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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to take away the remote working privileges of Yahoo employees has touched a nerve among workers at lots of companies.
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wow. computer geeks crying over stuff has gotten old.

you have to actually go into work. how tragic!
I'm okay with working from home, but you should plan on putting on pants and showing up at the office one or two days a week. 
Yahoo and Yahveh

In biblical times, it was common wisdom that leaders needed two special qualities known as "Urim v'Thummim."

Scholars have puzzled over the meaning of those two Hebrew words, which literally mean "Lights and Perfections."

I reckon that a modern interpretation would be that Urim means mindfulness, brilliance, insight, awareness.

Thummim is a tad more challenging to interpret. I reckon that it means empathy, compassion, mercy, heart, beneficence.

A colleague of mine likes to translate "Urim v'Thummim" as HeartMind.

Did Marissa Mayer stumble in her ability to guide her minions with Urim v'Thummim in her mind and in her heart?
I work from home.  My team is scattered all over the country and we work with an overseas team.  If I went in to a local office, there would be nobody there for me to work with.  

If you aren't getting results from your remote workforce, it's a leadership failure.  Plus, providing high cost office space is a competitive disadvantage.
I believe we can survive without Yahoo .....and Trump.
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