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Central banks are damned if they do, damned if they don't. This piece just comes off as a right-wing anti-Obama rant. Because I'm sure this author is more well versed in Macro economics than Bernanke or any of the other fed branch leaders. Get over it. This is the path they chose to follow. No one knows what is 'best'. But I'll trust the head of the Fed over a Fox author and their hot air. 
+Michael Costa there is not much choice on who we have to put our eggs with....and trust is something we hope will not be betrayed as a result....
Well if they don't dismantle the federal budget, they're just arranging deck chairs.

Happy last Christmas.
The Federal Reserve is not even part of our Federal Government and we a owe them close to 6 Trillion dollars in debt. They have an order to just keep printing money indefinitely recently given by Obama. No one really know who owns, manipulates it.Where does the money backing come from, if there is any? You hang on to your dreams of the Federal Reserve, and I think it was created to take America down.
+Patricia Holloway you need to take a basic Econ and Finance course. They would never 'print' money indefinitely. If it was 'backed by gold, what makes you think they would print less? I bet you also think China holds most of our debt.. Hint they don't actually. Anyway this author is full of hot air and turned a Fed article into an anti-Obama article. As was stated above these are 2 distinct 'branches'( I use the word loosely) of our government. Just a fox attack piece. And not a very good one at that. 
The American dollar is currently worthless, as we have "printed" considerably more money than we have gold to back, and we owe so much money to so many foreign investors due to failed economical standards at home that we no longer have any control over our own economy.  Our country is on the downhill slide to a total collapse, moving faster by the day, and our current President is gleefully aiding in speeding up the process.
Michael Costa+ look at Obama's Executive orders before the election.! You do not mind owing 6 Trillion dollars to the Federal Reserve, that is not even part of our Federal Government? Not to mention the other ten trillion in debt that other countries are holding. Or the fact that the Federal Government double dipped into Medicare , and Social Security funds over the years?  Or the people that are going to loose even more as the Bubbles continue to burst? Tell me the rainbow side, because the side i'm looking at is rather bleak.
i have a question.Can anybody tell me if it is ok to change withholding to 20.Save the money and wait till these buffoons figure out how much more of my childrens money they want.Basically it comes down to paying for daycare or paying for Obamacare.
Wow, how the uneducated view economics is kinda funny.... Guys take an Econ and finance course before you rant about the 'value' 'backing' the greenback. Get over the gold standard, it's gone. And realize it is normal to operate in debt. (Although it is currently getting unreasonably large) And get over the 'its Obama's fault. It's been trending this way for years before he took over. 
Michael Costa+ Trending this way when Obama spent over one trillion dollars a year in his first four years. Interesting. I feel like our kids will never have the advantages we had.
Just as the generation after the depression? Except the economy never entirely tanked this time. So the kids these days are better off. Also stop thinking in 4 year political blocks of time. The economy doesn't function that way.
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