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A new turn in a sad story-- father-in-law had 4500+ obsessive photos of a Utah mom who has been missing since 2009. Police focused on the husband, who killed himself and their two children earlier this year.
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Huge failure on the part of cops in both states. They sat on, or failed to act on, information that could have kept the kids away from their dad, and kept them alive.
That is so sad. Praying for the husband, wife and children.
Also be aware when you see stories like these that people on Windows are easily hacked.

Here in town, inside the school, porn showed up on a teacher's computer in the teacher's lounge: the last place anyone would consider safe for that sort of thing. The dupe was hauled off to jail, years ago, never knowing how they got there.

This is why Linux is so important; if you can trust things from showing up there, you shouldn't turn the thing on!
+Brian Fahrlander while that may be true in many cases, this isn't one. I lived near the scene of the crime in Utah, then moved to Washington not long before Josh killed his sons with an axe, and then himself by blowing up the house, so I've kind of followed this from the start. The old guy wasn't hacked. 

--edited to deal with an incomplete thought
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