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Foster McLaughlin

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In case you missed the Blood Moon Eclipse... Check it out!

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Neighbor Beefs: Huge Addition to Prospect Heights Building Worries Tenants

Published Apr 10, 2014 Residents of the six-story building at 85 Eastern Parkway were shocked when they learned that their landlord wanted to construct an addition atop the building that would double the size of the structure. The plans were first filed in January and called for a seven-story addition that would up the number of units from 42 to 88. DNAinfo reports that the Department of Buildings has since rejected that application, but the project is by no means dead. In March, the building owner, Mordechai Nagel, sent a letter to tenants regarding the addition, noting that plans are still "at an early feasibility and planning stage," but they should "expect a degree of inconvenience as there always is during construction activity." The apartments are currently a mix of market-rate and rent-stabilized-units, and many tenants have lived in the building for decades. Tenants are, obviously, very worried about the project, and they've started tracking the development on a tenants association website. Chief among the tenants' concerns are the credentials of the hired architect, Sandor Weiss. In 2002, Weiss was fined $5,000 for not properly reviewing plans before signing off, and DOB records show that he has been disciplined twice for improperly wielding his self-certification powers, which he had to surrender in the past. [An image created by the tenants association to show the possible size of the addition] The plan for the addition still hasn't been approved by the Department of Buildings, but an alteration permit for the "removal of interior partition and plumbing fixtures" was approved in March. Additionally, permits were approved for the renovation of a first floor apartment in January, but the project was hit with a Stop Work Order in March. Shortly after that, the DOB issued another violation after finding workers doing plumbing in violation of the original SWO. The SWO still stands. The building sits between Washington and Underhill Avenues across the parkway from the Brooklyn Museum. It was constructed in 1922, but it's not located in a historic district. All of the buildings on the block have a similar aesthetic and the immediate neighbors are roughly the same height as no. 85. But the block (which is oddly long due to the street grid in this area) is bookended by 15-story and 12-story buildings, so a 13-story building wouldn't be too out of place—unless, of course, the addition is some garish glass monstrosity. · Eastern Parkway Residents Fear 7-Story Apartment Building Addition [DNAinfo] · Double the Fun [Curbed] · 85 Eastern Parkway [DOB] #throughglass
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Foster McLaughlin

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Today, I have two things to share. 

First, I am opening up DADAPIXEL, a personal blog where I'll share my thoughts on design, advertising, marketing, tech, and anything else I can think of that doesn't belong on AP and that needs more visual elements than Google+ affords me.

Second, and even more exciting, I'm finally showing Geode to the world. This is the project I've been working on for probably a year now. 

While I don't have as much news to share about Geode as I'd like, I want to share the design with everyone while I seek a foundry to help me get it to other designers.

It's early for both of these projects, and I'm really excited to see where they go.

PS Thanks to +Eric Ravenscraft for listening to my ramblings about Dadapixel for the past couple of weeks.
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Foster McLaughlin

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Today we just launched the Google Camera and boosted #photosphere  to an amazing 50 megapixels! I've been blown away by the image quality and want to go re-shoot all the old locations I've gone. You're going to LOVE this.

If you have an Android device with KitKat, install it now:

Check out some high res photo spheres on my Views profile:
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Thinking about adopting a pet? Make sure to join the +ASPCA, +Yahoo! and +Google for today's #PetDay  Adoptable Hangout at 1PM ET:
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Foster McLaughlin

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do you even pushups?
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HBO put the first episode of Silicon Valley on YouTube.

Watch it free here: 
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Foster McLaughlin

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Basically my answer for anything and everything from here on out.

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Freelance Commercial and Television Grip/Electric & Evolving human working towards better self and altruistic awareness
Well Organized, meticulousness, risk taker. An eye for design, self taught sketchup user. Diagnosing, troubleshooting, and teaching of technological devices and media. Run and supply power for commercial and television lighting. Diffuse and shape light. Safety and proper rigging of lighting and camera equipment.
  • better self awareness and altruism
    2009 - present
  • Freelancer
    Grip & Electric, 2009 - present
  • NBA Store 5th Ave 52nd st (Original)
    Visual Merchandiser/Sales support, 2003 - 2009
    Responsible for design and installation of Window Displays on 5th Ave and NW Corner of 52nd st. In store display setup and maintenance. Also receiving of new merchandise in stock, to displaying and merchandising on sales floor. Create store displays for advertising and information.
  • Dyane * Foster Film and Casting
    Assistant to Casting Director, 1994 - 2003
    Schedule and, organizing of booking actors and specific talents for music videos, commercials and feature productions.
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Brooklyn, NY
Maine - California
Confident, meticulous, casual, logical. A passion for design, creativity, technology, and becoming a better human. SEO #AWESOME #GOODGUY #HANDSOME #
Hi my name is Foster, oftentimes heard as Forest, Faster or Forester. Funny thou the meaning of my name is "the forest", even in latin it is "the keeper of the forest". I think that is very true of who I am and how naturalistically I think. The element of my astrological sign is Earth and the quality of that is mutable. Born on a Tuesday the 31st of August 1982. A virgo!

"Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that's the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their 'attention to detail' is for a reason: to help others. " -

However I have a huge passion for technology and some materialistic stuff.

I became a Google Glass Explorer June 27th, 2013. It's an amazing experience. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about technology. Especially all things Google. Glass gives me the opportunity to share that passion with others.

I love, appreciate and am also opinionated of all works of art and entertainment.

I have two really amazing, super awesome, handsome dogs! 
Benjamin is a Bruchon (a designer breed of sorts) Brussels Griffon mixed with a Bichon Frise.
Alfie is an Affenpinscher. Whose breed won Best in Show at the 137th 2012 WKC Dog Show.

Most significantly and most importantly the biggest part of my life is sharing it with my fiancee Grisel Grullon. Relationships are bonds. Its what spurs life. Attractions that create more energy. I am grateful and humbled that she too chooses to be a part of it. I love you gorgeous!

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Survived an Earthquake and an Ice Storm. Oh and I have that Google Glass thing.
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    1998 - 2001
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August 31, 1982
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