dagher What are you talking about? The comment was based off someone else saying Libs are trolls on this forum and I stated so call conservative do the same things on Progressive forums
Oh wow, Romney had 24%. Wow!!!!  LOL.  

Welfare queens supported Obama, not Romney.
+Spencer Scott  Lets go over conservatives. What about Todd Akins and Joe Walsh(Not paying child support . Those guys make me want to be a republican
Oh Paris, that has been debunked several times over.  Many of these "red states" receive assistance because they are overrun with illegals and welfare queens.  

There's much more to this, but anything beyond a headline is too hard for a liberal to understand.
What did Todd Akins do?  Is he the one who has been banging underage hookers?

No wait, that's another democrat.
+Spencer Scott That type of rhetoric is why the GOP will probably never win another National Election. Other than the gerrymander seats they have now
Well, I'm pretty sure the dems have lost anyone that owns a small to medium size business, anyone that had healthcare prior to 2013, once they run out of money from taxing "the rich", anyone in the middle class.

The biggest problem is that us Republicans only get to vote once.
Oh great another posting for all the stupid ass Americans on Google+ by +Fox News ...if you have any common sense you would know that trying to deport almost 20 million is just place stupid! And for the idiots that think it's immigrants who are living off welfare are dumb as fuck!!! Cause Americans are the one on it, but keep blaming dems and Obama for something that has been going on for almost a 100 years
So then by your own admission this is part of the natural order of things, your karma. Fight it all you want, it's natural, peaceful, and at least you'll get to possibly keep your house and culture when their done. 
+Spencer Scott
If all illegals were pushed out today, food prices would skyrocket as just one example.
The farming industry placed many ads with help from federal assistance to get Americans to take available farm jobs. They were left wanting.
Entitled Americans don't want those jobs and this has been proven
Bottom line here, non citizens should not be collecting our money. It's got nothing to do with dems, or republicans, it is simply not legal.
Agreed, but there is no physical barrier that will ever keep all non-citizens out. It's not possible.
Same as deporting all non-citizens who are already here. The logistics cost alone would make any fiscal conservative's eyes bleed. Not to mention under President Obama deportations are higher than any previous President.
All or nothing solutions are limited in application and thought put into them
It has everything to do with democrats as they use illegals for a voting base.  And by reading comments here, democrats have no problem with laws being broken.
+Paris Mosley Again, your gerrymandering nonsense is something contrived from think progress.  And what was my rhetoric?  Is it not true a democrat senator has been nailing underage hookers?

Don't see it in the national media, so it must be a democrat.
+Spencer Scott
I can only imagine how intellectually bankrupt someone has to be to blame one side for everything.
You've been proven wrong that there are no side effects to all immigrants deported immediately. Have any other all-or-nothing fallacies you'd like to display for all off us to laugh at your ignorance?

By how tightly you cling to the NJ Senator's allegations, it's clear you are not big on independent critical thinking.
Again, this nonsense originate from thinkprogress and some goofy article in the NYT.  
"I can only imagine how intellectually bankrupt someone has to be to blame one side for everything"

You're talking about Obama supporters, yes?
"You've been proven wrong that there are no side effects to all immigrants deported immediately. Have any other all-or-nothing fallacies you'd like to display for all off us to laugh at your ignorance?"

Nobody has provided a single bit of evidence that society would fall apart if we get rid of illegal immigrants.  
+Spencer Scott
It's ignorant to say redistricting played no role in this last years election. One article doesn't prove it or disprove anything. Try using the arguments in the article rather then just posting it and showing us how devoid of independent thought you are.
And really, a liberal talking about someone not having critical thinking.  Hahahah.....I can't stop laughing at that.
So from the liberal responses here, they have no problem with illegal immigration, and have no problem with them living off the government paid for by working Americans?

Sounds about right.
+Spencer Scott
Don't move the goal posts now that you are back pedaling. The debate isn't about 'society falling apart' as you so childishly tried to change it too.
The line you set was "it wouldn't do anything to the U.S. except free up tax dollars and less violent crime."
This is false. As I've pointed out, food prices would rise further than they are already. Americans won't take the jobs, the Farming Bureau proved this two years ago.
Take the jobs away, people will fill them.  Less crime and less democrat voters, a win for America.
+Spencer Scott
Actually not one person has stated that. On top of that, not one person has identified their political ideology.
It's just your weak brain placing labels on people so you can disregard what there saying before even reading it or trying to understand it.
I'm no liberal and find it hilarious that since your arguments are so weak you've resorted to libel in hopes of distracting people from how intellectually bankrupt you are
+Spencer Scott
Take the under the table jobs away from immigrants and not only will Americans not take them (which has been PROVEN) but our food prices go up because farmers would have to pay minimum wage or more. Think it through
Oh Matthew.  These are the same trolls that invade Fox News every single day.  I already know what their political affiliations are, so you're late to the party sweetheart!
And again, you really don't have any faith in Americans who will work for just about anything rather than live off the government.  Why don't you sponsor an illegal immigrant and pay them directly?
+Spencer Scott
You were speaking directly to me whether you referenced my name or not.
I have proven you wrong, move forward a better person with new information or continue ignorantly forward with made up nonsense with no basis in reality.
Liberals are so cute, they provide no real evidence but claim to "prove" everyone wrong. 
+Spencer Scott At least they try. Conservatives just keep repeating the same thing over and over until the other side just sighs and walks away.
+David Back 
That's the trademark of an uneducated partisan, left or right. Not just conservatives do that.
Well, you keep presenting logic and facts to liberals/progressives. They don't get it and walk away muttering how Conservatives just keep repeating the same thing over and over.
I am not wrong.

Anyways, present anything that doesn't go along with progressives, and they start screaming racism.
+Spencer Scott
Your ignorance and incorrigible ego makes all Republicans look bad by extension. I have proven with examples and logic that you are wrong.
To cap this exercise in futility, you not only continue thinking you are correct, but you do so without any counter evidence what so ever.

Talk about being stuck in an echo chamber, Spencer you are pathetically lost.
You can piss off.  You haven't provided anything of substance, and constantly scream about how you are "right", yet talk about someone being in an "echo chamber". 
+Spencer Scott
Facts don't have an ideological bent. You said your comments above about removing all illegal immigrants. I proved those comments wrong.

You said US citizens were willing to fill the farm jobs. I proved you wrong, WITH SOURCES.

By continuing to ignore reality you only embarrass yourself and the party you represent.

I don't represent a party, you don't see an R against my name moonbat.  Remove all illegals and the country will survive and will be better off. 

Unfortunately it won't happen as they are a voter base for democrats.  However, when the country breaks from its extreme social debt we'll start over right this time.
Oh, and a farm bureau link which goes back to a union sponsored program isn't "proof".  Again, hundreds of people wait in line to apply for a fast food job, people will work.

This is called "reality".
+Spencer Scott
Using 'moonbat' definitely gives away your ideological bend.
It's just sad when someone has to back pedal from their original argument yet won't admit they were wrong.
Remove all illegals and crops will either rot in the fields or be massively more expensive at the grocery market because minimum wagers would have to fill that gap, and history has proven they are not willing to do so.
Hope your comfortable with those two outcomes in your unfeasible and absolutist plan that could never work.
+Spencer Scott
That was a link to the campaign and the other websites prove that US citizens won't fill those jobs to the extent they are needed.
It's patently pathetic that you look at one link of four and ignorantly declare me to not have provided proof
+Spencer Scott You raise a point. Liberals do it quite often. But they do it with style. Check and mate, sir!
+Matthew Agnich US citizens would absolutely fill those jobs if they didn't have unfair competition in the labor market.
+Jay Carlson
I'm not rehashing this. I've already provided proof that during the Great Recession, when unemployment was near it's highest peaks, crops still rotted in fields and farmers complained about lack of workers.
I've provided links proving my point. You and Spencer have merely placed your word out here, which doesn't compare to objective facts
+Michael Washington actually it was the Republicans that fought to end slavery. At the time of the civil war the party alignments were reversed.
And it was democrats that fought against desegregation.

+Matthew Agnich I think I'm repeating myself, but you saying something doesn't make it a fact. Crops rotted in the fields during the depression because farmers could not afford to harvest them. The reason you give is false.
+Raymond Jaeger & +Jay Carlson 
And the parties of the Civil War and Civil Rights era have nothing to do with now because the political alliances that once were, are no more. A well known fact. Your flaccid attempt to discredit with irrelevant facts about history has been found wanting.
+Jay Carlson 
I posted 3 articles proving Mr Scott wrong. Apparently Fox News didn't like the idea of facts getting in the way. So here's 3 different links saying the exact same thing as I said before. The only person wrong is +Spencer Scott  & anyone who agrees with him.

"The farmer said he is willing to hire native workers, but not enough people will labor in the fields. He depends on a private company to send migrant workers with visas to man his farming operation."

"It goes like this. If you’re not going to let illegal immigrants do the jobs they are currently being hired to do, then farmers will have to raise wages to replace them. Since farmers are taking a risk in hiring immigrant workers, you can bet they were getting a significant deal on wage costs relative to “market wages”. I put market wages here in quotations, because it’s quite possible that the wages required to get workers to do the job are so high that it’s no longer profitable for farmers to plant the crops in the first place."

"Since June 24, at least 4,000 people have responded to the application, said Rodriguez. Some are serious responses and others are hate mail. "Only a few dozen have really followed through with the process," he said.
+Matthew Agnich Now,settle down. No need for a hissy fit. What +Raymond Jaeger and I posted was the truth. You getting angry over it won't change things. 

Your suggestion that without illegals to exploit for cheap labor, farming would come to an end is narrow minded, short sighted, and plain ignorant.

The practice of hiring illegals for any sort of labor is not only illegal, but immoral and only exist because the illegals have no power and are forced to work at below market wages. If they are then granted some special status the price of their labor will adjust to be more in line with market values. But I get that as a good progressive you don't understand or acknowledge the power of market forces.

You might have done well to read some of the discussion on the sources you posted.
+Jay Carlson 
You know what's more pathetic than assuming ideas for someone? Assuming emotions. It really shows a desperate attempt to discredit. The monikers of the parties in the Civil War and Civil Rights eras were reversed. It's clear that you are avoiding saying that the "Progressive party (of the time) fought to end the Civil War and fought for desegregation. It's name just happened to be reversed from modern politics." 
It was still Conservatives that fought to keep slaves to do their labor and Conservatives that fought to keep 'separate but equal' as the status quo.

I never said farming would come to an end. If you have to force words in my mouth it's clear you have lost the argument. You've got no sources and can't even discredit what I put on the table for sources.

Americans won't do the work. If they would, food prices would sky rocket. If you can actually read the articles you'd know not every laborer is illegal and some already have approved visas and still work under the table for below market wages.
+Matthew Agnich So you are saying that history is not relevant? I say history is very relevant, if you refuse to learn about the past then you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Look at the downfall of the Roman Republic and you will see that many of the same political policies of the Democrats in socializing everything is what led to the downfall. You may be right in saying that the more "Progressive" party is what aidwd in those social and political policies, however, what you fail to recognize is that the names of the parties did not change. What +Jay Carlson and I are trying to say is that the alignments of the parties are always changing and will continue to do this. So you calling out the Republican party as a conservative group is historically inaccurate and calling the Democrats out as a progressive group is also historically inaccurate. You really need to look further into US history than the past 20 or 50 years to really see how the policies of both parties have affected the social status of the US.