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I am a web marketer. I know Google PPC blows Facebook out of the water when it comes to reaching target audiences and getting a return on my investment. I won't dedicate a dime to Facebook advertising.
What scares me about Facebook, as an investor, is how quickly all of it's traffic could vanish.  If another company comes along and offers something more innovative and figures out how to make money on the mobile side, masses of people could move quickly.
I have advertised on FB and the results were fine.
Depends on your product or service I suppose, but Facebook definitely wasn't right for me. 
I'm with Chad. It depends on the product. Here's a link with some statistics about it:

Anyways, I have to admit this is quite the turnaround. I've been trying to be as neutral as possible with regards to the value of Facebook but I will admit the recent negativity cast upon its ad platform was starting to sound convincing.

I still think that Facebook doesn't stand for social media marketing as a whole though. The same goes with social media advertising.
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