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BLACK FRIDAY REVOLT: Wal-Mart files complaint as protests at stores grow: 
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Ok people.  No one is forcing you to work or buy your daily needs from Wal-Mart.  If you do not like the way Wal-Mart runs their business, go to Target.  Unions were good in the past.  Now they are the cancer of any and all business!
All of this whining is starting to make me nauseous.  I think talk of walking off of a job while unemployment is at 8% is amazing.  However, for those of you out there who are not afraid of work and sacrifice, take advantage of this growing lazy just means there is more opportunity out there for you.
They want total control of who, when, where and why we purchase goods and services.  Dictator Obama compliance can be controlled by the large Corporate CEOs, (Walmart, Microsoft  HP, etc.) they can simply lay-off everyone, shut their doors for 3-years, but not close the business. WOW unemployment 50%, and labor masses will crumble.  Humility is a good pill 
Walmart is perfect example of what is wrong with US economy. 1 - People working there make minimal wages. 2 - When Walmart moves into the area all local businesses are going out of business. 3 - When Walmart purchases from suppliers they do it at cost by bullying  manufacturers (since they are almost a monopoly) and manufacturers are forced to sell. So the end result is - poor workers, failed small business in the area and slowly bankrupting manufacturers and the only one benefiting - Walmart owners.....  
+Sergey Lucktinov It is called capitalism.  1 - Most jobs at Walmart are unskilled.  Those jobs are going to pay roughly the same no matter which grocery store or other retailer hires it.  2 - My area has several Walmarts, and businesses continue to open.  3 - Supply and demand sets prices for products and labor over time.  
Unions don't pursue this to "raise the wages and dignity of the American worker", they do it out of GREED. Greed for the money they'll make when even MORE people are buying boats, additional houses and new cars for the union leadership.

Know how I know?

Almost every penny of political money goes just ONE PLACE: to the political party trying to open the border to illegals. If it were about their stated goals, that would not be true.
+Brian Fahrlander "Know how I know?"

You don't.  as usual,  its just your opinion.
Why you insist as projecting your biased opinions as "fact" is a mystery
I'm curious why folks are willing to line up, wait and fight to get the best deals of the season. 
+Sergey Lucktinov Really?  Let's ask an impoverished and literally starving North Korean if he/she would rather live under Dear Pudgy Opulent Leader, or work here for Walmart.
+Brent Alexander North Korea, that's what you bring into argument?! Ok, I just wasted 5 minutes of my time.... BTW do you know that Obama is nazi-communist from Kenya who wants to take our guns and burn our bibles so he and his muslim brothers can implement Sharia law?  
Working for someone is a mutual agreement. If you don't like the agreement, find some other place to work. Trying to force the employer to change the benefits or pay after you agreed to them is ridiculous. You aren't owed anything. Go somewhere else.
+Tim Taylor  that was a little ol` wolf spider  lol  One of the biggest I have seen around here, normally they are food before they get that big.
+Sergey Lucktinov Let me connect the dots for your feeble mind.  You said that unchecked capitalism is worse than communism.  North Korea is a shining example of successful communism, no?  Walmart employees are free to enter into employment or move on elsewhere.  North Koreans, among others, don't have that choice, and don't even have the freedom to read these very words.  I don't know what any of this has to do with guns and bibles.  Go take your meds.
+Brent Alexander North Korea has as much common with communism as USSR had. I know it sounds strange to your fresh (and confused by Fox "News") mind but USSR never been true communism. It was run by communists but it had nothing to do with the vision true communist state. True unchecked capitalism suppresses free market even better than government. 
+Sergey Lucktinov I guess I am confused.  Tell me, from which major news outlet can my fresh ears hear about the virtues of communism, comrad?  If I understand you correctly, the DPRK is really on the right track, they just haven't completed their journey to utopia yet.  BTW, we don't have unchecked capitalism.  Among our checks are:  laws enforced by the EEOC, OSHA, EPA, FTC, FDA, USDA, Dept. of Energy, local zoning boards, and let's not forget our civil courts system.
There is simple solution. Don't go to work for Wal Mart if you don't like their policies. 
WalMart is able to offer cheap prices because of tax payer subsidies.  They're good at getting government handouts and then using that to under sell the competition.  In other words, local business pay, through taxes, to be put out of business by WalMart.  Corporate welfare is bad.  Especially when the Waltons, and these other 1%'ers, like to turn around and deride government services and government in general. 
Walmart just delivers what its customers ask for.  Supply meeting demand.  Customers demand the lowest prices on the largest assortment of goods and services and walmart supplies just that.  3800+ stores worldwide, one-half Trillion dollars in sales per year.  Is there any doubt that the customer is speaking here?  A business that listens to its customers is a successful business.
In regard to the Black Friday walkout, Walmart has also responded internally by creating a 20% Associate Discount Day on Dec 6-7 for associates, assistant/co-managers who show up for work between the hours of 7am Thanksgiving Day through 7am Black Friday.  Any worker thinking about walking out will lose out on the potential to cash in on some serious Christmas shopping savings on ALL merchandise in the store, including food and electronics.  Inside info courtesy of Manty1449.
That's it... I'm shoppin' WHITE Friday!
+Brian Richards If Walmart were competing on a level playing field, they wouldn't be able to offer products at the lowest prices.  They have lobbied government officials to give them tax breaks.  Our taxes go to subsidize Walmart, as well as the taxes of local businesses.  We pay millions to help them construct their stores; millions when local governments let them not pay sales tax for a few years.  They always promise lots of jobs and prosperity, but it is almost always a net loss, because local businesses lose out, and the  benefit to the economy is less than the subsidies.  Is this what you call capitalism?  This is socialism for the well-connected and the shaft for the rest of us.  Wake up.  

A good book on this is David Cay Johnston's Free Lunch.  
I agree Erik.  However, this nation has turned it's back on the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and replaced Him with money.  The further away we get...the harder it'll be to return.
Agreed. I never do Black Fridays.  However, I will shop Walmart during the holidays only to thump the unions in the nose.
+Erik Grissell Why do you think that 1% of this country has around half of its wealth?  Why do you think that the disparity between rich and poor is on par with a Banana Republic?  The standard of living here, once near the top if not the top of the world, has dwindled dramatically.  Our salaries and wages have flatlined since the 70's.  At the same time, unions have dwindled to where 95% of the work place in the private sector is non-unionized.  Do you see a connection?  That with laws that actually reward corporations for moving jobs overseas, coupled with of course the lack of organized workers influencing Washington, thus making it easier for the 1% to get their way, has led this  country to what it is today.  And, you are enjoying it.  You've adopted the view of the corporate class: you share the same attitude spouted by FOX and every other corporate media outlet.  Why? Can't find a better source of media?
if any of wal mart employee's are caught out side protesting they should be fired. there are many unemployed people needing jobs.
+john acker You shouldn't blame unions for that.  Do you think that it's right for corporations to exploit people in China and India, paying them pennies?  Are unions to blame for their greed?  If we had the power, we'd make sure that what's right would prevail.   
If you don't like their business practices (which are perfectly legal), then don't shop there. If you don't like their employment practices (which are also legal), then get a job somewhere else. If you're so unskilled you can't get a job anywhere else, go back to school. Nobody owes you anything! Living free is so much better than living off the govt titt all your life.
Why not just give the workers what they want so they can be safe and take care of their families and enjoy thanksgiving. these workers help Walmart make billions and yet they don't want to share some of that with the workers, they've earned it.  the Walmart family cannot man all those cash registers, do the meats, the bakery, stock the shelves, the produce, receiving, the deli counter,and what have you.  they are the source of Walmart's wealth.  they helped to build it.
why not just get rid of the employee's that aren't happy with taking home a check. and hire people tat would be happy taking home a check
the unions will be happy when wal mart does a hostess.
+Terry Hovey Just because something is legal doesn't mean that it is right.  We all know that during the Third Reich, exterminating Jews was legal.  When our politicians are up for sale, a lot of unfair laws are made, many of them tilting the playing field against middle and low income families.  Walmart thrives from taxpayer subsidies.  Local businesses are forced to pay, through taxes, subsidies that help Walmart put them out of business.  If Walmart had to compete in a free market, they wouldn't be the pariah they are today.  And, you're leaving out one more important point: if you don't like the practices of a company, if they don't treat their workers with respect and have poor working conditions, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO PROTEST, ORGANIZE AND UNIONIZE.  And, if you don't like that, go to Bangladesh. 
+Erik Grissell I'm sorry, Erik.  I'm just not used to seeing the Third Reich as an extreme example.  Most of the Nazi's were regular people just trying to get by.  Adolph Eichman, the man who orchestrated the execution of the Jews, was just trying to do his job well, and wanted a promotion.  Let's not forget that Adolph Hitler was Time Magazine's Man of the Year: the great politician that pulled Germany out of a terrible depression.  What is fascism to begin with?  It's the close collusion between business and government.  Let's also not forget the ties that this country has with fascists and Nazis.  Prescott Bush worke rather closely with the Nazi's and sold them arms.  He also made use of Gerhling, the Nazi super-spy, when he was put into our employ.  The list goes on.  When we demonize the Nazis, we lose sight at just how normal they were and so it becomes hard to recognize the same traits in our own country.   The use of propaganda in this country is a prime example: Fox News being the worst. 
+john splater Why not get rid of the employees?  well they want safer working conditions and since they help the walton family make billions they would like enough money to take care of their families just like the Waltons take care of theirs.  If I work for someone, I want to earn enough money to take care of my family.  also people want to be Abel to be home and enjoy their family on thanksgiving, I sure the Walton family are sitting down undisturbed to a wonderful feast with prepared by their talented chefs.  the workers just want to be able to cook a meal for their family and sit down and give God thanks for a great family, a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.  I' don't think that's too much to ask for specifically when you are treated like you are a piece of furniture, or an entry in a balance sheet.  If anyone has not lived their lives, then we cannot make callous statements  They are human beings just like the Walton family.  They are not sheep being led to the slaughter, so they speak up even at the risk of losing that check.  The check is so small anyway it won' t be like losing anything big
i shop wal mart all the time. it sure seems to me that it is a safe place to work. the employee's need to thank God for having a job. No one is making anyone work there. Plus with the crap you and obama are doing to America, there will be more companies closing up.
Why are they against Family Values? Thanksgiving should be a day off to spend with families, not exchanging money in the Temple. There is plenty of time for shopping on Friday and Saturday. Respect the American Family! 
i think the protests helped wal mart. maybe protesters need to do this more often.
+john splater +Mac Butts Your argument, if I have understand it correctly, is that these employees could simply get a different job: therefore, all of their complaints are invalid.  If they aren't educated enough to get a better job, they should go back to school.  But, unfortunately, unemployment is rather high across the country.  School has become prohibitively expensive, especially in California which used to be the envy of the country in education for its free, college system.   But, it's difficult to see into individual motives of employees and pin-point why all of them stay.  They probably have a varied range of reasons.  But, just looking at it as an aggregate, you have here an employer who decidedly pays their employees so little so that they can then encourage them to get on Medicaid, and food stamps, so that the tax payers can foot the bill.  This country puts out around $1 trillion in handling those things &co. for Walmart, who is too cheap to pay for it themselves.  They also know that their employees really need the job and so have found many ways to coerce them into putting in overtime.  They'll give them a long task a half-hour before closing, expect it to be done that day, and then say something to the effect that if you don't want to do it, we'll find someone else who will (we have a stack of applications).   The best source of information I've seen on this is Walmart: The High Cost of Low Cost (streaming on Netflix).  It shows how through a combination of influencing politicians for subsidies, employing ruthless exploitation of workers in Third World countries, and breaking all union-organizing in America while making their health insurance impractical for their employees and so getting the taxpayers to foot the bill on it, Walmart is able to deliver extraordinarily cheap prices.  Sure, the floors and clean, and the store is air conditioned.  I guess if that's what matters most to you, you have extraordinarily low standards. 
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