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The space rock which will zoom within 17,200 miles of Earth on Friday may harbor $65 billion of recoverable water and $130 billion in metals, say officials with celestial mining firm Deep Space Industries.
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This should get all the republicans riled up. Let's go mining in space and forget about americans and poverty and health issues.
I say we loop this asteroid into our orbit and put it in the moon's slot.  We can trade the moon and a comet to be named later for this thing.
On the contrary. If you look at the stats, we are way more educated then republicans. Also, this has nothing to do with science. I am talking about the opportunity to make money. This is not space exploration. This is mining for a profit. Big difference.
According to CNN, climate change or global warming (whatever they are calling it this month) is responsible.
In case you missed it Guy, Obama has put more people in poverty and on government assistance.  I mean, you need to keep your low-information, uneducated base together.
+Brent Alexander
You projecting others not knowing is hilarious when considering over two-thirds of the scientific community are Democrats or left-leaning.
+Spencer Scott
It's weak arguments like yours that make Republicans look bad. Your exclusion of the very important detail, the Great Recession, is why your government assistance comment has no merit.
+Guy Bouchard +Matthew Agnich You guys fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  But seriously, wouldn't creating some jobs and solving some energy problems be a good thing for the poor and hungry?
The "great recession" caused by democrats and their affirmative action housing.  4 years in and it's still getting worse even though the "recession" ended in '08. 

Get lost, trolls.
wow, almost 200 billion.... that may clip a years worth of interest off the national debt.
Yeah, let China, Russia, and Germany horde the gold.  We'll take this thing.  Check.....mate.
Man, I wonder if there's some awesome SpaceWeed growing on some of them asteroids.  If we can dummy up some science a la global warming, we can convince the lefties that there's some chronic on them rocks, then they will tumble over each other to get funding to send Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck up there to get it.   Also, since that lefty CNN reporter thinks that near-misses by asteroids are caused by global warming, then we can get the "Gore-ical" to endorse exploration to combat that bastard Global Warming/Cooling/Uncomfy Temp stuff.   For a fee of course. 
Maybe Barack the Deity of the Left will just go all-Yoda and will them rocks safely to the Earth.  
I wonder if that thing will fit in that old divot out in Arizona?  Heck, we allow anyone and anything else into AZ with no questions asked, so why not land it there?
It might if we ask Obama to move his ego swollen head to the side and make Moochelle wear one of them butt-reducin' girdles.  That'd make enough room for that sweet weed-laden asteroid.  
The asteroid in question is only about 150 ft. in size. I don't know where these claims of billions of dollars come from. Definitely not from some rock that is half the size of a football field.
+Spencer Scott
If you think the Great Recession was caused by one party, then it is you who is the troll who lacks understanding.
+Tim Pearcy 

I don't know, Maybe the fucker is made out of Gold, or Platinum, or some other precious metal.
Cool, but how do they propose to get at the water and metals???  Lascoo it like a cowboy??
I think its sad that a really cool event is happening on friday and this thread starts with political character assaults. 
Breaking:  a group of liberals known as Coalition to Stop Asteroid and Space Alien Exploitation is about to hold a news conference.   Spokesperson Sunshine Johanson says that they will use any means necessary to protect asteroids and the Zolor-Americans residing on them from being "treated like slaves and stuff."   "As a Zolor-American I am offended that someone would think of invading one of our space pods;  when the asteroid nears Earth, the Zolorians are endowed with the same Consitutional rights as anyone else." 
+Ron Morgan I agree.  Let's take a lead from Barack and not demonize anyone who doesn't agree with us.  Honestly, i think the asteroid is clearly an "annointing" of King Barack's speech yestereday.  
The asteroid doesn't have a damn thing to do with any politician or moronic commentary on political viewpoints.
Why not send Barack to the asteroid, and see if he can get back. He could use one of those experimental ships from the private sector.
If that space rock is worth $195 billion, then that is what we need to fix the deficit! That's why it's the right thing to do! Send Obama, and see if he gets stranded on the asteroid! Might be his new home!
+Tim Pearcy In the new liberal world constructed by Barack Obama and the modern Democrat Party, it's all about politics.  Guns, energy, food, wages, taxes, everything.  If you can name one thing that the Democrat Party has not called to regulate, "improve" and/or demonized conservatives for not caring about, tell me.  
+Brian Griffin +Brent Alexander I like the way BG thinks.   Let's get the brain trust that gave us Solyndra together and team them with Democrat financial wizard John "Where's Dat Billion Bucks" Corzine and come up with fool proof plan to harvest us some clean ass energy from them asteroids.  Maybe we can lasso one and hook the other end of the rope to a ship full of Chevy Volts to pull it across the ocean.
+Matthew Agnich You are confusing me with a perpetually victimized whiny ass liberal who either has his hand out or is rummaging thorough my wallet so he can "generously" give of my resources to a deadbeat Democrat voter.   But we are off point now.   Do you think that all these here asteroids are a sign from Allah that Barack got all the answers?
+Ken Carlos Sounds like a plan, and I could sign off on it if we have Coach make a custom saddle for it and we get Barney Frank to ride it as he uses a whip on the Volts.
I'm still all sweaty and palpitatin' from Obama's "let's spend some more damn ol' money we ain't got" pep rally from last night.  
+Ken Carlos
I don't talk to children, it gives strangers the wrong impression. Maybe when you grow up we can have a conversation.
I give up...apparently the education system has also...
Only on Faux News can a rare scientific piece of news can be hijacked by conservatives and democrats. Appreciate such an interesting article for once, you ignorant n00bs!   
Can we blame Bush for something bad about this??
+Leo Fox the hijacking has little to do with fox.. threads het hijacked all the time no matter the org that posts them.
+Matthew Agnich As a liberal, I'm sure you much smarter than me and know what is best for everyone.   I will try to grow up and learn how to vote for a living, suckle the government teat, and be stingy with my own money when it comes to charitable giving and instead force others to care for the country's needy through punitive taxation and redistribution.   If I promise to vote people that will give you and your friends more of the "ill-gotten" gains that I have from a life of super-duper easy 15 hour work days will you please grace me with your worldly wisdom?  Thank you, Mr. Smart Person.
Lefties have convinced themselves that they are the intellectual elite. We call that in my house: know-it-all.

What they have learned very well is how to control the impoverished and downtrodden with their programs. They took the game right out of Marx's and Stalin's playbooks.
Pffft...Americans like yourself, +Brent Alexander, are too busy bitching over partisan politics to worry about taking the damn rock. By the time you guys are finished, China would have beaten you to it.
+Ken Carlos
I already asked you if you had anything else beyond your victim complex, yet you still place it center stage for all to see.
I have never voted for a Democrat for President and don't define myself as liberal. So, I know it's real hard for you, but maybe next time don't make ignorant assumptions in an inane attempt to make a point that gets you a high five from all your ignorant lackeys.
+Guy Bouchard, so educated, in fact, that you don't seem to know the difference between "then" and "than." far as mining goes, this is strange.  Those seem to be awfully big dollar numbers, and I have to wonder how accurate they are.  I don't know about where others live, but water is awfully cheap 'round  here (of course, that may have to do with living within a few km of Lake Erie).  $65B in water would seem to be quite a lot of it, and I wonder what the effect would be of adding significant amounts of mass to our ecosystem.  It'll probably be minimal (after all, we're pelted by meteors all the time), but I still wonder.

I have a difficult time believing asteroid harvesting would be financially viable though.
+Matthew Agnich Spare me all the fake denials.  As you decry my "assumptions" you make assumptions about me and my intent.   And when you get your granny panties all bunched up becuase I make a few jokes about your Dear Leader, it's kinda sorta obvious that you are either a liberal or a liberal in denial.   But whatever makes your asteroid spin, dude.   And I see you are from Ohio;  how many times did you vote for President-who-is-not-Barack-Obama-because-you're-not-a-liberal?"  
+Ken Carlos
I assumed nothing of you. Just pointed out your illogical focus toward one party and it's current leader, shown by your weak jokes.
If you can't take someone at their word, there is no value in talking to you. I was unable to vote in '08 and voted Green Party 2012. Go ahead and keep making silly attempts at weak jokes to avoid facing up to your illogical focus for blame.
+Guy Bouchard says liberals are smarter, yet they are unable to perform simple math, accounting, or even follow a logical line of reasoning.
OK, OK, wait a sec, +Brent Alexander evoked the name of Barney Frank.  Any irony at all?  Hilarious.  Barney Frank riding a cosmic a$$teroid??  Dude, that's hilarious!  All I can see is the little midget in the Adam Sandler movie riding the broom pony in circles smacking himself in the butt.
+Matthew Agnich The Green Party is even further left than the Democrat Party.  How the hell do you claim not to be a liberal?   That's like switching from vodka to Everclear for "health reasons."   And you criticize me for being uninformed?   Dude, ride to the asteroid on your moonbeam and sup with the Roidians.
Will Obama demand that Roid-dwellers be paid mininum wage and be given a path to citizenship?
It would be worth trillions if it was dropped on Washington, DC.
What we need is Billy Mays and Mighty Putty.
Billy Mays was a piker compared to Barry O.  Then again, some of Billy's fans might be skeptical whereas Obama's fans are fawning boot lickers.   If Obama came out in favor of burning all women named "Samantha" as witches, Chris Matthews would laud him saying "finally, we have  president with enough courage to deal with our sorcery problems."
OK, +Ken Carlos , enough man, I'm rolling on the floor laughing, and we're trying to have a serious discussion about pirating a floating rock upon which Barney Frank is apparently riding bareback and carooning Bohemian Rhapsody.  These are good times my friend.  I haven't seen anything like it since I donned my white Nikes and hitched a ride on Hale Bop back in the late 90s.

My thought process guides me to such notions as the Dumbo movie whereas Dumbo gives kids a ride, or so I've been told, and mainly because Barrack's ears are definitely big enough to grab hold of.  No kidding, he would have to put the top up just to ride in a convertible lest he get caught in an updraft.  I'm just wondering what sort of parties left handed fellers give after magic shows like last night.
Hey +Chad W Darroch , we're simply trying to have a little fun at someone else's expense.  As you point out, it IS the American away....

Either way, I got some warmongering to do:), catch ya later....
I love reading posts from pseudo-intellectuals like Mr. Worldly +Chad W Darroch .   They confuse painfully cryptic, confused comments with being profound by virtue of the fact no one can understand what you are saying.  Like some sort of half-ass Chinese wise man off of Kung Fu.  "Yes grasshopper, the grey dog does not bite but does the lack of bite mean the white dog barks not?"   At least you admit that you enjoy watching Americans which is a good thing because perhaps you will learn to write a coherent thought.   Love your abstract photo though;  makes you look all mysterious and silly.  
+Chad W Darroch "And the clouds obscured the moon just at the cat slinked past the unattended trash receptacle, looking--no hoping someone left him a piece of sharp cheddar cheese."
Well, while we're at it:

the moon was out and we saw some sheep.
We saw some sheep take a walk in their sleep.
by the light of the moon, by the light of a star;
They walked all night from near to far.
I would never walk. I would take a car.
+Chad W Darroch Do you also have groovy stories about being probed by space aliens who knocked you off a giant cornflake that you were hovering over Lake LSD on?   "Murderous government?"   Dude, stick to the weed, that acid got you all jumbled up.
Let's say the asteroid is 150x150x150 feet (a cube)
3,375,000 cubic feet.
Let assume 100% of it is water.
That makes it 451203 gallons.
Now market prices are substantially lower than this but no for the sake of simple calculations let's say it costs $10 per 1000 gal of water. That comes to a whopping........$4,512. That's some fine fact checking there foxy news.
Did you even read the article? Der. They aren't talking about bringing it back to earth to put in evian bottles. Jeez, they're talking about the value of it in space to use for rocket fuel.
+John Shepard Stop it, man!  He's an Obamabot Terminator.   He can't be reasoned with.  He feels nothing for facts or reason.  And he simply will not stop lashing out at Fox News! 
You small minds and your absolute devotion to labels are exactly why the party I most identify with is going into the crapper. Democrats have their small-minded people, but they are not getting out in front like the Republicans since the rise of the T.E.A. Party. The Republicans are going to re-emerge later with reasonable people at the helm. Like Jon Huntsman Jr, THE ONLY reasonable, electable Republican primary candidate and he was pushed out FIRST!

+Ken Carlos
Plenty of self-identified Republicans didn't vote for Romney. Plenty of self-identified Democrats didn't vote for Obama. Plenty of self-identified Libertarians didn't vote for Johnson. Your devotion and inability to see past labels is why your critical thinking is so limited. Romney and Obama were unpalatable candidates.
People are more than the limited boxes your mind puts them in so you don't have to think too hard.

Well....if someone likes Jon Huntsman....that about explains it all right there.........
Oh, how I wish I was as brilliant and all-knowing as the Great and Mighty +Matthew Agnich .   You are the worst kind of lefty loon:  you don't even know how far out your are and yet you are prepared to tell everyone else where they should be.   You labeled yourself as a Green Party supporter.   Take a moment and read that platform.   There is stuff in there nuttier than a circus elephant's crap.   I assume you read it which assumes quite a bit from someone who appears to as informed about reality as the average loopy Occupy nutjob.
+John Shepard So true.  That was the most lame ass, luke warm big fat zero of a candidate as I have ever seen.   Trying to determine what, if anything, he stood for was like nailing Jello to the wall with a red hot nail.  
You got that right.  Let's see if we can rattle off a list of people like him: Charlie Crist, Chris Christie (even the names are similar), Arlen Specter, etc.

When Mitt Romney and John McCain make you look moderate, I think you have an identity crisis.
+Ken Carlos
Knowing Dr Jill Stein, the green parties platform wasn't completely who she is, just the support structure. She also got points for crashing the second debate and getting arrested for trying to give the American public actual choice, not just the illusion of it. But just like Romney wasn't 100% into the GOP official platform. Which goes to prove how worthless those platforms are. No one gets reprimanded for not following them, that is unless it's time to purge moderates from your party cause you choose to go off the ideological deep end, ahem T.E.A. Party.

Jon Huntsman Jr was one of the only two electable people on that primary stage. Every other candidate on that stage was a joke, and Romney winning the primaries shows how rigged they are by the GOP establishment. We learned after the elections Romney didn't even want to run, his wife made him (reported straight from his children's mouths). Kind of puts Mrs. Romney's haughty attitude throughout the campaign in perspective.
+Ken Carlos
Also, projecting some one is a know it all is funny coming from somebody who can't find it in themself to ask a question rather than make weak assumptions.
+John Shepard
You go ahead and enjoy embracing extreme candidates guaranteed to lose general elections. It's funny to see someone fully embrace irrelevancy.
Karl Rove, as much as I dislike his tactics, is completely correct with his new Super PAC to stop the Republican slide further into obscurity.
I'll take principles over smarmy lies any day. Obama is what you get with unprincipled leaders. Charlie Crist is what you get. Elected one day, changed the other.
If you take no stand yet you say are a republican so that I vote for you, then you owe me the courtesy of following a platform just like if I buy a product from a business. That is unprincipled.
So basically Mitt Romney, got it.

Because Jon Huntsman Jr had plenty of stated positions. More then Romney had stated by November 5th, and Jon was first one out of the primaries.
I couldn't tell you the first thing that huntsman stood for. Romney: anti abortion, pro gun, free enterprise. He got my vote.
Which version of Romney are you talking about? Because after so many remakes it's hard to trust that he even has a spine, much less uses it.
+Matthew Agnich Extreme?   This coming from a greenie who supports the PLO?  And I noticed today you called the Pope a "Saint of Child Molesters."   What does that make the PLO?   Well, other than bloodthirsty bastards who blow up innocent little babies in pizza parlors, that is.  You are an intolerant, hate-filled self-righteous lefty loon.  It is just that sort of detachment from reality and airy-fairly bullshit world view that would draw you to a candidate as weak as Huntsman.  
+Ken Carlos 
I didn't get an email notification about this response. I'm sorry for the delay, I honestly didn't see this. I was looking through old conversations for something and saw you responded.

Ken, you do realize that everyone and their mother knew that Johnson, Stein and Goode had no chance in this election. You acting like someone throwing a protest vote away from the two mains means they support the entire platform, is just exasperatingly stupid.
Jon Huntsman Jr was the only candidate that would have had mainstream appeal. Mitt proved Mormonism wasn't a problem. 
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