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ABC's Good Morning America edited out an inaccurate assertion by First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday that the gunman in the Chicago killing of teenager Hadiya Pendelton used an automatic weapon.
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LOL.  Who would believe this?  Oh that's right, Obama voters would.
Yeah, just like how NBC "innocently" edited the Trayvon Martin tapes to add racism.
Can't wait for the Fox News trolls to somehow turn it around.
No spin on this is possible. Wouldn't make logical sense. Now the only controversy I would see, is if ABC did the Editing or if the First Lady requested her error be edited... I can't for the life of me understand why it was edited in the first place. 
You can't understand why?  LOL, welcome to the Obama media! 
I'm glad they edited it out.  No reason to continue to scare people about things that aren't true.
+Michael Washington Did you read the first sentence of the article?  ABC did the editing.

"Tuesday ABC's "Good Morning America" edited out an inaccurate assertion by First Lady Michelle Obama that the gunman in a Chicago killing used an "automatic weapon."
LOL, I was waiting for the Fox News trolls!
+Landon Zabcik News Agencies are Hardly to be taken at the their word.... I mean if you are to believe they are solely responsible for the editing, then you'd have to take them at their word that they only did it because of time constraints... 
Yeah, the same media that went crazy when Bush mispronounced a word.  That same media gives Obama a constant pass.
Fox goes nuts when a democrat does something, everyone else goes nuts when a republican does something. Seems balanced to me :p 
There hasn't been a story all day about either Michelle's arms or bangs or how she's such a hip dancer.  Can't we just get back down to the business at hand???
+Spencer Scott Just because Michelle Obama said something stupid, and that some media outlets tried to cover it up, doesn't mean Fox hasn't said stupid shit and tried to cover it up.  

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a total idiot, and not everyone who agrees with you is beyond reproach. But hey, those blinders make you look slim, so keep wearing them.
I'm just as offended at the "they didn't need" part.  Granted, whoever shot this girl has proven themselves a criminal and they should not be allowed to own guns, but who the hell is she to decide who needs what kind of guns?  She's going to start running a tight race with Biden as to who has the most ignorance on guns.
+Larry Weathersby here's the thing... You can't stop criminals from having guns, by simply asking them to not get guns. Background checks are useless, since they are so easy to legally get around. So... this is where laws are needed on a federal level. It can't be left to the individual states, it has to be done on the federal level, if at all. 
+Michael Washington we agree that you can't stop criminals from having guns (completely.)  Felons and certain folks on probation are already forbidden to be in possession of firearms, but that isn't going to stop them, no matter how many laws are passed on the local, state or federal level.  Not sure how that isn't obvious.  Chicago has strict gun laws and the tragedy she was talking about still happened.  
+Michael Washington
One network, Fox, with credibility issues versus how many other networks with credibility issues doesn't seem like balance to me. If it was half of the networks leaned left, and half leaned right, then it would be balanced.
Yeah but Fox News is the goto place for all of one demographic, while the other networks are all dividing up the other group. 
Someone needs to start a Libertarian News Network. Let Penn Gillette run it.
I've also seen him on the Blaze, not that I think Glenn Beck is really all that either.
Yeah, if they did this for political reasons (and I believe they did), then it's crap.  Just like it's crap when Fox does the same damn thing.
The media stopped telling the "whole" truth a long time ago. Does not matter which station you happen to be on.
And Fox news isn't biased? Please. This is not newsworthy material... This is just Obama bashing. Get over it already.
This goes above and beyond simple bias.  This is taking someone's words and "editing" them to cover Michelle's butt.  Same thing when Zimmerman's words were edited to make it sound racist.  Yes, we all know that Fox leans right and CNN/MSNBC/MSM lean left.  There is just no integrity in the media anymore.
NAH! I don't believe it: they're paid too much to edit stories friendly to the DNC, or hide them entirely.
Ron N
Is always amuses me when somebody in the political world says something stupid and the powers that be try to cover it up while at the same time it spreads like wildfire all over the internet. Technology is not only good, it is downright funny.
They said it was and automatic weapon. But none were found on the person using them.
Imagine that the Liberal media editing tape to make Liberals look better or to push one of their social justice issues.  Now they have joined the ranks of NBC and MSNBC. 
Media bias wouldd be, not asking any hard questions, which the obomas almost never get asked.. what was done here speaks to integrity. Which the party's involved here hav little..

The first lady was trying to get a plug in for more gun control laws for which her husband is on the war path. And because he doesn't know how to compromise, nothing will get done and he will just blame someone else for his lack of leadership.

Abc... what can I say..thats not news.. thats how tabloids operate, cutting the truth and letting people you like off the hook because they hqppen to agree with more gun ccontrol laws..or I should say the corporation that owns abc, happen to agree with more gun control laws.... which dont work. Th most violent places in the states already have strick gun laws...

The thing that gets me here is the trolls. Why are you here? There are none so blind as these who will not see..
Ron N
+Ron Morgan. Don't be so hard on them. They are only doing what they are told.
+Ron Morgan I just cannot understand how anyone cannot see it.  One day I am going to walk around and just pull their blinders off.  Maybe I will bring a few wolves with me for the sheep too! :P  (comment didn't come out quite right)
i don't want to get off in the weeds, but the root issue here is gun control. there are only a few reasons why Michelle Obama would have said something like this..

1 she was misinformed.. i highly doubt this. she has access to information that none of us have. 

2 she was hoping people that are listening are not informed and that she can just get in a little propaganda.. hoping that the drones out here in the world don't know that the gun used in this Honorable Crime..was a revolver. 

3 she doesn't know the difference between a revolver and a automatic weapon.. this is concerning because her and her husband are campaigning for more gun control.. and if they dont know the difference between a revolver and and automatic weapon, then I think they are not qualified to make or suggest policy on gun control. It s hard for me to believe that she doesn't know the differences, they are surrounded by cops and security and secret service men all day everyday..what was used is a revolver, she jumped over semi automatic and went right for automatic weapon.. 

in my book all guns are automatic in that you pull the trigger and they automatically go off..

getting on my soap box now...

one last thing.. she will never ever ever be asked to account for this.. the Obamas are never ever asked hard questions. the media seems to be more interested in whats on the presidents ipod, then what he is willing to compromise on to get Washington moving forward. hes the leader, leaders lead.. and good leaders know how to compromise. The GOP wants stuff, the DEMS want stuff.. its his JOB to find a compromise.

k.. im off my soap box :)
I think it has everything to do with the fact that she is uneducated when it comes to guns.  She knows what she has to say and that's it.  Not having to be accountable for her words or actions, she can say almost anything.
Ron N
I think anybody here who champions our rights and our freedoms knows exactly what she was doing.
Want you all just let them do there job and don't worry about the Obama. Just saying
I disagree that ABC, CBS and NBC are liberal. They are just left of FOX.
Kinda reminds me of that cat wearing the lime peel for a helmet only not quite as pissed off looking.
Oh my god it's the perfect truth telling Fox News...they so perfect and truth worthy, they report the news from GOD!!!