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Billions of Earth-like alien planets likely reside in our Milky Way galaxy, and the nearest such world may be just a stone's throw away in the cosmic scheme of things, a new study reports.
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Since that is all they have between their ears!
LOL at the Fox news trolls.  Spent your welfare checks already?
Miracle! Fox news first post on science.
Lmaooo these comments. All of them came to my mind too... I feel bad for the young reporters who got a break getting hired by fox.. then realizing they will probably never post another story like this lol
~smh~ Quit drinking the kool aid and pay attention yourself, NOT to what everyone else tells you.  FNC does science stories all the time.  They just do the kind that are ACTUALLY science fact and theory, and not the let's change the science to fit our vision type of stories you're all so used to.
Too bad traveling to these worlds won't happen in my life time. 
I,m surprised that FOX news does stories like that being republicans. Aren't they mostly creationists? ;)
Nice to see all you non-viewers showing your ignorance,they do space stories all the time.
+Guy Bouchard I'm just going to assume that you're either a troll or you're being sarcastic...No-one could be that stupid, right?
Funny how people take my comment personally... Just goes to show.
 I'm a FOX viewer and I always get a kick out of seeing how stupid people look when they spout about something they don't watch.Got Your World With Neil Cavuto on right now,Eric Bolling is guest host.Neil did an entire special on the Apollo Project about a month ago.Did you watch?
If we were to discover life in the universe, we should probably blow them all away also right?
Nobody is taking it personally, it's just hilarious to see how stupid lefty trolls are and the nonsense they believe.
Realized that,my question stands .Did any of you watch Neil Cavuto talking to the surviving astronauts? It was great!
If there are actually 4.5 billion planets similar to earth, there certainly would be plenty of life out there. To bad gas costs make it to expensive to travel there...(humor).
+Tim Pearcy
The "gas" in DC or at the pumps?  (Like your comment.)

 At least biologically "ready" life on other planets.
+David Jenson
They have specific standards for a planet that could harbor life as we know it[we don't currently know any other type]It has to have the right kind of star,the planet needs to be in the "Goldilocks Zone"[neither too hot nor too cold] and to have the presence of liquid water.
In the Milky Way galaxy, we are less then a speck of dust and the nearest such world may be just a stone's throw away  more lke 20 light years in the cosmic scheme of things,  We are only looking at .00000000000001% of the cosmic scheme.  We just at the start of it all. 
I could get paid for a guess like fox news even if it's bad oh yeah Fox news never mind
Fascinating, FOX News Trolls with nothing to contribute. Just stealing oxygen.
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