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#Hostess says if enough striking workers do not return to work by 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, the company will liquidate -- what do you think will happen?
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Unfortunately, companies are all in for shareholders, not the ones that actually produce the product. 
Why should the people at the bottom get paid less for creating the overall idea of the people from the top, +Linda Plue ? I don't work for a Union, but when wage conditions do not match with company profits, something has to be done. In other words, minimum wage can only get people so far in this world, and that's not even able to afford a roof over their head, buy a car, food, utilities. Companies can do a lot more than they do right now, and that is fact. 
Wage conditions will never match company profits +Clinton Herbert . That's business. If they did there would be no profit for the shareholders. Agreed minimum wage is not enough. Labor market is poor and not likely to get much better over next four years. Businesses are scared to hire due to how AHCA will effect the bottom line which keeps a company in business.
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