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Foundups Michael Trout

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Launching foundups pay-it-forward #business #model in FL with an amazing yogurt product.
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Foundups Michael Trout

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#4K resolution of where #Zen #Buddhism was founded #Japan
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Foundups Michael Trout

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Taking a phantom 3 professional drone for a walk.
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Foundups Michael Trout

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#4k video of #Tojinbo #Japan a favorite #tourist/#suicide destination in Japan
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Foundups Michael Trout

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How to safely #fly a #DJI_Phantom #drone in a busy street.
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Evangelist for foundups® - "Saving the planet... together"
JOT - I do everything
  • Foundups Corp.,
    Evangelist and founder., 2010 - present - Ideas for saving our planet: launched, validated, and funded by the people for the people and that re-invest 80% of net profits launching more foundups®...
    Evangelist and founder., 2001 - 2014
    Creator of the eSingularity Prize for FOSS elearning
  • PCN Strategies
    Dir. Business Development, 2004 - 2011
    Secured new business
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Fukui Japan
England, West Yorkshire, Keithley - Palma De Majorca, Cascatala - England, West Yorkshire, Leeds - England Middlands, Newcastle Under Lyme - Florida , Homosasa - Florida, Tallahassee, - Alabam, Tuscaloosa - Alabama, Mongomery - Maryland, Gaitherburg - Boston, Arlington - Boston, Marlboro St. - New York, Manhatten - DC, Washington,
Contact Information
+81 904 325 6658
2-91-8 Nittazuka Fukui Shi, Fukui Ken, 9100067
+1 202 656-6012
1115 Massachusetts Avenue NW. 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20005, United States
"I'm the guy who will save the planet with foundups®"

Foundups® are ideas for helping the planet or it's living systems that you are passionate about and that you can share with others, It could be My Salad Garden™ foundups® or launching a My School Permaculture™ foundup® for teaching kids about ecosystem and growing our foods using sustainable practices or ushering the education singularity (eSingularity) via an FOSS autonomous education via smart devices eprize... how do we replace unsustainable energy solutions? Simple with FOUNDUPS® globally owned Solar Farms  

Foundups® will save our bees, our precious drinking water that makes up less than 0.035% of the water available to us and that we are polluting with toxic bee killing pesticides. Foundups® will save our oceans and will remove the plastic that now covers 40% of our planets oceans... Foundups® will save our forests that going extinct by replanting them... Foundups® will give everyone on the planet free sustainable power.  Foundups® will save the 50% of the species the face extinction by mobilizing millions to do so and by preserving and rehabilitating the land to do it!

I know what you are thinking...but HOW will you pay for all this? Simple

Me and my ideas - 

I live outside the box. I'm a 21st century Don Quixote and I have spent my life chasing passion and dragons... I have wounded some, like the demon dyslexia, but still struggle with it. Writing for me is a love/hate relationship; I love the process, and hate the detail and my writing will make your eyes bleed!

But do I find joy in that my dyslexia has allowed me to see problems with a different kind of perspective and where people see walls I see solutions

Separated from my mother at 5, I have conquered my childhood rage -- I use to bash my head against the wall in a need for attention - both my son do it too, which I find odd because it is obviously epigenetic trait. 

After two decade of Chasing the "phony" American dream and searching for my "true love," and failing every time. I decided to give up both and instead connect within and find that bliss I experienced at a  Vipassana mediation retreat.

2003, marked a profound turning point and awakening in my life. I was still reeling from a failed startup, my father suffered a debilitating stroke, I lost a keep promotion, the woman I thought was my soul-mate dumped me abandoned me. I was lost living on credit cards. With a job offer on Wall Street at a leading investment boutique, an offer to return to DC and help PCNStrategies grow. On a whim I decided to take a Business Administration/Teaching position in Fukui Japan.   So I left Manhattan with literary $20 to my name. My heart still in pieces my soul and passion depleted. I wasn't afraid; I have lived the majority of my life outside the US... I have never really felt American; I have always felt more like an outsider looking in. The world as my home, and now I feel complete.

So I headed off like Lao Tzu into the asian wilderness, well not quite a wilderness, more like rural Japan. And spent 2 years re-connecting with myself, healed my heart and mended my embattled soul, and came to understand myself, define myself, The real question is "who am I?" And "Why I am I here?" I wrote The Natural Taoist as a series of daily logs, which led to a year-long exploration into my idea of distributed unconsciousness (my spiritual answer that combines religion and science to my satisfaction). I find all religions full of dogma and too obsolete for my liking. We need a modern prophet to come up with a synthesis of pure non dogmatic text that connects to what we know from m-theory and Brane cosmology to understand to be divine. In essence... we are the consciences of the unconscious Universe awakening unto itself. We are one as we came from one and what we see is merely a illusion of the ego. 

In total I spent three years learning about everything... I downloaded the complete A-Z Teaching Company series, available on any Bittorent down load, and listened to about 60%. I wondered why couldn't this be more... Why couldn’t AI drive it autonomously... why couldn't I get pop quizzes on the lectures pushed to my phone? It would be so easy we have the material. We have the technology. We have the connectivity and bandwidth! That question grew into why can’t schools and universities do the same and be more... become places for life long learning. And it grew again to why can’t it all be one... Why do we need to even go to school... why could a device become our teacher and school... and at that moment the eSingularity dragon was born--challenging all and any to slay her. I picked up my lance and old buckler and mounted my old steed once again. This time armed with the knowledge of how to bring people’s awareness to her growing presence, and like the Spitzer telescope on dark energy I started to share with others her impressions, possibilities and the huge potential impact that she will have on education  

Doing my first Foundup! Looking back, the first Foundup was the Southern Shakespeare Festival, in Tallahassee FL. I was a senior. On my just returning from the Royal National Acting Programme I told the SOT Dean my idea, he laughed and asked for a business plan. Undaunted I took it to Dean Emeritus Richard G. Fallon the former Dean of the school of theatre and its founder. He loved it! "Oh Michael" he said "I have always dreamed of a unifying artistic event for the community, this would be wonderful!" That's all I needed. 20K people came to its inaugural year. He became my first advisor and we went about assembling the team. 2 years later 30,000 attended the inaugural event stunning everyone. It happened exactly as I imaginable it would.

In 2001 when I founded EDUIT, Inc it was for a failed start-up called The Digital Arena and its focus was to be the NPO that could raise scholarships for participate HS students, so they could get IT Cert. via TDA. We imagined an army of McDonald like gaming centers all over the world uniting rebellious youth. 2001 was a bad year for start ups and, like so many, the dream died. For the last four years I have been chasing the mother of all dragons--a flat global education system. A lot of the time has been focused inwards in self directed debates -- the mantra drumming "How to evolve education, how to fix it and make it accessible and fun?!" Something it had never been for me. I’ve always hated it, loathed it, and I want to change it to something beautiful.

In 2006, I resurrected EDUIT out of the ashes and started assembling a global team of volunteers to join the cause with vision for education. But we just couldn’t get people to take hold of the vision. I took a year off to refocus, reenergize and to re-examine my strategy. It came to me the day I said in desperation "I feel like Don Quixote describing a dragon and all they see is a windmill. Why?"  The Quixote Dilemma - one cannot describe the unknown. It would be like describing how the web would function prior to it was invented." You can only connect the dots back not forward, as futurist I took a year off and wondered and toiled on how can I help people grasp her, see her? Dark energy isn't understood, it isn't defined, but we know it by its signature, its impression on other things, and so I started to describe her effect, implication and amazing possibility. Also a global paradigm shift is underway with ideas presented in Disruptive Class and the coming realization we can change the world to avert conflict, I am now finding people are stopping to listen, their paradigm, shifting like the Spitzer Space Telescope detecting the looming clouds of her presence. Now see my destiny in her full amazing glory, vivid and clear and her name is eSingularity. I'm yelling, "She’s coming... look, can’t you see her?" The Education Singularity is upon us and e3.0 draws near, and I am ready to face her.

At the end of 2009 I launched Wikitube.TV (a EDUIT project now a Foundup® of Foundups Corp.,). First to continuously stream Youtube video and provided the ability to create play lists before YouTube. We had customizable backgrounds. All these ideas were stolen and implement by "Don't Be Evil" (yea right) Google and its YouTube. But the process gave me insight to a new way to approach startups and a vital need not being addressed. 

Spent April and May trying to secure funding for Wikitube.TV in Tampa. Trying to leverage YT validation...

In February 2010 while driving and recording a video I accidentally said the word "Foundup®" when I was meaning to say Startup. 

From June10 to November 24, 2010 was in Washington DC. Foundup®., with EDUIT, Inc. established

In October 2010 TopSecretScout Foundup® is launched as part of Startup Weekend D.C. 

November 2010 Foundups Corp., officially launches as part of Global Entrepreneur Week 2010. and  launched

I returned to Fukui and my family. Being in DC was like existing in Dante's Purgatory for 6 months! 

March 13 social venture Foundup® is launched as a response to the crisis in Japan. 

Currently, I am back in Japan trying to raise the remaining $75K needed to launch foundup.   

Bragging rights
I am the guy who will save our planet with Foundups®
  • Malsis Prep School
    1978 - 1983
  • Clayton High School
    1983 - 1986
  • Lecanto High School
    1986 - 1988
  • Florida State University
    1989 - 1996
  • Tallahassee Community College
    1990 - 1992
  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
    1997 - 1999
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Awesome store friendly folks amazing service. Amazing tool rental
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Amazing Onsen! Been living in Japan 10 years - its my favorite
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Free camping shower, camping site, sinks. No laundry. Close grocery store. Beautiful.
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I have made videos of my Fathers memorial bench, also referred by him as Tom's Folly, which was added and completed 2015.
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