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With just four days remaining until automatic budget cuts kick in, Republicans are looking to call President Obama's bluff.
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Ok here we set! Dorks in DC on the left! Dorks in DC on the right! And who is in the middle? Oh yea the people! 
Sequester is a joke, just like Obama.  The government needs to get cut.  
From Crisis, to Crisis, to Crisis!

The sequester is like cutting down a Sequoia with a pair of nail clippers.
Support your government americans instead of working against him. Wake up
Support our Government? Hmm so insuring that I pay taxes and support others; I am not supporting the government? If I spend more than I make then I will be out of my house. How can the government do this? When will they support us by running a smart government? Stop asking what the government will do for you so we can get away from a hand out type of government! "Dorks in DC" strike again! 
The GOP cares nothing about the people.They just want to screw that darkie in the white house.
Leave it to a liberal to bring race into this.  
I don't understand why Canadians always but in on our countries political posts. Keep your socialist loving propaganda in your own countries posts.
Its a 2.5% cut, they need at least a 20% cut anyway.
Republicans voted 2 to 1 in favor of sequester, now they are calling Obama's "bluff"???? Call it whatever you want but if you vote for a policy and then that policy becomes law - that is not bluff, more like shooting yourself in a foot.... 
+Sergey Laktionov The cuts were Obama's idea. And the Republicans should fight Obama to get some compromise on spending cuts to entitlements not just defense.
Obama is only crying because people are trying to control his absurd spending.
The real story is that these cuts are not a bad thing and we can afford to lose a few thousand govt workers anyway. The spending has to stop and this is only a baby step.
+Tim Pearcy Well contrary to what my conservative comrades think I am for the cuts. If it takes all across cuts to cut our bloated military then lets do it. Also it will prove if government spending creates jobs.... 
+Jay Carlson So republicans have nothing to do with sequester... Lets see what public will make out of this. 
The house should know your not hurting Obama but 2 yrs and you may lose your seats in the house
Obama is a flat out liar . If you take all the cuts that he supposedly saying is going to happen it adds up to more than 85,000,000,000 that's going to be cut according to him the sky is going to fall right on a heads the country will collapse Holden did I mention that we're actually spending more money than we did last year with the cuts . Funny at all national parks in most State Parks they discourage you from feeding the animals the reason is is if you feed the animals they become reliant on people. And now that we're giving away money for free thru welfare where giving away more than we ever have. I know if the government could just discovered the people from taking it we could cut this 85,000,000,000 right away
He said, She said.............. pointing the finger doesn't solve anything.
If a 2% cut will paralyze our country, just imagine what ending these wars would do; instant prosperity and saving lives to boot.  Fat chance of that ever happening due to domestic terrorist defense contractors.
+David Lamberson Not really. For one if you run household budget with a surplus - it means you are doing great; if you run government with surplus - it means you are inefficient since you take more money from citizens than you spend... 
Segey Laktionov and what exactly does it mean when you have to borrow money from foreign countries to run your country ?that to me shows a true lack of leadership . Oh and as far as the religious comment earlier I'm a agnostic ,not everyone republican has to be what you think we are. Some of us can just see the obvious
And if you your typical anti God liberal why exactly are you so concerned about all these poor people and why you taking money from other people and giving it to them that would have to be a higher purpose for doing that
+Anthony Campello Well if you think that US government lacks leadership because it borrows money - then in your world US government lacked leadership during all of it's history except for short time during 1830s when there was no federal debt at all.
+Sergey Laktionov +Jim Avila I did not say Republicans had nothing to do with sequester. That was part of the deal that both sides agreed upon. However the sequester part was Obama's idea. Now he wants to disown it.

Republicans have offered alternatives, but he is just blustering and playing political brinkmanship.
Sergey is the difference between borrowing to run a government and borrowing to give away to the government citizens
How about we just stop giving away all the foreign aid let's start there
Or how about we stop supporting non citizens illegal aliens. oh wait the Democrats are counting on them to vote for them
Okay and you're complaining about a 2 percent cut get rid of that 1 percent
Sorry Jim the only thing that's been shrinking is my paycheck not there budget
+Anthony Campello I have nothing against government supporting its citizens, it is OUR government for gods sake. I do have however strict guidelines on who those citizens are.... 
I'm surprised Obama hasn't threatened social security yet. Everything the gov does now has to become a national emergency. If Obama can't bully congress, he threatens Americans that they will fall into the 7th level of hell if he doesn't get his way. Obama would make a great dictator.
If it is OUR government then why are we using just your side of it I don't want to have to pay for the citizens who don't contribute also how many generations am I supposed to support government handouts only keep the poor people poor instead of encouraging them to do things for themselves and supporting themselves
+Anthony Campello And your side has it's own sacred cow - killing people around the world and giving tax breaks to those individuals and corporations who don't really need them.... Total war spending 1 trillion (if you count all costs) and total welfare spending is about 100 bil.... Lets cut war budget to 100 billion and then talk about equal cuts.... 
you liberals have short memories Sergey I love how when you liberals discuss these wars you act like we were never attack like we asked for 911 you want to bury your head in the sand like ostriches 
It isn't it funny know how Obama administration is accusing Syria of having weapons of mass destruction funny when we started to attack Iraq there hey dude what's going on were all kinds of satellite images of semi's going to Syria with all of Iraq's chemical weapons
Wow... They get paid to do nothing! If they call each other on the "bluff" we end up screwed... I thought people are what mattered not a damn political party! :/
At this point I can't afford to pay my taxes with gas, food , insurance etc. I hope yheirs relief for the hard working woman or man something most politician havent even experienced hard work but they get all the relief with our money someone corrupted our country?
Maybe we will see politician usually lie unfortunately I hope things go better
We are all being taxed to death. The government is taxing us every which pay we turn!
We'll see, hope it is effective,but the Pres has the (bully pulpit) and the media in his pocket.
Ron N
Our intellectual leaders can't seem to grasp a very simple economic formula. Spend ONLY what you have. To go beyond that only opens the door to greed and corruption. And that's what we the people, no matter what political affiliation we belong to, should be pissed off about.
 Just cut the ones who are fighting against the Constitution ...the Liberals and the anti -gun Idiots ,and . that would be a great plan .....
+Elaine Hullett Who cares what people think and how they vote. Republicans got less popular vote than dems and they are in majority in Congress, what does it tell you? 
+Jacob S 2 parties one government .Why would the Democrats want to beat the Republicans and why would the Republicans want to beat the Democrats ,they both have the People right where both parties want us to be ,under their CARE and CONTROL . Bush ran the Country for 8 years and now it's Obama's turn .The independent are there just to make it look good . #Elaine  , afraid he is right .
Repubicans to stand their ground obama is an idiot a liar and is trying to destory america i.cany believe people put him back in office 
+Sergey Laktionov Would you please expound on the Republican "platform of bigotry, racism, and hatred"? If you can show me that this is truly the case, I'll certainly abandon the GOP.

Since you believe the vote is becoming irrelevant, what do you plan to replace it with?

Did you even think, before you posted any of this?
Jay they play the race card to much the biggest racist in washington is obama the republicans are doing what they need to do and are getting crucified every time you listrn to obama speek he wants more.spending and never wants to cut democrats.are against voter id requirements even tho its a law you have to have id on you at all times so why are.they against showing id to vote i many dead people voted.for him last time its one sided and he wants to give 11 million.illegal imagrants a free pass but we have to obey the law that should tell you all you need to know republicans are trying to secure the.boarder deport the criminals and make.a way taxes.before they get a free pass but obama wont go along with that he says just give them a free pass erick hollder broke the law with fast and furious but he is still top.cop.
+Jay Carlson Voting becomes irrelevant when party that got majority of votes doesn't get the majority of parliamentary seats. Simple as that and it applies to any country, not just USA. I am for democracy but democracy entails that voice of the population is reflected in governing body, that did not happen during last election. Democrats got majority of popular vote but they didn't get even 50% of legislative body. This means that in order to get 50 and more percents democrats need to get 60 or more percents of popular vote... If you don't see that the system is skewed in favor of one of the political players (no matter who it is)  then I'm sorry for you.... As our new Secretary of State just said - "In USA people have the right to be stupid" 
The Republicans have offered alternatives to the sequester. What has the Obama Cartel offered?
+Jay Carlson You asked me if I think that republicans are bigoted party (statement which I didn't make). But since you insist I will sound my opinion. I think that republican party is not bigoted but it does attract bigots, racists and stupid people. Hope you'll understand the difference .... 
Once again, not the question I asked. Should I quote myself? you are evidently too lazy to go back and read it.
"Did you even think, before you posted any of this?"  
Answer - Yes. 
Here's a quarter, go call someone who gives a damn.................
I think tje goverenment has to many employees and i agree these cuts shpuld happen also scince we have seperation of church and state government employess should not get paid time off for christmas and christmas eve or any other religious holiday that would save lots of dallors
+David Jenson yeah true but at this point people need those jobs to take care of their kids... They need these half time jobs to get back on track... If not than they will just go to government aid and that would just be the wrong path to go...
+Ana Rodriguez If anyone loses their job over these cuts, it's because BHO fired them for political theater.

These cuts amount to 2% cut in GROWTH. The fed gov will still spend 15 billion more this year than last. Why can they not offer the same level of service? Why does anyone have to be laid off?
They dont have to be laid off this is a bull shit scare tactic by this wanna be dictator he is playing a game like 5 th and 6 th graders play he needs to be impeeched