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Demonstration of the future of linemarking using GPS technology.

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We completed day one of our NZ demonstrations and would have to say it was the most successful demo we have done to date. We had a great turn out of customers that were perfect ‪#‎SmartLine‬ ‪#‎GPS‬ customers. The best way to describe the reaction was we WOWED them off their feet.
We completed a soccer field in less than an hour including setting out of existing sockets, and of course you could hears the wows when we did the centre circle. There were multiple interested parties that are serious about a purchase in the next 3 months. Perfect result and we get to do it again with more private demos scheduled with major contractors..... Excited!!!!

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If you mark sport fields, then your world has just changed. On 5 December 2014, FountainLine launched its defence-grade satellite-guided SmartLine GPS line marker, in an Australian debut that reduces time spent on-field by more than 90 percent. A cost saving of over 4 hours set out time per field.
The SmartLine GPS model brings Swiss accuracy, application and an easy-to-follow LCD display, combined with the ‘rolls-royce’ of FountainLine line marking machines.
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