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Custom Bottle Capping Equipment, Bottle Cap Handling Systems, & Bottle Rinsing Machinery
Custom Bottle Capping Equipment, Bottle Cap Handling Systems, & Bottle Rinsing Machinery


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The Screw Capper works at a high speed for reliable cap application of screw caps.  Bottles entering the machine are transferred to the turret starwheel where they are placed in the starwheel pockets to precisely align them underneath the capping heads.  This innovative technology is exemplified in the video below.
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How Bulk Feeding of Caps is Beneficial
The bulk feeding of caps and lids is beneficial as it lowers cost and increases throughput. 
It is crucial for companies to understand the benefit of bulk feeding caps.  Though it has recently been overlooked as a minor area of concern, feeding caps and lids into a capping machine is actually integral to the efficiency and productivity on a bottling line. 
When looking for cost effective improvements possible on the packaging line, consider bulk cap feeding systems as opposed to individual case feeding.  Bulk feeding systems are capable of reducing labor and material handling, creating a cleaner environment around the capping orientation, increasing throughput, improving sustainability measurements, cutting down the incidence of repetitive motion and other lost-time injuries, and lowering overall cost. 
In case feeding, an operator takes a corrugated shipping case that holds about 40 pounds of caps from a pallet.  Then, the operator slits the case with a box cutter and opens the inner poly bag.  Because most sorting and orientation systems are gravity fed, the operator climbs a ladder and dumps the case-sized load of caps into a feed bowl at the top of the cap sorter.  Then, the operator separates the poly bag from the corrugated cases, places the bag in a receptacle, and knocks the box down for recycling. 
Instead, the bulk feeding of caps is more efficient for operators.  It is easy to use, does not require the operator to keep the sorters filled with caps, etc.  When considering purchasing a new packaging line, the bulk feeding of caps ins extremely beneficial.
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Cap Sorting System from Fowler Products
Fowler Products manufactures capping machinery as well as cap sorting and feeding equipment.  Specializing in high speed applications, Fowler offers services to the pharmaceutical, personal care, household goods, food, distilled spirits, chemical, and beverage industries. 
In recent years, Fowler introduced an innovative cap sorter for medium speed product lines.  This compact waterfall style system is specifically designed for production lines running between 100 and 300 bottles per minute.  While Fowler does manufacture waterfall sorters for high speed 1200 caps per minute capping applications, many companies approached Fowler for a mid-range waterfall sorter solution. 
The result is the cap sorter for up to 300 bottle per minute.  This system is easy to use, ergonomic, and offers a variety of productivity features.  Called the WSI 300, this waterfall sorter has an eight-cubic-foot cap bin, which sits next to the capping machine.  With a small footprint, the sorter’s height is designed to accommodate low ceiling environments.  The belt width on the WSI 300, as opposed to the high speed waterfall capper, is reduced to better accommodate the application needs. 
Features on the WSI 300 include easy loading time and monitoring of filling intervals.  While typical top plate mounted rotary sorters require an operator to climb a ladder to load the cap bin, the WSI 300 has loading at floor level, which conveniently keeps dust from corrugated shipping cases below the level of the capping operation and helps maintain a cleaner environment where the closure meets the jug, bottle, or jar. 
Finally, it is important to note that this waterfall sorter is capable of handling a variety of cap diameters and styles on one single set of cleats.  This means that few, if any, change parts are required when switching between different sized closures.  An added benefit to this is the minimum downtime necessary, and thus, higher productivity.
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Fowler specializes in capping machinery.  Rotary cappers now use magnetic clutch capping heads.  These innovative system are incredibly reliable for apply screw-on closures with consistent torque for numerous hours of operation.  

Features on the capping heads include flexibility for severe packaging environments, tool-less torque adjustments, and quick release chucks.  These features allow for a reduction in downtime since no tools or training is necessary for cap changeover.

However, there are instances when using magnetic clutch heads fall short of an application’s requirements.  Cap orientation, screw cap profiling, delicate cap handling, application torque monitoring and reporting, expanded torque range, and aseptic packaging are examples of either limited or incapable machine performance.  

Because of this problem, Fowler has developed electronic head technology that has proven to be the best solution to these high requirement applications.  

Two electronic head technologies have been developed—one in 1996 and one in 2003.  In 1996, Andre Zalkin & CIE developed technology to rely on a motion controlled, brushless DC motor, housed in stainless steel and mounted at the end of the head slide.  In 2003, an alternate technology was made available.  Companies use an off-the-shelf servomotor to drive by a gear/pinion or timing belt arrangement, a secondary shaft on which the cap chunk is mounted.  

Electronic capping machines are high performance system for all capping applications.  Fowler offers a variety of options to meet the unique needs of customer product requirements.
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Cap Sorting Systems Designed for Mid-Range Production

Fowler Products specializes in high speed capping machinery and cap sorting and feeding systems.  Each system designed by Fowler is made of durable, high quality construction and is available for use in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, household goods, and distilled spirits industries.  

Powered by Pro Mach, Fowler understands the entire automated packaging equipment need.  In recent years, the company has established a new cap sorting system ideal for mid-range production.  This machine is a compact waterfall style cap sorter.  Working at high speeds, the machine offers many performance-based features.  

Running between 100 and 300 bottles per minute, the waterfall style cap sorter is designed for mid-range production.  Customizable options are available for lines where frequent changes in cap sizes are made, dust needs to be kept to a minimum, and for those who have a low ceiling in the capping area.  

The WSI 300 offers a variety of features including an eight-cubic-foot cap bin, which sits flush to the capping machine for a minimum footprint.  In addition, the sorter’s height is minimized in an effort to accommodate low ceiling environments.  

Other solutions from Fowler include bottle capping equipment, bottle cap handling equipment, and bottle rinsing equipment.  

Bottle rinsing equipment  from Fowler utilizes Perrier rinsers.  These systems ensure customers that their products will be sanitary for customers.  The bottle rinsing machines wash bottles and vacuum the remaining fluid out.  Features include maximum efficiency, effective rinsing machinery, and much more.  
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