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Should U.S. agents on assignment in Mexico be allowed to carry weapons for their protection?
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Seriously? I think tourists should carry weapons in Mexico!
The Dept of State needs to step up their game. All U.S. Agents should have the ability to protect themselves, especially in countries where the Agents are targeted.  
wow, Drug Cartel influence in the mexican government. What a shock.
I'm not going to read this story but,this is obamanation.
hell yes. darn the illegals carry them over here. i was in walmart the other day buying some bullets, and there were 2 mexicans barely able to say what they wanted ( and what they wanted was bullets. ) i was thinking at the time why should they be able to buy bullets but can't speak our lingo.
There should be NO EMBASSY if the ambassador cannot be allowed armed, trained, American Marines there to protect them!
Embassy territory is the property of the Government that claims that Embassy. If public nudity was illegal in Mexico, but Legal in the US, and someone stood naked on the Embassy property for the world to see, they would not in fact be breaking any laws.

No Government has the  right to pass a law to influence the sovereign territory of another Governments embassy. Sovereign Embassy Property is one of the highest regarded and respected measures of International relations.

Further more, Diplomatic Ambassadors and their respective security envoys, are granted diplomatic immunity. Which excludes them from prosecution for most crimes. From Traffic tickets to even the widely disputed "murder". Those agents assigned to an Ambassador's detail are not held liable to the laws of a foreign country.

Mexico, has no grounds to enforce such a ruling.
Well yes.! even law abiding citizens on vacation there should be able to be armed..!
Why would Mexico not allow a agent be armed ? maybe they take gun control to far or they just don't want to cooperate with the U.S.?
+Gene Paradis 

Because drug cartels want to be the only ones with guns, so if they kidnap an american tourist, or an American Ambassador, there will be no one with the means to stop them.
+Tim Taylor 

you are a dumb-ass. AGENTS stationed in ANY foreign country, are technically ASSIGNED to the local EMBASSY as their BASE OF OPERATIONS. As such, they are, by premise; members of the local Ambassador's Security Team, and being members of a diplomatic security team, are entitled to to Diplomatic immunity. As such, Agents can shoot anyone, anywhere (provided probable cause to avoid international incident) and not be charged.

ERGO, Mexico, has NO AUTHORITY, to deny ANY AGENT IN COUNTRY the rite to bear arms, or by any means, defend themselves with the use of deadly force.

your argument is invalid.
+Tim Taylor 

our agents, are granted diplomatic status. Especially in situations such as this when the reason for any agents presence in Mexico; is a joint operations anti drug mission.

they are liaisons for their respective parent entities. Representing them, as their "man on the ground". As such being representatives, ambassadors, diplomats; are entitled to the same respect of Diplomatic immunity. Mexico, has NO AUTHORITY to deny a Official on a Diplomatic/Military mission the right to defend themselves, particularly when that agent is not only licensed to carry that weapon, but assigned to carry that weapon during their assignment.

your arguments are invalid. 
An Agent is not a civilian in a Diplomatic position.

An Agent is viewed as an active combatant, a person there to engage in conflict.
I know two federal agents, both FBI. And I can tell you beyond that shadow of a doubt given the kind of men they are. They would say "Fuck the job, I'm not going into Mexico without a Gun."

If there was anyone intelligent in our Government they would tell Mexico to go fuck themselves, because after Benghazi  no one, is going anywhere, without a weapon. 

This is a poor attempt on Mexico's part. and AGAIN, They will not be able to enforce it. Either it just won't happen, or We will will ignore it and carry anyway. Because the fact of the matter is. It's Mexico, any Military prowess they possessed, disappeared with the death of Santa Anna. 
Obama proves time and time again that he is a fucking idiot.

>.< and to think people voted for that motherfucker TWICE!
I carry a gun just to read about Mexico. 

I also can't believe people voted to Obama. Lots of dumb ass folks out there.
+Mike Niccum I love that one! I need to steal that one, "I carry a gun just to read about Mexico". :) 
Our people need protection. If that means we need to extend the embassy to cover the living quarters as well, then that's what needs to happen. Our soil our rules.
Fox has just lost al;l its credibility for not reporting the terrorist attack in Arizona fox is nothing but a Jewish sympathizing state run media and needs tried for treason against America  
Ok, ok, ok... Let them carry out their weapons.. Anyway... If they mess with mexican cartels, even if it's Jack Bauer itself, will end up ditched in a mass grave... And with messing we all know we are not talking law enforcement... Specially DEA agents aren't saints... So we have our own corrupt police quota Full... (legally carrying out guns) we don't need more
It's good to arm US agents so they can Protect themself against any threat. And Mexico is in a drugswar...
This is why white Americans need to be joining the Aryan Nations and other white nationalist groups the Jewish media like fox is promoting the destruction of America through mass immigration 
I aint no troll when your children and wife are raped and murdered my mexicans in front of you maybe you find out who is stupid Zander , do you live in a fake bubble ? must be to much cable news
+Waylyn Gilbert 

Louisiana. The few mexicans here are constantly involved in a gang war with the blacks, and stay out of my town. Not to mention where I live is Redneck USA. They wouldn't survive anyways. 

But blaming the Jews? You really come off as a fucking idiot when you spew that bullshit.
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