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DEVELOPING: Shots fired at a community college in Houston, three victims have been taken to the hospital and police are searching for a second shooter.
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neil h
Oh no! not again!
Let's not hope this is a case where someone with a carry permit decided to use the gun instead of his fists. 
Here come the idiots who think banning guns will stop criminals from using them.
Adam K
I hear stories like this every day in the local news. Happens every night in the hood.

Where's the outcry for those neighborhoods?

I guess there is little concern for them. All people want to do is ban guns and not solve the real problems.
Yes Paris, anyone who thinks banning guns will stop criminals from using them are idiots.  
why do we hear stories like this everyday?
+Benedict Joyce they probably got the guns the same way most "gang related" firearms come, by buying them from gun stores through legal means in bulk. The easier it is for you to get armed, the easier it is for the criminals to get armed.
+Michael Washington  Not true until you have factual proof that legitimate gun stores are risking their FFL license to break the law. Guess you do not own/use a firearm as that statement is reserved for those who never have purchased a firearm legally before.
+Michael Washington  Now I never berated you, just asked for you to back up your statements. However backing it up with that one biased by Dan Noyes will not suffice as a credible source. Not even going to address the education jab as not worth my effort to retort to your comments.
As in the BATF, who brought you the fast-and-furious!
Atf's job is to restrict guns. It's kind of in their name....
Should not believe everything you read, watch on TV, and find on the internet.
Ok geniuses where do you believe criminals get their guns then. What is the source?
From the same places they buy illegal drugs.
+John Shepard you can trace the drugs back to source. What I'm asking you, is if you're going to doubt the word of an ATF agent whose job it is to trace these things, where do you think these guys are getting their weapons? 

You do realize virtually all gun crime in North America (Canada/US/Mexico) is the result of American Firearms right? 
So, this ATF agent speaks for the whole organization? How do you explain other law enforcement officers who say otherwise? Several Sheriffs came out against gun control. By your logic, I should take their word. +Michael Washington
Several Sheriffs, vs the Federal Agency that actually does this job of tracking where the firearms come from? What Sheriffs spoke out against gun control? (and remember sheriffs are elected officials)
And ATF is a federal bureaucracy run by political appointees. Do you think that there are not republicans and democrats in every agency with the controlling party calling the shots? I think that Eric holder proved this fairly well. Sheriffs have more knowledge of local law enforcement than any other officers around.
So then geniuses please link me your source of where Guns come from. Where are American Criminals getting their guns. Are you saying that guns travel with the drugs? That all illegal fire arms in the united states are from outside the country?
I can say for a fact that ak47s and Kalashnikov s are not made here.
Absolutely not. I don't care to read any paper that flat out endorses any specific candidate by outright telling you who to vote for by endorsing them.
So basically what you're content to just plug your ears and pretend that the data doesn't exist while providing nothing to back up your claims. Typical.
+Michael Washington You replied a couple of times.  To your first comment about assault rifles, isn't that what Democrats are so concerned about?  To hear them talk, all crimes are committed with assault rifles.

To your second comment about pulling data, if I pulled an article supporting my opinions, would it change your mind?  I think you know the answer to that question, so why should I waste my time?  Both sides have data to support their claims, but if you want to see it, you should pull it up yourself.
According to the Congressional Research Service Report (CRS)  "fewer than 1 in 50" or less than 2% used, carried or possessed a semiautomatic assault weapon. Then factor in the ones that were stolen from the owners. There are so many law-abiding citizens who own them, and the chance they will use them in a crime is close to nil.
The right to bear arms was put in the constitution so if the day came we had to overthrow an unfair abusive power crazy government atleast we would have guns to defend ourselves. Guns do not kill people people kill people. I suggest every citizen buys a gun of somesort.
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