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A proposal recently floated by the Prince George's County Board of Education would give them the copyright to anything created by teachers, students and employees before, during and after school hours.
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What a load of crap. The term theft comes to mind. Or plagiarism...
They can do that for the teachers; employers do it all the time.  But good luck selling that idea for the students' creations.
Yeah student creations would be theft. Or at least should be. 
"Spread the Wealth"! Much like they keep raising the tuition so that they can have more money, knowing the government will make you pay!

Liberals are SO cruel!
Since our education system is so bad, why would anyone want to copyright anything from a student?  Just kidding of course.  :)
You didn't teach that.  Somebody else.....made that happen.
utterly bogus claim.  It's like IT employers ostensibly worried about expropriation of IP which want you to sign an agreement (contract) claiming that while in their employ they own title to all IP created, regardless of whether it's created on the job or not.  I have news for them: some IP I might work on cannot possibly owned by them, such as contributions to open source.  Sorry; on the IP front, they're paranoid and need to concentrate on specific expropriations (not the entire corpus of my life's work), and on the labor front, they're asking for ownership of my entire life .
+Kirill Lebedev , They are not "liberal".  A true liberal, by definition, wants freedom from government interference.  Less government, more freedom.  The people you refer to are the worst type, masquerading under the title of "liberal" while practicing a form of oppression and corruption more readily identified with Socialism or Communism.  Socialists and Communists are not "Liberal" by any stretch.  They make a mockery of the word.  I agree with you.
+John Shepard ... Sorry john.. That's IS the new liberal...
this is why so many "liberal" voters are actually conservatives... But after years of " hatin' " on conservatives, they cannot bring themselves to admit that they are conservatives..
Unfortunately the fringe conservatives... (super Religious nuts etc like CNN likes to find) give the rest of us a bad name...

Keeping the government at arms reach FROM the people is now exclusive to conservatives 
If the new liberal's aim is to put us in chains, then will the new rapist's aim be to help women break the glass ceiling?
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