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“The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum” – Ariana Huffington receives flack from socially conservative leaders after a “bigoted and unacceptable” column was posted on her website.
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Don't back down Ariana. The social reactionaries need to be called out on their moral shortcoming.
Why is it worse for people to try to have standards and fail, as opposed to those who despise moral standards and fail?

Is there some value in lying, cheating, stealing, gossip, gambling and so on?
I often ignore b-holes. The noise is always the same, and the odor is always the same. If she was significant, I would care. But she is a Democratic spokeswoman.
And remember: it was the media, not Santorum, that asked if contraception should be rationed. He's not crazy, he's being fought by the president AND his minions.

Just like "I can see Russia from my back yard!" never came from Palin: it came from SNL's vapid troupe. She said "Some of my constituents can see Russia from their back yards" but all the dorks in the media had to cheat.
+Alexa Antonaras Can you point us to link documenting where he said that? Or anything close to it? Just because the man takes his faith seriously doesn't mean he wants to replace our government with a theocracy.
My point is when did it become the norm for arguing against an insane stance to be more insanity? And I think calling Huffington does a disservice to a number of reputable journalists out there. Honestly, both the left and right fringes need to learn to shut the $%!@ up...most of us don't like either end of the spectrum!
If god don't show up very soon the corporatism will consume you, at death render the very last drop of oil from your body and crush your bone for fertilizer, as agenda21 ramps up depopulation Agenda 21 For Dummies
Might I add that Mike Lux is no angel with the Huff either. Knocking down straw men all day long but just looking like a twit for anyone who knows the conservative's actual positions.
You know what I love about Arianna Huffington? Yeah, me either.
Isn't prohibiting priests to molest boys and girls is The War on Religion?
Wait, wait. Stop. Did anybody actually read the article in question? It is a massive work of satire. It's meant to be taken as a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. Jonathan Swift in the 1720s wrote a piece called his "Modest Proposal" in which he proposed eating babies. This is a similar deal: the article itself was a joke, the message behind the article is what's important
+William Paverd When people become more conservative they lose their sense of humor. If you don't believe me then try to name one conservative comic...
+Alexa Antonaras seriously if you like foreign news so much better just watch that and quit "dumbing" yourself by even being involved in a discussion about an article on Fox News. You are not doing yourself or anyone else any good by being so negatively opinionated about people's beliefs. Catholics and Evangelicals do not want governmental power.

What they want is to change the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since you are so well informed I figure you knew that. Yet you speak as if you do not. They seek to change the hearts of man not the will of a government. For it is through the individual that souls are saved and lives and countries are changed.

For you or anyone to be so intolerant to Christianity proves the point that Christians truly are not intolerant. They are and have been the victim of a targeted attack on their faith. All the while any other faith has to be tolerated and respected.

So +Alexa Antonaras I respect your beliefs and they are your choice, even the Bible states this truth, but do the same to others.
I actually like the point that is being made, but it was not presented well. He points out that every religion can be put in a bad light, and makes fun of those who mock others religions.
+Alexa Antonaras Just like in any religion it all depends on perception. There is no difference between radical Muslims and radical Christians.
+Sergey Lucktinov I must ask why response with an attack? Conservatives do have humor. Just because it is different than yours is no reason to say they don't have any. I for one am offended by the gross hyperbolic nature of this article even if it is a satire. As the things are beliefs I hold sacred. You would not appreciate the same treatment if you felt as strongly about something .
+Michael Lemocks Sorry if you got offended by my comment but I was just stating a fact. Can you give me at least one name please? I've been looking for conservative comic for a very long time since I do think that the best way of looking at the reality is through humor, not through threats (or picturing someone as Hitler).
I don't like the response on this. I don't like that they try to keep the person from saying what he wants to say. It smacks of the same tactics the muslims use. Let him say what he wants to say. it has no bearing whatsoever on the truth of the Christian religion.

Also, as I understand, it is true that the Catholics believe the wine and bread do become the actual flesh and blood of Christ. Why complain about that. If that is your belief, then own it.
+Sergey Lucktinov it took less than five minutes and I was able to find several links to Christian Conservative comedians, comics, actors, and radio hosts. One name is all you asked for so Brad Stine is the name I give you.
+Sergey Lucktinov if a person believes the Christian faith then they believe that God created the earth and all things in it. That starting point means that the study of science is actually the study of how the creation of your God works. Science was originally heavily sanctioned by the Catholic Church. It became separated during the Age of Enlightenment to remove bias. However, the work of scientific research is the same. To better understand the workings of ourselves and our surroundings.
+Alexa Antonaras again with attacks? Seriously learn to debate or hold a productive discussion and provide your facts to substantiate your claim of American propopaganda. You claim foriegn media is better but do not cite one source or link to back this up. There are so called facts that can be thrown around but also absolute truths that span all.
+Michael Lemocks You are stretching christian beliefs since this is not what Bible says. If you are christian you should believe what Bible says.
+Sergey Lucktinov Am I? Please direct me to my fallacies. I attended a Christian University and do believe what the Bible says. So you really want to get into a debate of beliefs. For, that is not a productive pursuit and I will end the discussion now if that is where it goes as I do not seek to insult or accuse you of anything that is untrue.
First +Alexa Antonaras it was acceptable during the time the bible was written to own a slave. However, those lessons taught through the portayal of slaves can be used when dealing with modern servants or employees. The Bible also in the New testament speaks clearly of ones responsibility to free slaves.

+Sergey Lucktinov I honestly do not know the age of the Earth do you? Were you there when it was created? OK neither was I. All estimates are just that; guesses. I do not believe that carbon dating is reliable science but believe for any one to say a actual age is reckless and irresponsible. It detracts from the real debates.
+Michael Lemocks 1 - Do you believe USA was created on Christian principles?
2 - I don't understand. You are saying that studying science is studying God, but when that science doesn't go along with Christian beliefs you disregard it... You got to choose 1 you know.
+Rommel Dominguez really the old testament was made by the Jews and that makes it scary. How about some real criticism with actualities. The old testament or the Jewish Torah is actually a very interesting book about the journey of a nation and the love and devotion of a Creator towards them. They were meant to be his missionaries on this Earth bringing Him and His teachings to the nations. However, humanity corrupted them to self serving roles.
+Sergey Lucktinov Yes the Founders of the US utilized concepts found in the Bible to form our Nation. What I am saying is that science in general is the study of God's creation. That does not mean that there is no bad science. Bad science abounds as it is apirsuit of man and man is flawed. So therefore pursuits of man will also be flawed at times.

+Alexa Antonaras again a cope out with no attempt to support yourself. You only solidify that you make claims without the conviction and fortitude to fight for them. You have proven speaking with you is a fruitless venture as you are unwilling to hear anything other than what you want. But you won't even engage and try to defend what you think you hear. Have a good one.
+Michael Lemocks Few posts prior you said that Bible teaches against slavery. You also said that Founding Fathers based Constitution on Christian values. So the obvious question is why slavery was not outlawed in Constitution and why some Founding Father were slave owners?
+Sergey Lucktinov 2 points of clarification for you. 1. The Bible does not claim the earth to be 6000 years old. Theologians have claimed the earth is approximately 6000 years old, using the Bible as their guide under the assumption that it is comprehensive. 2. The Old Testament is not a book. It is a collection of 39 books with many authors.
The Bible neither teaches against, nor for slavery. It acknowledges that slavery existed at the time, and offers advice on how to behave towards slaves and how to behave as slaves.
I cannot speak for the founder's personal lives or their walk of faith. I know that the Bible instructs us that every person is valued and of worth to God. I know the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States clearly says all men with no clarifiers. So clearly they state the same thing. The documents inherently outlawed it through the wording. As I have said humanity is flawed and as such makes mistakes in life. The point of the Biblical Christ was to carry for us.
+Tate West the teachings of Jesus are clear that we are all of value to the heavenly Father. As such we should treat others as he treats us. So should we have elves as a child of God and a follower of Christ?
Brad D
Always conservatives are fair game for any and all nasty, snarky criticism because they are backward, ignorant, and standing in the way of social utopia. <sarcasm off> All I know is if that utopia is to look like anything that comes out of the mouth of Ariana Huffington, I will gladly remain firmly entrenched as a hindrance to its eventual reality.
+Sergey Lucktinov No, please. You educate yourself. Don't make an arrogant statement like that, then point me to a Wikipedia article. I know what I said to be true because I have personally read the Bible several times, including the book of Genesis. There is not a date-stamp on the story of creation. Secondly, if you would have understood the very article to which you pointed me, you would have seen that it says multiple times that young earth creationists say the earth is 6000 years old, or that Hebrews calculated, not that the Bible _says_that the earth is 6000 years old. That is the point I made.

The point of the Old Testament being 39 books, is that it is not a single source of information. It is multiple sources in a single volume. Some of it is poetry. What part of the Song of Solomon is scary?

The point of all of this is that you have an opinion, to which you are entitled. But you must understand that it is an ignorant opinion, at least as where the Bible is concerned. You do not know what you are writing about. You may have read some cursory texts pointed out to you by some atheist blog to support their bogus claims about it, but you do not understand what you have read, and you do not have a comprehensive knowledge of it.
+Michael Lemocks I don't really understand why you are asking me if we should have elves. I assume you meant slaves, but I still don't understand. I am not defending slavery. I only stated that the Bible does not advocate, nor condemn it. However, I will say that the Old Testament is Jesus too. I point that out because in Genesis you will see the story of Joseph, a slave through which God saved the entire Hebrew people.
+Charles Wierzbicki I don't understand why you have directed your last comment to me. I believe what you have written, btw, I just don't see how it applies to anything I have written in this post.
Spot on op-ed at HuffPo. I noticed the actual catholic church was not quoted.
Don't apologize for what you think.

But there are good and bad ways of saying it....

My guess is that Ariana thought pretty well about that. She has been pretty successful, after all.
This was not a anti- Catholic column it was a anti-Christian column. However. it was clearly wrote tongue in cheek, or foot in mouth etc... I do find it to be in poor taste from my Christian perspective. I did not read the column until you pointed it out and attacked it. What ever point the author is trying to make still slips by me due to the amount of vitriol rantings which seemed to be the focused on Christianity. This more than likely would have passed quietly into the night as it should have from lack of content and zero quality. But no you give it substance as you find it offensive. You walk down the sidewalk see a plop of poop, it stinks, so you pick it up it gets on you hands now it really stinks so you wipe it on your pants. Now you have it on you. So its the poops fault you stink. Most people just walk around it. The Huff and Puff is a left center Blog Zine. A moderate liberal position if I may. Fox is a right center Blog Zine. A moderate conservative position if I may. 10 years ago Fox 's Bill "O" was staking out new territory. Today he sets on it defending it. Arianna Huffington is aggressive, probing and unafraid. No I don't agree with her on much but when we do it is substantive. Give the gal a break she is just like Billy "O" Just fresher and a few clicks to the left. Don't tell me what to read I want tell you what to write. Or just let me walk around the poop you play in if you like but I don't want to hear about it.
The op-ed was cogent and dead on correct. Go Arianna!!
Try to say something meaningful. Your age and demograph is showing.
Brad D
Forcing a Muslim woman to remove her burka by law? That's Islamophobia and intolerance. Forcing Catholic organizations to go against church teaching and pay for contraception and abortion? That's separation of church and state. The entire situation? A blatant demonstration of the Left's blindness to their own intolerance.
Who said the government was forcing the church to pay for contraception and abortion? That is a figment of your intolerance. The law says health care providers should provide contraception and birth control as part of their over all plan for women. If you are talking hypocrisy on religion how about all the hoopla about burning another holy book the Koran? Conservatives howled when the president apologized. He was being respectful of another religion.
Apparently in our country it is God Bless America and Nobody Else.
Brad D
And your ignorance of how health care works for many of these church and faith-based groups. Some of these groups have health care that is not connected with any outside insurance/health care providers...they are in-house i.e. arms of the religious organizations themselves. As to your comments about the apology for the burning of the Koran (which such desecration was stupid in light of everything that is known about such an act), I find it intriguing that you will jump to defend said apology...but then label as hypocritical the questioning of the whole health care provider issue. I have to give you credit, though...."figment of your intolerance" is an excellent phrase. I would also like to point out that everyone is intolerant of something, whether they are willing to admit it or not. In fact, to call another person "intolerant" is its own form of intolerance. :-) Thanks for the post!
Why aren't these employers offering their employees health care? Why are religious institutions given tax free exemption
when they are not providing even basic health care needs to their employees? If they want that tax break they need to follow the law. Why are they crying foul on first amendment rights when they opt out of the most basic of obligations? Maybe the Justice Department should look into the influence peddlers from the pulpit.
You live in America Charles. Where democracy is about separation of church and state. If you don't like it go live in a theocracy somewhere. You can't impose your will on the rest of us just because you believe some whacko theory about Satan. And if the church wants to be political then they can start paying taxes and taking care of their employees.
Charles... troll away. You have already been told many times. You don't have to pay for it. And unless you are celibate or don't have a girlfriend you are getting it free with her health care. Insurance companies pay for the birth control. Because it is cost effective for them. They don't have to pay for a full term pregnancy. Churches want tax free status but then want to weigh in on social issues. Nope. No can do!! Bye. Get your insurance policy out. If you have none ask why. Have a good day.
How fuck up do you have to be to think she right.
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