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So... who's the winner here?
America just got a little heathier +1
A union that would not cave into wage reductions to save a mismanaged company?

The company was hozed before this happened, they were already in bankruptcy in 2004 and never recovered....

it does suck though for those effected, no doubt about that.
Or maybe not: "St. Louis mayor Francis Slay said in an interview on Tuesday that he was given notice earlier this year about the closing in his city.*

“I was told months ago they were planning on closing the site in St. Louis,” he said. “And there was no indication at that time that it had anything to do with the strike the workers were waging.”
Perfect example of why unions are not always the best choice for a big business. They act on others' behalf, but not always in their best interest.
+brenda dixon-hines  if you read the article, their financial problems started a decade ago.......  Hard to retroactively blame anyone that was not even in a position back then isn't it?
18,000 more without jobs ..Keep the Change!
+Dean Barnett So if he knew, the union knew. Why were they out striking if they all knew it was going to close? Were they doing it to stab the knife deeper? Were they doing it to prove a union point? Were they doing it to try and squeeze money that was never there? Some one is lying. My money is on the union.
+James McCarty   maybe so, but remember, there is only one way a company ever gets a union inside... they earn it.
Well I say it is their choice, we are democracy right?
Blaming the union for digging in their heels when the company has suffered year after year of mismanagement?  Sorry.  I think the corporate leadership is to blame here.
+brenda dixon-hines   do you know why the union rejected the offers?  do you know what they offered? IF someone cut your wages so low you could not pay your bills, and took away benefits you need to survive, would you wave your pom-poms and jump at the chance to stay there under those circumstances?
(I know, its a retorical question, the answer is clearly no)
there are no winners in this story... sad.
Look, everybody knows that $0 is much better than an 8% pay cut. Come on, that's the way America works these days. Instead of keeping things afloat, the union decided to kill 18,500 jobs. They will now play the victim, blame the "evil corporations" and Obamanation will have more people to get signed up on the rolls to further solidify his "new base" of the perpetually unemployed.
+Scott Hutton  check out the link above, it seems to take a lot of steam from your "evil corporation" image you are painting .  And it supports the argument that they do not care about their workers.....  Not at all.
or maybe Bain can buy their assets and "save" them  smh
I wonder how much money this union gave to obamas reelection campaign. I'm sure it was a sizable donation.
It is sad that management & the unions could not come to some sort of agreement, and 18,000 folks will lose jobs because of it. The bottom line though is that the company was not making money and could not afford to continue operations under current conditions. If the Unions and everyone bashing the management here feel differently they now have the opportunity to raise the necessary funding and put their money where their mouth is.
+Mathew McConnell Here we go again,blaming corporate leadership.. you have some insight into HOW they were missmanaging, or just taking a cheap shot?.  We all know it is hard enough to remain competitive WITHOUT a union, adding ungrateful workers just out for themselves factor, makes it impossible to manage.  Losers here, ALL, to Blame, THE UNION.
It seems easy to blame the Unions, and while they can often be a big problem, in this case as we dig deeper, we see a little bit more of the 'demands'.
It was not just an immediate 8% wage cut. It was the dropping of the pensions, and the refusal of company to pay into the under funded pension funds. About a total of 30% in cuts.
Let us all imagine working for a company that has agreed to fund our pensions. And they don't contribute anything to it for years, and then they say, nevermind, we don't recognize our obligation to pay what we agreed to.
That is some pretty bad stuff. This was a doomed company for a while, for whatever reason. And it is just convenient to point to the Unions.
I think the closure was inevitable.  I heard a rumor that Bloomberg was going to outlaw them in NYC anyway.
Let's take decades of popularity and big brand name and piss it down a drain, I don't blame unions or corporate types I blame them both. 18,500 jobs out of the private sector because niether side can compromise. I'll miss that great smell as I pass I-70 & Taylor
Thank goodness for unions.
+brenda dixon-hines   funny you mention Delphi....  It does not appear you understand who orchestrated the outsourcing of Delphi, and who pocketed millions from it....
 Google "Romney Auto Bailout" and see where $15M+ of your tax $ went.
Hard to think how else you can make $55 an hour to put in a bolt.
+brenda dixon-hines   I am not arguing, I am just pointing out that your reasoning for what is happening may be very flawed.  You mentioned Delphi, not me. And you attributed it to someone that had nothing to do with it.  every post you are putting up suggests that Romney should have won, when the fact is, he was  part of the problem, not the solution.

Let's take the politics out of it, and then we can have a level discussion.
(edit:  but this is FOX and they will incite the union bashing)
I bet some of the employees would love for Bain to buy them. At least they may have jobs for a while longer. 
i wonder if they even took the time to think. what if i lose my job right before christmas  with unemployment as high as it is 
@ berry Wright I think you should have stayed in school a little longer and maybe studied more in the field of English. Just a thought.
+Cory Lewis So, what is it Barack Husein Obama or Barry Soetoro? Interesting that a president has an AKA. Biggest coward in the world more like it. Sacrificed four men to be murdered for his reelection and then embarked on a campaign of lies, obfuscation, misdirection and cover up worse than any scandal in my lifetime.

By the way, note the difference in the spellings of the two names.

The policies of the communist currently in power has doomed the US to economic failure. Be prepared for many more businesses to close and unemployment to hit double digits with no end in sight. Growth will continue to slow.

So here we are watching rioting across Europe due to the same sort of economic policies the current Politburo is pursuing. BHO is hellbent on racing headlong into the economic abyss regardless of how many US citizens suffer at his hand.

The AHCA will ruin the US.
A group of Palestinian women were detained Thursday after attempting to break into an Israeli military outpost in the West Bank. The protest was in response to Israel's ongoing assault on the #Gaza Strip. #OccupyBeitEl

More here:
Now they can get freebies. Santa Clause will save the day 
 An argument that withOUT employees, companies cannot function.
Really, Mac. Duh? Both are required. Unless employed by the U.S. Let's face another fact, business is trying 2 pay workers as little as possible right now! It's called Corporate GREED.
Go Santa ...can I get one of your phones too!
+Chad Faul How about greedy politicians, how about greedy unions?

Labor is a market like everything else. If a worker doesn't like a job he should find one that suits him/her.
+William Carlson   so you claim Obama had 4 men murdered to win the election?  WTF are you talking about?
Do you realize how fringe bat shit crazy your rants make you sound? That is Michell Bachmann class lunacy.

You do know the crisis in Europe was caused by the US Financial collapse in 2008, right?

You do know that without the "communist policies" that have been implemented we would have suffered the same fate as many countries in Europe? it has not headed us towards it, it prevented it....

and you think a non-profit healthcare association will ruin the US?

wow... jsut wow
The embassy requested enhanced security in the days leading up to the attack and was denied. There were multiple warnings prior to the attack.

The White House situation room monitored the attacks which lasted for seven hours via drone feeds and cell phones. Seven hours and no action taken. 

Special Operations Forces, transport aircraft, and attack aircraft are based at Sigonella, Sicily 480 miles away from Benghazi. Obama had several hours to move forces from Sigonella to Benghazi IOT effect a rescue. Fighter jets could have been at Benghazi in an hour; and SF Operators on the ground in less than three.

After everything went down he sends Susan Rice out to every tv show to proclaim it was a riot over a video that got out of hand full well knowing it was a planned deliberate attack. So he sends Susan Rice out. UN Ambassador, Really? Why not the CIA Chief or someone from the State Department? What does Susan Rice have to do with any of this, other than anyone questioning her can be made to look like a bully? I'm sure she only said what she was told so BHO is the real liar.

Yeah, I believe BHO did nothing IOT prevent any adverse attention during the final days of the election.
+William Carlson   WTF does anything you are saying have to do with the topic?  Do you have to try to turn every conversation around to this already beaten Libya thing that lost Romney the election?  Why are you promoting pissing all over our constitution ?   Over and over and over
+William Carlson   Embassy?  no embassy was attacked. What are you on about now?   LOL  Cookoo Cookoo
+brenda dixon-hines   that is what they are saying , at least they are going to talk about it.  That's good tho, I expect the courts forced the negotiations.  Normally a company can not just close their doors to spite a union, the NLRB won't allow it and it violates many  federal labor laws.  That is why this surprised me so much.
+Mike Mac Ok, Consulate. The ambassador was murdered in an al Qaeda terror attack along with three others and the Whitehouse has been engaged in a massive cover up since.

So, why doesn't the government just buy Hostess and give it to the unions like they did GM? Unions care nothing for jobs for their members, only extorting dues so the union leadership can live like fat cats just like the politicians in DC. Labor Unions  =  Organized Crime + Communism.

BTW, if anyone is pissing on the Constitution its the man who would be king BHO and you for supporting that tyrant.
+William Carlson   by denying our most basic rights in your rhetoric you are indeed pissing all over our constitution, saying your not and straw-manning anything else into that line of discussion does not change it, you can not avoid that which you do.
and lets drag the highly successful Bush GM auto-bailout into it.  You do know it was not BO's ?  It was Bush's bailout LOL....  BO just took it, followed through with it and made it successful, saving tens or not hundreds of thousands of jobs.

But that does not fit your "Chicken Little"  agenda, I get that :)
BTW, wave your arms wildly while shouting, it adds to the effect and is more entertaining to watch..
+brenda dixon-hines   yes, that's what they are saying now.  Even their management does not want to stay for their salary It seems, they are trying to get $1.7M in bonus payouts for executives even in their final breaths, needless to say, the unions oppose that, as does the justice department. 
to bad obamas thugs did this to such a good company. i'm sure there will be more to follow.
+john splater seems to be stuck in a time-warp, not realizing history of this company and their mismanagement goes back over 10 years.  Easier to blame the unions though, I get that.
Our lives are more regulated and controlled under this administration than any other time in the history of the US. You are full of it trying to accuse me of disrespecting the Constitution in any way. BHO is assuming unprecedented powers in his administration. You should be concerned but you will defend his over reach at any costs. You guys keep bringing up Bush, I don't. IMO he was a progressive and a spender. I certainly don't hold him up as an example of a conservative. So four years later things getting worse and you are still blaming him and carrying BHO's water regardless. But I get it. You are simply toeing the union line. That can can be the only explanation for your zealous support of the same policies that are failing across Europe. You and the president with your Constitution be damned attitude. It only suites you when you can twist and mangle it your way.

This is only the beginning of business closures during the reign of BHO and you will attribute all of them to poor management because you are certainly privy to the inner workings of all businesses and you will loudly proclaim it so in support of the tyrant in DC.
lol  Europe is failing because of the economic crisis the USA caused, you can't even remember that far back?  

The wind will change direction too, that will be BO's fault also.

When you you stop whining and crying Chicken Little, and accept the fact the election is over? its time to make things work, you fought for this opportunity, why push it away ?
He is president for 4 more years, its done.
Europe has been failing. Guess you can't remember anything before GW Bush.
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