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Big news in the search for dark matter may be coming in about two weeks, the leader of space-based particle physics experiment said today.
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Wait no longer. Dark matter discovered in a pair of Hanes. 
Personally, I like the idea that the Universe is actually a LIVING ORGANISM.  Real funky way to look at the universe, but it, it does make sense...esp. if you believe in God.
I think God is playing the ultimate game of "Troll". it's like right before they where about to find the "god" particle with the Hadron Collider, he makes it disappear.

Right when science would make a discovery that proves he exist, or fail at a discovery that proves he doesn't, he throws a banana peel in the way for laughs.

I mean I get it, it's all about faith. Irony proves if nothing else, that God has a sense of Humor, and a twisted one at that.
God? No such thing.
Fox News? "Entertainment" Not news.
I did it for SPORTS/...............................
+David Essex, one man's "entertainment" is NEWS to others.  NPR, to me, is "entertainment" and NOT news.  Same goes for ABC, NBC, CBS, and esp. MSNBC.

As far as God is concerned, how do YOU know that there is no such thing?  Please PROVE that God does NOT exist.
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