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Down to the wire: Who would be spared in a #FiscalCliff  crisis deal?
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How bout the Democrats blame the Republicans, Republicans blame the Democrats, the politicians keep spending money that isn't there, and the citizens who can't do anything about it suffer. Who's with me???
+David Gomez 16 trillion dollar deficit isn't big enough for you? How is it that spending more is going to help us get out of this problem?
Republicans should walk away and let the dems own this problem instead of kissing Obama's ring.

Frankly it's beyond me why the dems need to raise taxes, it'll only mean more spending on the credit card. This is nothing but a shameless appeal to class warfare.
Are they still in session?
+JESUS GALLEGOS you need to spend money to make money! Invest in America, the more money Americans make the more taxes the government gets. If all the money goes to the top 3% the government gets less if it goes to the bottom 30% the government gets nothing, we need to get that money to the middle class that way the government can pay off its debts! Buy America First!!!!
Wow, Congress failing to do much of anything again...that's simply, the normal for them.
If my taxes were lowered, I could buy more American products and services. People are broke because of taxes,raising taxes is totally counter productive. Cutting spending, pork, and fraud and ending the handout mentality is the answer.
Spending more went work. The revenue is there, now just cut the darned budget. Blowing cash on companies that fail, like Silences, did nothing.
No matter what happens, unless the US curbs its spending, no degree of tax increases will help.  Raising taxes on the rich will save about 10 days of government spending.  The problem is with spending, not taxation.  Dems are pining for the days of Clinton era taxes, but without Clinton era spending, the government will continue to see economic collapse.
Not to say all the stupid grants they hand out. I seen one grant give to see if gaydar was real or not. I mean come on people. 
+David Gomez. I'm all for buying American products to help our economy, keeping the money here in our country instead of going to other countries. But I also know that goverment spending is threw the roof and if we don't do something about it now we're going to have serious problems in the future. The heart of the problem is that our goverment is spending way more money than what it takes in. So you would think the simplest solutions would be to stop spending money that you don't have. Your idea is just to complicated for a simple problem. 
Bottom line is that a broke household can't afford to spend more.payoff the debts then and only then spend again.
DIMMING CHANCES? There was never a chance!  This tax-kerfuffle is gonna hit, PERIOD.

The only people actually trying to do anything about it, aren't in large enough numbers to override the two kinds of democrats there: Establishment republicans, and original crispy. kidding..we need a whole new Congress.
Not Barack Hussein Obama. ;-) I also suppose the American Dream is over. :-(
Here is an idea, cut the absurd military spending FGS!
+Terra Netti National Defense is actually a Constitutionally mandated function of the federal government. Buying perks for freeloaders to get votes for democrats is not.
Do you want to know how to help our economy? Stop trade with China and help Mexico build its infrastructure and industry, and have favored trade relations with Mexico. To do that we would need to convince Mexico to clean up its crime problems that plague it currently. One way to do that is arm the Mexican citizens and teach them how to defend them selves, and the system have no mercy on murders, and punish all other criminals accordingly. 
Why care? Let it fall. To Hell with DC and every one of the idiots we call Congress and President. To Hell with them All!
We need to vote every single member of Congress out.
No, all of them, along with all their connections and all their staffs and all their baggage. When you clean house you clean everything.
Congress should have term limits! A lot of them should go, dead wood! Bring in new people to help this country. They get in congress, keep taking their pay raises and benefits and what do we get from them, Nothing!
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