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The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force yesterday launched an investigation into Alec Baldwin's tirade at a New York Post photographer.
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+Garry Williams Thanks for adding an intelligent and valuable viewpoint to the discussion...  Blocked and reported!
Baldwin is a notorious idiot, but idiocy isn't a crime.  I don't see an offense here, even if he said what is alleged.
Unfortunately we live in an age of political correctness that is out of control. While Mr Baldwin is a complete twit, he should have the right to speak and prove his ignorance freely.
Aren't all crimes really hate crimes? How come if a white person does something to a black person it's a hate crime? That just means they aren't equal Cus they are getting special treatment. Just like affirmative action. It's saying Cus you are a minority you need a little extra help. That's more racist than not hiring someone based on their race. 
No, NO crimes are hate crimes. It is not a crime to hate something or someone. It may be ignorant, it may be stupid or naive or anything like that, but it is NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, no matter what dumbass laws exist, a CRIME.
I don't mean it that way. I came off wrong. I think it's retarded (uh oh) to have laws like this. I just hate how if a white person commits a crime against a minority the media screams hate crime and racism. But if a group of blacks do something to a white person it's just a regular crime? Didn't they fight and march to be equal? Yet they get extra special treatment. Crimes are worse if it's against a minority, you can get into college easier just because your a minority, let's make tests the minorities take easier to have more firemen. You shouldn't get special treatment for any of it if you wanna be equal! 
+Jim Avila that's a rare case. White people are always accused of hate crimes. Hell I can't even say I don't like Obama without being called racist. But like in that case. Why should the punishment be any different than if she were to push a Hispanic man onto the tracks? 
when you put your fist on the scale its no longer equal
Alec Baldwin, David Gregory...does it really matter?  Will anything really come of it if he is indeed guilty of what he is accused?  Sometimes I wonder.
Sticks and stones. Nobody physically injured.  Drop it already.
Besides, in NYC nuns would call that "indoor church" voice.
Technically any crime can be labeled a "hate" crime.
Baldwin is a loose cannon and has a real anger problem.  
Yeah, Baldwin is an idiot but being investigated by NYPD hate crimes division? Sounds like George Orwell's 1984 is becoming a reality.  Thoughtcrime.