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Taxpayer dollars were used to fund a study by San Francisco researchers that painted the Tea Party movement as the spawn of the tobacco lobby -- a premise that Tea Party leaders say is absurd.
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When will it end with these idiots on the left? War?
The left cannot win a war of ideas. They will always resort to lying about and misrepresenting their opposition.
Way to go us government.. Im so glad our hard earned.. Or hard borrowed tax dollars are going to fill such needy needs.. We, Americans we need this stuff right? 
"It is true that AFP and FreedomWorks derived from Citizens for a Sound Economy, and that both those groups have in turn been heavily involved in supporting the Tea Party."
And the Tobacco Lobby is only a small part of the Tea Party money. But then, why would anyone expect a study from the Tobacco Control Journal to mention the other groups controlling the Tea Party? That would be wasting taxpayers' money on research outside of the study boundaries.
Why would the Tobacco Control Journal be interested in how the Koch Bros. steer the Tea Party towards their Libertarian and Big Oil agenda? The Kochs have very little business in tobacco, even though they did hire and train ex-tobacco shills to use the same methods on behalf of their Keystone XL pipeline. (Ezra Levant, anyone?)
Half truths are an effective way to discredit facts, and Fox News is the master of half truths.
I think the point is... Why are we paying for art... At all? I dont know who has contributed to a political group.. Just dont give my hard earned tax dollars for paintings 
Congrats to +Steve Caunce for working TWO boogey men into the same comment.

Or maybe even three if you count FNC. 
Funny to watch +Steve Caunce blame the ebil Koch brothers for the ebil Keystone XL, when ebil George Soros is making a pile of money from the railroads carrying the oil that otherwise would be moving in the pipeline. 
+Margaret Leber Half truths are one tactic. Misdirection is another. Fox News uses both and you are using the latter. George Soros has nothing to do with the Tea Party or Big Tobacco.
You wouldn't know the Tea Party if it bit you on the ass. Lefty troll blocked.
The Fox News trolls are so cute.  They can't argue anything against this pathetic president, so they come troll here at the direction of media matters and think progress.
Firstly, have any of you saying the claim is untrue actually done any research to disprove it?
Secondly, I find it shocking that TV news is allowed to be so biased in the States. Civilized countries like the UK have rules about that kind of thing :p
Thirdly, The Tea Party is NOT the spawn of the tobacco industry, 'tis the spawn of Beelzebub!
They must have a really sad and pathetic life to do nothing but troll sites that they don't like and post their misery all over it.  It must suck to be that miserable and unhappy.  I'd kill myself if I didn't have anything better to do than that.
No, a libtroll is a bottom feeder on +Fox News who has circled "Republican Bigotry Hate Fear Lies and Distortion"

Like +Chris Worth . Who is now also blocked. 

I know it's boring, but just go back to DailyKos/TPM/MotherJones, you'll be much happier there. 
Being miserable and pathetic is a requirement for liberalism.  It's part of the mental disorder.  I mean look, they actually believe MSNBC, CNN, etc are "fair", and the BBC!!!!  hahahahhhaa
+Darin Walker +Spencer Scott 
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages. 
NOT someone who disagrees with you.
Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

How else could one justify taking what one person earned and giving it to another person who did nothing to earn it?

Or how else could you think that disarming law abiding citizens will stop criminals from using guns?
Yep, liberals here are trolls.  Exactly.
+Spencer Scott  "Being miserable and pathetic is a requirement for liberalism.  It's part of the mental disorder." Humm that comes under " inflammatory messages" - TROLL
"what the hell are you talkin about damn hippie" <- troll
That's not inflammatory, that's the truth about liberalism.  
Commenting on the troll's behavior is not trollish behavior.
"Thirdly, The Tea Party is NOT the spawn of the tobacco industry, 'tis the spawn of Beelzebub!" < Troll
+Spencer Scott 
"Thirdly, The Tea Party is NOT the spawn of the tobacco industry, 'tis the spawn of Beelzebub!" <= JOKE!
Thanks for providing the comedy, Steve.
+Spencer Scott 
" I mean look, they actually believe MSNBC, CNN, etc are "fair", and the BBC!!!! "
Not everyone believes what they are told. Some of us do our own research.
I am not a liberal by the way I can just spot bullshit quite quickly and I find sweeping generalisations like "all liberals are miserable,pathetic and have a  mental disorder" utterly puerile. 
+Craig Eddy I had little to do with it. The comedy is there, I just draw people's attention to it. Glad you appreciate my efforts.
You're a troll. No, you're a troll. Nope, you are. Nuh-uh, you are.

Really sad.

Got out of high school in 2011, and now he's at Knox College, praying that he can graduate fast enough that the Dems will forgive his student loans. Based on his posts, he appears to be majoring in Occupy and drugs.

But he knows all there is to know about politics, his teachers have seen to that.

Hire a teenage, while he still knows everything. 

Oh, yes...another for the blocked list.
+Wes Cam Yes, you should rely on CBS, which always tells the truth...except when they forge documents....or when their corporate masters tell their tech writers and reviewers what to review and write about.

Or how about the brilliance of CNN, where a meteor flying close to Earth is caused by earthlings using fossil fuels. Or the impartial MSNBC that gets a thrill up their legs whenever the head of the government speaks.

You're right! We should just believe that Fox News never tells the truth and all the others do!
Yea Because they get money from Yemen princes like PBS thru the Carnige and Woods Foundation and yes the Ford Foundation
+Chris Worth The point is to stop demonizing and impugning Fox News while at the same time believing that the other networks are just fine. Watch both Fox News and CNN; then you'll get a better a picture of a situation.

If you think Fox News is lying all the time, what's the reason? If a huge majority of the country watches and believes Fox News more than CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc., there is probably a reason for that. Take this post for instance. Did Fox News lie in this report about a study trying to link the Tea Party to the Tobacco lobby? The article itself seems pretty balanced, but you won't read something like that from CNN or any of the others because of their bias. They absolutely hate the Tea Party and what it stands for, so they'll only report one side of the story while Fox News will do both sides. 
+Robert Soyars I'd say Fox has omitted certain things like the amount of funding actually used to produce the report and the fact that the Tea Party don't deny links with groups that are partly funded by the tobacco lobby (read the statement on the Tea Party website) 
Also, just because one can smell the overwhelming aroma of cow poo constantly emanating from Fox doesn't mean one instantly believes every other network. 
The fact that the owner of Fox owns many other right wing, biased, lie spewing, law breaking, rags does tend to make it stand out however.
I believe the point of the news story was that govt funding paid for a study that has no real purpose. It's our money folks and the idiots in Washington DC continue to blow it on things we simply don't need.
+Tim Pearcy Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the US. Don't you think spending the tax revenue produced from the sale of this killer is well spent trying to educate people against it?
Downright waste of taxpayer dollars. I'd be pissed if I lived in San Francisco
+Chris Worth We already know it's a bad thing. We don't need studies to prove it. Either make it illegal or not. No study needed. The truth is that the govt dare not lose those tax dollars, otherwise it would have been banned 40 years ago.
+Tim Pearcy It's not research to discover if it's bad - it's to find ways to persuade people not to do it or, as in this case, finding out how the industry tries to manipulate policy and the people. This post makes is seem like money was given to discredit the Tea Party but it was actually to sift through tens of thousands of documents from the tobacco companies that have recently been made public. It just so happened that while studying these documents a pattern emerged. 
Fox hasn't lied here - just left out the important parts. 
+Chris Worth Evidently prefers the UK where the government is the lone arbitor of truth. You're whole line is pathetic. People here are free to support what group they care to. Tobacco is a legal product, it's small minded not to think that some one, some where along the line is not getting support from someone else that might be getting support from the tobacco industry.

I'll bet the democratic party gets more support from the terror industries. I know Iran supports BHO.
I really don't understand where the "I criticise Fox so I therefore believe everyone else" thing keeps coming from. What the heck are you on about? 
I am not interested in who supports who or who gives money to who.
I'm talking about the slanted way this article has been presented as I would any other network / organisation or individual. 
We are not all partisan you know.
btw calling people pathetic just makes you look like a twat.
Tea Party is corporate shill, did we really need a study to tell us this?
And yet they share a hatred for universal healthcare? Their hypocrisy is both astounding and inhumane. 
Universal Healthcare isn't the problem. It's taxpayer funded healthcare that is immoral and will break the back of the economy.

Already healthcare costs are soaring, and people are losing their coverage.

Yeah +Chris Worth your line is pathetic that you single out FOX News for bias as if you believe there is not a leftward slant to the rest of the media outlets. You're just a big government liberal.

+Steven Palmer I'd suggest you go here and get a little education about about TEA Party as a cure for your ignorance.
Useless tools of the Class Warfare, Race baiting, Commie Obama Left! !
Wasteful spending by the Liberals. What else is new. 
+Jay Carlson Single out FOX news?  Have you been monitoring by activities? 
In my experience only the weak minded are quick to call others ignorant ( +Steven Palmer ) 
+Chris Worth I simply read your posts in this thread. If you have changed your mind perhaps you should go back end edit them.
That is quiet the waste of money, maybe they could use it to clean up the city?
+Jay Carlson The fact that this post was by FOX is completely irrelevant to me. I don't discriminate against media organisations just slanted and misleading reporting. You should see some of the nonsense spouted by the British press, it's even worse.
+David Essex Kool-Aid's on the table for you. Unfortunately, Fox has more news reporting than any of the other organizations. Yes, they leave out important facts from time to time, but what organization doesn't? Next, you're going to tell me that MSNBC delivers hard hitting, journalistic masterpieces when they have already admitted that they had to take a far left approach to news entertainment in order to stay a profitable company. EVERY news organizations has it's flaws. You have to diversify your intake and sort through the information, because you are not going to get the whole story from just one source. Just Sayin'
+poppy potts  Fox have always put out crazy shit. What is all this kool  aid  thing about?
+Rod Wagner Blows his credibility with racist accusations and a link to an obama love site. Democratic Hub?? Really?

Sandra Fluke wants me to pay so she can have sex. Sounds kinda slutty to me.
What amazes me is that this is some sort of suprise to people. Obama is a elitist punk who has no leadership abilities or, thoughts of his own.
+poppy potts Apparently you don't tune in to MSNBC or CNN or any of those other organizations that put out twice the crap any legitimate oganization puts out. They are the most racist, hete-bred, fear-mongering organizations out there. Liberals couldn't get their way, so they bought organizations that would spread lie after lie after lie. Next thing you are going to tell me is that Chris Matthews is the King of the News. that's the most racist full of God Awful CRAP I have even seen. Now he is the epitomy of News Entertainment. Oh, wait, even better, Melissa Harris-Perry, there's a top notch newscaster. I'll tell you now, if ANYONE decides that telling me my children belong to the community, not me, they've got a real problem on their hands. I promise you that. MSNBC, All Garbage, All the Time
I don't see any legitimate organization here....
I watched MSNBC lst night for a few to see what the -hub-bub was all about. There was not once anything about Benghazi or anything remotely close to news worthy there. Hard to believe they end there company name with "news".
Ironically MSNBC uses the slogan 'Lean Forward' because 'Lie Forward' would have been too the truth in calling them what they really are. Can't have your title and your slogan together like that :)
+Rod Wagner Yet you believe democratic hub is fair and balanced.

BTW, you are either blatantly lying about the FOX Case or just totally misinformed and didn't care enough to see what this was really about. Either way you are WRONG and just spreading misinformation. Lib/Prog/Dem TROLL.
Yeah, common sensed people are always spreading misguided information and lying....whatever.
Every single news source puts out information in a manner that is twisted, unfortunately, to conform to the specific political affiliation that that particular news organization supports. I'm sorry, but that is just the way that it is. FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the internat garbage sites ALL have an agenda. Nothing is news anymore today, it is all news entertainment since everything has a spin. The closest thing I have seen come to the LEAST amount of spin these days is Bill O'Reily. He actually has on Libs to defend their positions.
+Rod Wagner Sorry, but considering I watch just about all the news channels and have a fairly open mind to things, he is the closest thing to having the least amount of spin. Hannity? Hands down crazy spin, not Bill though. 
+Rod Wagner You're just lying, and quoting propaganda not facts. None of this is the truth.

I do get that lying is a sacrament in the religion of the left.
Spinning the truth to mean something that only the agenda of the left is the left's sacrament. I guess that would be called lying
Glad for ya Rod. Fox has to do it since the Liberal Agenda has been avoiding it like the plague.
+Rod Wagner And every single other news outlet loves to slam Bush. Every President gets it and every news organization picks favorites. This time it's the Democrats getting slammed by Coservative Media, next time it'll be Republicans getting slammed by Liberal media. It's a nasty world and we'd better get used to living in it since no one wants to be civil anymore apparently. It's all lies, there's more to government than our eyes can see anyways. they are ALL corrupt. Including Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama.
See, there you go. The Comedy Channel is the preferred source of news for the liberals.
Very juvenile Rod. The Comedy Channel?

BTW, the accusations you made about FNC earlier were lies. So that makes you a liar. But then again, lying is a sacrament in the religion of liberals.
+Rod Wagner No Rod, A biased, partisan point is made. Just like every single other news source out there. John Stewart is nothing nut opinion with tidbits of news information strategically placed. If you call theat news, no wonder you're as backwards as you sound. lol 
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