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She may have only taken a few days of maternity leave herself, but has Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gone too far by banning employees from working from home?
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If not being allowed to work from home kills your morale, I don't want you working for me anyway.
Ok I have seen this around a few times.I have also worked for several bosses that do not like the work from home part since they have this need to see you at work. Now I will say I understand why someone would not like this... But she is the boss now and she is running the company! If you do not like it you can always vote with your feet and leave. Look at Hostess cakes! The union did not like the deal from management and they are all out of jobs now! Mayer is the only person to say why she did it. Morale killer? you bet! justified? that is all on her! If productivity goes up then I am betting Morale Killer or not she would be considered correct for doing what she is doing in turning Yahoo around. 
General Motors was the #1 auto manufacturer in the world when it filed for bankruptcy a couple of years back.  How can you be #1 in the world at something and be failing?  Labor force out of control.

Yahoo is a failing company, and obviously the new CEO came in and saw some things that weren't working.  Like letting people work from home.  What's the morale going to be like there when the company gets shut down?
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