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San Quentin prison officials reveal details about the daily routine of #ScottPeterson, from his relations with other inmates to what his 6-cubic-feet cell is like at the Northern California facility.
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Lorri M
You're right +Larry Newsome. Unfortunately, I have a teeny little dark corner in my heart that was hoping to read about a little bit of misery and suffering going on in his little neck of the prison. I'm trying to be a better person but it's Friday and my standards are a bit (too) relaxed. Sigh...
Seriously Fox News?? You couldn't think of anything new to blame on the President so you have to run stories like this??
Six cubic feet?  Really? I think even if they mean six SQUARE feet, they're only talking about the space of  a phone booth....and I think that's not allowed...and he might be ejected due to cruel and inhuman punishment.

Or it's just a bad journalism job.
What a travesty- There was no proof that tied him to the crime. If every jerk was put in prison for being a cad there would be no room left in any prison in the US.
Circumstantial. I can see a successful appeal now that tempers are clearer.
Where was Kato Kaelin at the time...hmmm?
I am in favor of Capital Punishment but the Peterson case was flawed and leaves plenty of room for doubt. It seemed more like a backlash for the OJ trial, also fraught with doubt, hysteria and insufficient evidence.

Justice is about convicting a criminal beyond reasonable doubt, not merely punishing the nearest, unpopular suspect. That just makes it a legal lynching.
+Mac Butts is that the best you can come up with? Why don't you take a few minutes to think of an insult worthy of the Republican Party and then post it.
I see MSNBC is missing one of it's idiots.
Why is it Liberals act like small barking dogs, they run around nipping at your legs (posting on Conservative sites) and try to act all bad. Most Yip dogs (Liberals) are scared to death of the real world and bark to cover their fear? Perhaps it's time to get them fixed before they piss all over the floor.
For the record, I am more of an independent and I do not agree with ObamaCare. While I have enjoyed this banter +Mac Butts I have grown bored with it. Perhaps we can go a few rounds on another "story" reported by Fox "News" sometime in the future.
As much as it pains me to post this I must agree with the FoxNews haters. WTH fox, who cares about this murderer. Please report when, if California ever executes this clown.
why hasn't this guy been put in his coffin yet?
Mike Nutts is right about scott bourne. i'm sure if people like bourne would get out and get a job, they would think like real Americans and do the right thing.
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