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Nestle has removed beef pasta meals sold under its Buitoni brand from sale in Italy and Spain after finding traces of horsemeat.
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I don't get all this horsemeat rancor. Is horsemeat poisonous to humans? I don't think I would order it at a restaurant, but come on. If we started testing every product in our food we could soon stop eating once we realized all the allowable alien content governments allow to be present in the food we eat.
It's the fact that its origin is not known and that bute (a dangerous drug) has been found in some of it.
When you buy a spade, you expect to get a spade, not a fork, trowel or lawn mower.
I don't buy any GROUND meat. They smash it on the GROUND first and then they package it: GROUND MEAT with trash fillers. YUK YUK
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