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$76 billion, that's the number of tax breaks in the #FiscalCliff  deal passed by Congress. Now lawmakers, including those who voted for the package, are speaking out.
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Rep. Ellison: ‘If Republicans want to do cuts,’ then cut corporate welfare - ‘If you want to save money, you want to cut the deficit, let’s let there be competitive bidding for Medicare Part D prescription drugs. That would save about $150 billion.”
It's got enough pork for a bacon buffet. What do you expect when the bill was given to members to read 3 minutes prior to voting on it? I'm sick of both parties. Really.
Why do we call it pork spending? One of the responsibilities of a member of congress is to bring stuff home to their district or state. If that is not the case than what the hell we need them for?
+Paris Mosley Because a lot of times, the "pork" doesn't have anything to do with the point of the bill. i.e. The Sandy relief bill only uses $1 out of every $6 in 2013 for ACTUAL relief efforts in NY/NJ. There are bits and pieces in there for completely unrelated projects as far away as Alaska. I'd say that's a bit ridiculous for representatives to just jump on to a bill and stuff presents for their states into the bill. Believe it or not, their job is NOT to go to Washington and bring back goodies. It's to go to Washington and vote how their constituents tell them to.

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+Wendy Sue that is not true, they didn't vote on it because their was no offsetting spending cuts too it. Also it is the job of representative to represent his or her state. Pork is only bad when you are not getting it. For example "Oh we a have new library in the community that is great..oh wait Senate Carpo bought those funds back from Washington under the Sandy Relief bill.. reply back, So what we needed that Library"
Why not just publish the names of the lobbyists, the corporations involved and what bills they wrote. And we can keep the ones we like?
+Abbas Abedi Good article ,but very long. Will read later, have it bookmarked. As far as pork,does anyone remember then Senator Obama saying there would be no pork if he was elected President. If he found it , he would publish the names of the lobbyist, and the Congress Men  that voted for it, and received it. It was going to be part of his total transparency platform. Along with no budget in four years, and this being the most non-transparent Government in history, The Pork just continues to grow along with our deficit,
Pork, pork, pork '-- why not it's only debt. Lets support some more welfare suckers.

Well i see they git their raise in there to ne passed. And untill we stop voting in lawyers i dont think anything will change. I mean they cam get in there and twist any law to benefit themselves.
Wendy can I get a gallon of rum? Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding don't drink.
More pork butt roast any one ? Don't even know why they bother at all ? The lobbyist is to blame and getting the bill 3 or so minutes before vote, sounds like a ( Palosi ) to me. Lets just vote it in now and findout later whats in it. Cheez !!!! C
Simple cure for all this spending, them out, each and every one of them..then next them out.....
So conservatives were complaining about all tax increases, now they are complaining that some tax breaks were extended. WtF? Make up your minds! This is why our legislature sucks. The electorate doesn't know what it wants, but the lobbyists do. It is a damn shame!
+Wendy Sue I think that some some of the tax breaks are mundane. I also think it is confusing for conservatives to say in one breath that ending tax breaks is the same as increasing taxes, and tax increases are all bad; yet in the next say that implementing tax breaks is spending and is also bad. That does not make any sense! tax breaks for those who paid into campaigns...not those running a tiny business trying to get people jobs and get wealthy, like the fat cats in DC.
Folks lets understand something: "Government Speak" is a language all its own. It makes it very difficult for you to understand who voted for what and just exactly what it all means. Do not just trust it because you are 1party or another. Even the CBO is used by politicians to cloud perception. Do your research and before you blame somebody or something check your facts.
Adam K
+Todd Rogers

I will tell you though there are a few lobbies that are worth while and important.

However, I put emphasis on a FEW. It's actually more like THREE. 
Now that we all have vented: Go call your congressman or senator and tell them that you have had enough. Either start working for the good of the people and the country or find a new job.  Dem or Rep compromise, solve problems( you don't always get everything all at ounce) and start putting this country back to work.
They don't want Americans to work, they want as many as possible dependent on the Big Government. That way, " The People", are a lot easier to control. Let them get Freedom of Speech, The Second Amendment, and control of Faith, and they have the Nation right where they want it. The people will be begging the PRESIDENT TO INTERVENE, and the Nation will become Communist with out a shot fired. That is their plan anyway.
Ron N
+Paris Mosley
It is not the job of the federal government to make sure you get a library. Perhaps our community would like a library, but we can afford it since we paid for yours. 
Are politicians even capable of writing a bill that deals exclusively with the issue at hand, and has no earmarks attached? I mean, it seems easy  enough. I would think that such an action would be the simplest, easiest thing that you could ask of a legislator, but somehow it escapes them.
By the way - How will the 76 million be used?  Payments on our National Debt?      Lots of Luck!   And that's probably the total amount over 10 years!
Deficit problem solved. File a class action suit for $17 trillion against the criminally biased liberal media for misleading the American public regarding the presidential election.
No one has discussed the special interest in Hollywood. the celebrities that make @20 Million dollars a movie.The one spreading all of the President's propaganda, along with PBS, and the Liberal Media. This is a double edged sword, because the celebrities coming out in a video against gun ownership & the Second Amendment (which you are not allowed to comment on),  the same celebrities that make the most violent gun ridden movies. Why do these people need Tax breaks, Credits, or anything else, except as pay-back for supporting his agenda.
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