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The looming sequester is forcing the veep to once again take the train -- as opposed to military aircraft -- to his weekend trips home to Delaware.
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Good. They don't need to fly everywhere. We don't.
Trust me on this - the man shouldn't drive.
Wait are people actually expecting the man just drive himself home? Holy balls I don't believe the stupid in some people. Where were the calls to Cheney to cut costs? Yeah didn't think so. 
This is not a problem. It's just FOX news trying to stir things up again.
This is a good responsible thing. That's it. I'm surprised Fox News is actually posting a positive thing a Democrat is doing. Must be a new guy being given access to the social feed. 
i thought it was fox entertainment douchard, just be entertained
Will Big O be taking the train on his trips to Hawaii?
They should all save the Tax Payers a ton of money and fly Military Space A.
+Guy Bouchard Come on man, we love ya, but please come up with a new line. We know you don't like Fox News.
Maybe we can put some people to work on a new high speed rail system?
Ok so then... Biden takes the train home. With all the security that this would involve, what do you think it would cost. And is it safe to have Biden with private citizens? Having a private train would also be more expensive then taking a train.
Hey Guy, according to him all he needs is a shotgun. But yeah, you make a good point about the safety of private citizens being around Joe Biden.
The US needs Biden Control. We must stop this insanity.
But seriously folks, these public servants can fly Military Space A and save a lot of bucks.
I think he should walk. It will save gas and give him time to think and less time to talk.
Ha, Joe Biden thinking. What a hoot.
700,000 jobs lost, cut in an across the board way, no business runs like that. We gain approx 200,000 jobs per month to be generous. This makes basic economic sense, children can understand this.
+David Jenson The direct quote for 700,000 job losses is from a private forecasting firm.

"For example, the private forecasting firm Macroeconomic Advisers estimates that "sequestration would cost roughly 700,000 jobs (including reductions in armed forces)" and add a quarter of a point to the unemployment rate."
+Curtis Natalie

It was a negotiation tactic, since the republicans are so ideologically rigid they refuse to compromise and accept any revenue increase on the rich. However, he didn't realize who he was up against, the absolutely rigid ideological right who refuse practicality, so it didn't work yet, the threat of impractical artificial massive economic damage is not enough for them to compromise.
As it was law, whoever voted yes was the 'author'.
Even Obama has come out and said that most will not notice this "impact". 
+David Soderberg The complete idiot.The sequester is a small cut in GROWTH. So the fed gov will still spend 15 billion more this year than last, explain why any jobs have to be lost. Beside Maxine Waterrs said 170 million jobs would be lost. Can't you democrats get your stories straight?

BTW, the GOP gave up some tax hikes and offered an alternative to the sequester. What has the Obama Cartel offered in the way of compromise.

Are you truly this big an idiot?
Few things +David Soderberg 

+1ing your own comments immediately removes their validity, and people stop taking you seriously

just because Obama and his minions CLAIM the sequester HE CREATED will have such an effect, does not mean it will. They lie constantly.

Our government as big as it is, could stand to lose 1,400,000 jobs and it would still be too big. So if 700,000 government workers lose their jobs with this; BRING IT ON!
I really hope sequestration happens. The budget needs cutting, and if both sides can't agree, well then let it happen this way. It's right, its fair. You have a store and a cattle company, I have a store and a cattle company, its right, its fair and its legal.
Ron N
I'm sure he walked over to the Department of Transportation and snatched himself a welfare free train pass packet.
+David Soderberg Other than defense, which "basic public services" do you think should be funded at the federal level? Why?
You guys must have missed the fact that it was on on the CBS website... So it must be true. Everything CBS says comes to pass. 
And it was on the internet, must be true. 
An 85 billion dollar cut from a 3.8 trillion dollar budget is about a 2% cut. It is nothing significant. There are plenty of private citizens who took larger pay cuts than that in this great recession that Obama can't seem to get us out of. The private citizen managed it just fine.
It is a drop in the bucket, we just need more drops in the bucket. Two percent is better than nothing I suppose.
What we dont pay him enough that we have to pay for his flights. Ground Air force 1 too to save money
You mean NATIONALIZE railroads, Joe