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A four-year FBI investigation into the transfer of classified weapons technology to China and other countries from NASA’s Ames Research Center is being stonewalled by government officials.
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Melinda Haag, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California, denied claims her office was blocked in trying to proceed with the case.
“I am aware of allegations our office sought authority from DOJ in Washington, D.C. to bring charges in a particular matter and that our request was denied,” she said in a written statement. “Those allegations are untrue. No such request was made and no such denial was received.”
Chris M
The government will never prosecute its self. Look at Eric holder, the guy who put 20,000 assault rifles in the hands of mexican drug dealers in a botched OP. He has escaped prosecution. Look how much obama completely disregard the constitution with some treasonous act seemingly every day, no one will touch him. When the government gets in trouble they just close their eyes, plug their ears and say nanana I cant hear you
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