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President Obama is expected to nominate Chuck Hagel for defense secretary and White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA director. Do you agree with the president's choices?
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at least we agree on one thing...
I don't agree with the Presidents choice, but the Republican's will cave as they always do, and our President will get what he wants.  
Yes to Hagel, about time we had someone who works for America and not Israel. No to Brennan, a bit too eager to use drones against even Americans
Does it matter if we agree or not....Obama will do what Obama will do.
With Hagel as defense secretary it will be impossible for President Barack Obama to minimize the dangers of war with Iran as George W. Bush minimized the dangers of war with Iraq.
George W Bush minimized the dangers of war with Iraq? What? He illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign country that plummeted the US into economic ruin and took over 10 years, NOT ACCOMPLISHING ONE OBJECTIVE... it was a colossal and utter embarrassing failure.
Well, it appears NO ONE was ready for a people who didn't want freedom.  Muslims are like that. I don't know why we care about Muslims; they don't care about the rest of us, whom they are commanded to kill, enslave or torture through clearly-worded statements in the Koran...
+Brian Fahrlander Iraq is a secular country... its not a religiously affiliated country, nor has it been in over 60 years... there were many different types of religions represented, included many atheist.  and as an American, you know less about freedom, so I wouldnt embarrass yourself with such absurd and ill informed comments... makes you look less credulous. 
Just more proof that the commie in the white house is..well, an idiot.
Politicians lie, why is that a new revelation?
+Stephen Kershaw Hey you forgot to mention what a man you are cause you can "get women".

BTW, having been to Iraq I can tell you that they are less secular than you think. In this case it only means their country isn't run according to Sharia Law. Atheists, Christians are routinely persecuted and there is ongoing sectarian troubles between the majority Sunnis and the minority Shiites.
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