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Real reason #Hostess had to die at this particular time? This was a union contract hit. Are unions in denial of the need for significant cutbacks in their lush contracts? 
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Your article reads that the worker need to pitch in, and do their part.  I would agree that all workers everywhere need to pitch in during tough economic times.

 What I didn't see in your article is any reference to cuts that these (Hostess)  workers may have already taken, in pay or reduced benefits in recent years.  You can still argue that the workers need to take further reductions in pay/benefits...but information on any pay/benefits they have already given up is certainly pertinent to the discussion.
Wow, that was a horrible game of chicken... I feel sorry for the workers that were misled into thinking the other side was bluffing. I hope that congress doesn't make the same mistake. (>.<)
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I would argue that previous data is a journalist obligation, to form an opinion is the readers.
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