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Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber react to the death of a paparazzo photographer who was hit and killed Tuesday.
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Thats it! BAN CAMERAS.  Congress needs to enact progressive legislation that bans unlicensed possession cameras  If not for that damn camera, that poor paparazzo would still be alive  PEOPLE! Cameras are BAD! BAN CAMERAS!!!!!!!!
I agree with Miley. It's a sad thing, but paparazzi get a little too carried away chasing down all theses celebrities.
No you cant band camras! what about professional photographers for modeling or school pictures? i mean not all photographers have licens...
Ook um, no... If you ban Walmart people in towns like  mine are going to have to drive a hell of longer way just to shop for food!!! With gas prices as they are now that will hurt families like mine almost instantly, so....
Ban small towns whose only place to shop is Walmart!
Adam K
+Gene Hill
Now what would that solve? I live and pay taxes in a small town as such. 
I'm with +Gene Hill. Screw banning cameras or Wal-Mart. Just ban small towns and get it over with. SAVE LIVES, PEOPLE! 
Adam K
+Amy Morales
You must not live in a small town then.

I know neighbors who grow your food in small towns. 
Adam K
+Amy Morales
Negative. They come from pieces of real estate called farms and gardens.

I hope your comment was satire.
We were a few days off on the whole end of the world thing, but we must be back on track, because I could have sworn I saw the words Bieber and "meaningful legislation" in the same sentence.   
+Daniel Baker , the real problem isn't assault cameras, it's those high powered sniper cameras. It sure sounds like this guy had a large scope on his camera, allowing him to take pictures from a distance.

I do have to wonder what caliber film he was using as well.

And how many exposures on the roll of film? Or, I suppose, how much memory was in the camera. We should limit film to 3 exposures, or digital cameras to 4MB.
Everyone should have cameras! The more cameras, the better! If people had cameras in locker rooms and bathrooms, they could protect themselves against other people with cameras! We need to lift the restrictions on cameras, not further ban them!!!1
There's always one camera nut like +Jeremy Tregler in the group. Disgusting. Have we not evolved as a species?
Best thread ever. On a serious note...

People don't shoot people, cameras shoot people. Don't ban the stores that sell them. I would bet his camera was either stolen or illegal, just saying. 
+Daniel Baker I thought all Asians had cameras. On TV they're always walking around big cities, museums, etc. taking pictures of things. I think you are the racist, my friend.
+Garry Williams , I think you are correct. We need to prevent crazy people like +Amy Morales from having a camera. There should be a background check before being able to purchase a camera, and anyone wanting to purchase a camera should have to undergo a psychiatric examination.
+John E. Jablonski , but how do we pay for that. Do we create a national background database of camera abusers? And what of the politicians and celebrities that are known camera abusers (Anthony Weiner comes to mind)? How will we ever gain their support? Doomed I tell you. No one is standing up for the hundreds of thousands of victims of cameras every year. 
Big Film and Big Photography run this country with the help of sleazy politicians. Wake up, America! #OccupyNikon
Just ban the large capacity film! this will stop them without getting the 
nca on our backs (national camera association) 
+Adam K Satire my friend. No one has the right to ban cameras. Courts have ruled that the police do not have the authority to stop a citizen from recording them in action. While it is unfortunate that this paparazzi acted as if the laws of physics and traffic did not apply to him and he subsequently died, it isn't the camera that transgressed the laws of nature,man and common decency, it was him and he paid the ultimate price for his folly. He alone was responsible for his actions and the consequences that flow from that personal accountability.

Now the doofiness of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and their call for such a ban is another topic.
+Peter Owens Is it just something they do because they can, or is it by statute? Makes a difference.
+Daniel Baker they can detain you for a limited time, but you really have to have to be on their bad side to make the paperwork worthwhile. Anything else requires cause.
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