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A day after President Obama's nominee for Defense secretary narrowly advanced out of committee amid stiff Republican opposition, his pick to lead the Treasury Department faced another tough room.
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Why aren't we asking Jack Lew to disclose all overseas accounts as they did w/Mit Romney?.. Why the hell aren't we standing up and screaming who this guy really is..?
Why are Republicans so focused on making sure President Obama has as few people as possible running very important government agencies?

You can't say Government fails on it's own then turn around and be the primary reason no one is leading key agencies.
You don't have to be a republican to look up Lew's background. When someone says we should be paying the same as europeans for gas, I want an explanation, did you not want to know why Romney had accounts in the Caymen Islands?
When the Patriots finally take back this country, Obama and all his appointed lackeys need to be DRAGGED to the Gallows, and Not taken down until their feet stop twitching.
I didn't need to anyone to tell me, it was to reduce his tax liabilities. Like the rest of the upper class who do the same.
I don't understand why you are connecting two mutually exclusive processes. Vetting a Presidential nominee and Secretary of Treasury are two very different things. I don't see any value in the comparison you are attempting.

Citizens of the United States enjoy subsidized gas prices via corporate welfare to oil companies. We get gas cheap because oil companies are the pimp and the Federal government is the whore. Basically the complete opposite of what Republicans claim to champion, a free market.
We should stop providing oil companies subsidies to continue to strip mine our natural resources for government subsidized profit. Let the actual price of gas take hold in the United States and green energy will become economically viable a lot faster.
I say what needs to be said, I say what the rest of you are thinking but are too chicken shit to admit.

Deal with it, or Go Home.

This country needs nothing less than a Revolution.
+Matthew Agnich Which is what all the Obama cronnies are waiting for. We have more than enough of our own oil to compete with OPEC. Why aren't we? Special interest groups lobbying politicians to wait till alternative fuel businesses become economically viable! 
So now we are all on the "kill list" count on more of us... 
+Zander Gavin
Revolution, yes. McCarthy-inspired witch hunts to rid the Federal government of people you don't agree with, no.
The rest of us are not thinking about treason in any form. You should seek psychotherapy for your homicidal tendencies.

*Civilized society has no need for keyboard tough guys.*
+Zander Gavin  do you have that 'deer-in-the-headlight' look on your profile picture on purpose or is that how you always look? Actually, you sort of look like  you just found your name at the foot of a cot in a FEMA camp.
+Matthew Agnich 


oh right, try the 18th CENTURY

America stood against a tyrant king then, and America will stand against a tyrant king again.

"Those who wish to live, let them fight. Those who do not wish to fight,  do not deserve to live." Adolf Hitler.
+ Brian George
The goal should be to not rely on a NON-renewable resource.

& you are completely wrong about special interests stopping big oil, Big Oil purposefully doesn't extract from all of it's deposits. Why? Because they are a business that understands that they can't be around forever, so they slow the production down enough to raise prices but not decrease demand too much.
+Jeff Brailey 

Holy Crap you are an idiot. my PROFILE PICTURE isn't me stupid. It's Simon Pegg, its a screen cap from the movie HOT FUZZ. 

You just told everyone how much of an idiot you are.
+Zander Gavin your warped brain sees a tyrant. Everyone else sees a legally elected president. If he becomes tyranical, which is  hard for him to  do, since our government has checks and balances called Congress and the Supreme Court, there is something called impeachment. 

Sorry I missed that classic film HOT FUZZ. I'll bet it is one of your favorites.
+Zander Gavin
I enjoy how much of an ass you are making of yourself. The only side calling Obama, 'king' is the one that he's not on. So your projection is as meaningless as the tough guy you try to portray yourself as while hiding behind Simon Pegg's photo, which ironically, does seem to illustrate your lack of understanding perfectly.

Then quoting Hitler shows how disconnected you are from your own words.
I gotta go with +Zander Gavin on this one, what I see is a divisive, arrogant & insulting little man.
+Jeff Brailey 

lets brake that down. 

In Ohio, there are 96,000 registered voters. Yet on the election day, 108,000 voted in Ohio. Fraud Much?

I didn't vote for Obama last time, I didn't vote for him this time. He will never be my president.

+Matthew Agnich 

do you know what 22+(-22)=?


the number of fucks I give. For 1, I do not care if the Government knows how I feel about them, nor what I plan to do.

I intend to fight when the war brakes out, and If I'm killed in the process SO BE IT. I will have died fighting for WHAT I BELIEVE IN.

Simon Pegg's photo doesn't mask my IP address. The Government will be able to find me if they look.

Finally. Adolf Hitler, though a psychotic mad men, said a lot of intelligent things. That being one of them. Quoting him does not mean I support what he did, only that I respect the knowledge in his words.
+Jeff Brailey 

I don't dance, if that's what you are asking me to do. Especially not for some 50+ year old pervert.

try again. (Grammar Nazi)
Break and brake are synonyms, they sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. is your friend. It's been fun playing with you +Zander Gavin , but you really have become boring. Or is that boaring? Goodbye.
+Jeff Brailey 

The fact you are focused more on attacking my GRAMMAR then my stance, Proves you have no actual stance to make yourself.

Very well, I shall accept your surrender.
Note to Homeland Security under the Patriot Act as designed by Tprepublicans: Zander Garvin has confessed that he is a potential US citizen terrorist who is considering treason. 
Republicans are determined to oppose any bill from Obama because they hate the black man. Guess what, majority of the Americans love him and in favor of his bills not the Republicans. Got that?
+Zander Gavin 
In your neighborhood we don't need armed guards at every school, movie theater and shopping mall.
All we need is one, posted outside your door to keep you from coming out.
Lia Dee
+Ashley Barnett Smith   um...anyone who assumes republicans "hate the black man" is really ignorant and that's what i'd like to call a stereotype...there are plenty of black republicans and I myself am a minority...sooooo....yeah, let's just clear that up
+David Connor

In Louisiana, the crooks are smart enough to know EVERYONE ELSE has a gun, so if they do something stupid. They'll be lit up like a roman candle in turn.
+Ashley Barnett Smith 

Just because one does not support Liberal Socialist policies of a man who happens to be black, dose not mean they are racist. 

Congratulations on proving yourself to be a typical ignorant liberal.
+Jay Carlson 

not yet. Oh he's headed there, no doubt about it. But as long as Congress exists (even chicken shit as they are), total communism isn't yet possible.
I'm beginning to think that "fair and balanced" is a sarcastic lie.  
+Zander Gavin I think he is a full blown communist. just because he hasn't gotten the the country there yet is not a reflection on his core beliefs.
+Jay Carlson
If you think Obama is a communist then you either don't understand what Communism is or just really have no clue what you are talking about. You don't have a personal relationship with the President, so outside of actions he's taken in public view, you know nothing about him. You have no special insight into him and the bias in what you choose to read about him shines through clearly.
Fox news is a joke.You need to stop taking one side and just report the news.
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