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The U.S. has been denied direct access to the lone suspect in custody in connect with the Benghazi terror attack with U.S. interrogators still unable to sit in the same room as the Egypt-held prisoner to ask questions. 
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But wait!  I thought the Arab Spring and our involvement in helping them overtake the old regime made them our "friends".
I bet they are not pushing too hard either.
Guess a little reputation for torture goes a long way.
Good thing we have such good relations with Egypt. 
then we should deny them access to the Military Hardware that they just bought.  Seems fair.
+Marc Hall they didn't buy anything, we are just giving them the billions of dollars worth of advanced military machinery. Obama... Just trying to help out his Muslim terrorist brothers, while working to disarm America. 
I don't think they denied anything.I think Obama and his screw ups are telling Americans another lie
+David Jenson Well he don't have a record on anything except separating the American people and politics and so far he hasn't changed a bit.Except trying to disarm us to control the populious
+Jeremy Tregler yes, it's English; news headlines are subject to elision of articles, particles and prepositions for brevity. Try "the United States has been denied direct access to a Benghazi suspect who is currently held in Egypt".

If that doesn't clarify, I'm afraid it's a personal problem.
BREVITY! HA! I was referring to the second part of the "headline," wherein the i in interrogators should either have been capitalized, or a semicolon should have been placed following U.S.  It's English, learn the language or GTFO, am I right?
Are you perhaps referring to the lede, rather than the headline?

That would be "The U.S. has been denied direct access to the only publicly known suspect in custody in connection with the Benghazi terror attack, Fox News has learned, with U.S. interrogators still unable to sit in the same room as the Egypt-held prisoner to ask questions."
+Jeremy Tregler It may help you to parse the lede if you remove the internal dependent clause (set off by commas)  

Fox News has learned
And here I thought he was just illiterate. 
nope just trolling because he has no life.

wonder if they will delete this comment too, since my other one is gone.
i'm fine.  just been chilling.
Chris M
There's a surprise...
+Marc Hall Egypt didn't buy the F-16s. Obamas administration gave them to Egypt under the guise of a foreign aide package. Which means the American taxpayers paid for their F-16s.
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